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  • Update the VBUND in BSEG from FB50 Updated:11-30

    Hi , Thanks for the reply.... Is there any substitution programs or exists to update the VBUND in BSEG from FB50??? We  need to update the VBUND from T880-RCOMP. where we need write this peace of code? Thanks, SridharHi You can use BTE : Business Tra

  • VBUND(Trading Partner) field in BSEG from Tcode FB50 through programs Updated:11-30

    Dear Friends, I am traying to update the VBUND(Trading Partner) field in BSEG from Tcode FB50 through programs....but its not updating in BSEG. for that we have used substitution programs, Did we have any other way to update the VBUND in BSEG from FB

  • VBUND(Trading Partner) field in BSEG from Tcode FB50 Updated:11-30

    How to VBUND(Trading Partner) field in BSEG from Tcode FB50 ? ( through program way) is it possible? Thanks, Sridhar> sridher reddy wrote: > How to VBUND(Trading Partner) field in BSEG from Tcode FB50 ? ( through program way) > is it possible? &g

  • Editing Tree in FB50 Screen to Display Sample Documents Updated:11-30

    Is there configuration that allows you to display Sample Documents that you can use for Post with Reference directly from the tree structure in FB50 / FV50?Step 1: Goto FB50 and create an entry that is balanced ad likeley to be used as reference in f

  • Messages not getting displayed in BADI Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I have implemented a BADI for automating FB50 in MIGO. Atlast i am using CALL FUNCTION 'MESSAGE_TEXT_BUILD'   EXPORTING     msgid                     = WA_MESSTAB-MSGID     msgnr                     = WA_MESSTAB-MSGNR    MSGV1            

  • Validation when posting a document using T. Code FB50 or F-02 Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts Please let me know on how to validate when posting a Cross Company Transaction using T. Codes FB50 or F-02.  The requirement is to restrict Branches (each Branch is a Company Code in SAP) to post any Cross Company documents by selecting

  • Problem with document display and gl account update Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am facing a strange issue. When I post a document using FB50 or FB60, document is being posted and document number is generated successfully. However, when I go to document display I get a error messge this document does not exist in company co

  • How do you change the lenght of the text field in fb50? Updated:10-11

    Hi, In the transaction FB50  , the long text field In the item line  is not showing the whole description written in the text field (word pad).when viewing the item  details it is showing ony half description.How do we increase the field size?Are you

  • Custom module pool + Amount field decimals display same as standard screen display Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Requirement: A custom module program screen field has to be designed which displays decimal values of amount fields same as amount fields in standard screen. Standard screen behavior: If the standard screen fields are observed, they refer to

  • How to add new field XREF3 in FB50 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a problem with adding the new field XREF3 in FB50 transaction in Items window. I configured field status group in OBC4 and OB41 transaction for XREF3 as optional entry. XREF3 is available in FB01 transaction but not in FB50. I checked tabl

  • Debit and Credit in FB50 Updated:11-30

    Dear All, We use FB50 to post JV's. Is there any way to display the difference b/w Debit and Credit on the same screen without simulating. When there is a difference in Debit and Credit the indicator is red and when Debit is equal to credit indicator

  • Cost Center description in FB50 Transaction Updated:11-30

    Dear All, We have requirement that in Transaction FB50 we need the Description of the cost center also similar to that of GL account. While any GL is entered the Short text of the GL is automatically displayed. Please help. Thanks. Sunil.Hi, It is po

  • Table control in Enjoy transactions like FB50/FB60/FB70 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using enjoy transactions like FB50/FB60/FB70 which provide me the facility to enter more than one GL Accounts in a very easy manner. The screen looks like a table where we can enter the data very easily. Now we can hide and display fields in

  • Userexit for FB50/Fb60 transaction Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, Can someone give me a Userexit or BADI that will trigger before posting an invoice thru FB50 or Fb60 transactions? Thanks, -Anthony.FB50 all avaliable user exits: F050S001 F050S002 F050S003 F050S004 F050S005 F050S006 F050S007 F180A001 FARC0

  • User Exits for Tcode FB50 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Is there a User exits that upon clicking of save button in Tcode FB50? thank you!!! jamesHi, Below are the User exits(enhancement name) for transaction FB50 Exit Name           Description F050S001            FIDCMT, FIDCC1, FIDCC2: Edit user-def

  • Change company code based on profit center at line item level in FB50 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Following is my requirement, would be thankful if anyone can provide inputs on the same. When posting documents through FB50, In line item table control company code column gets un-editable ones correct entries are entered for that line. But

  • Fb50 - document type is not appearing Updated:11-30

    Dear all, what is the procedure to view fb50 document type it is not appearing in production server development server i can view that document type please guide Thanks & Regards, satishkumar.mHI, IN FB50 screen go to editing options in the top, in t

  • Segment in fb50 Updated:11-30

    hi experts , i want to create a G/L document using fb50, when i make a entry, the segment field required me to enter a value, then i create a segment and save. then an error message shows that" no cross-system company code is defined for company code

  • Document types in FB50 Updated:11-30

    Hi Sap Gurus When i am doing a transaction in FB50, I am unable to know the document types and it is not available in the screen. We are using sap EcC 6.0 version. How to get the document types in enjoy transaction like FB50. thanks & regards. SkHi,

  • Problem in FB50,FB60 transactions Updated:11-30

    Recently due to some change which we are not able to track in transactions FB50,FB60 the line item column data is altered Ideally it starts with  Compcode,D/C indicator ,G/L acct etc But it now starts with the 5 customer specific fields added as part