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  • Can you use Apple education discount in store? Updated:10-11

    I'm a sixth form student, and I have a UniDays student discount which allows me to get up to 15% off a Macbook on the Apple store. Can I use this discount to buy a Macbook in an Apple store? And also because the Apple education pricing states univers

  • Education discount in store? Updated:10-11

    does anyone know if i can get an education discount, in an apple store, i am looking to get my macbook for college soon, and want to purchase it in store, and 100$ is alot =] thanksyep, i know, i have an ipod touch already, and idk if i want to spend

  • How can I download an app only appearing on the German iTunes store onto my German iPad which is registered in the U.S. iTunes store? G Updated:10-11

    I am an American living in Germany, and own a German iPad.  It has the ability to connect both to WIFI and to a commercial over the air wireless network.For the latter connection, I want to use a pay by use (by the day, or by the month) account offer

  • Can i get the iPod 5 with a teacher discount since I'm a teacher Updated:10-11

    can i get an iPod 5 with a teacher discount since I'm a teacherYou are not addressing Apple here we are all just users like yourself. See the following for educational discounts other 2 answers

  • Regarding Education Discount in Singapore Updated:11-30

    Hello Apple, I'm visiting Singapore in approx 20 days from now, and I was actually planning to buy the MacBook Pro ME294 ($2599 one) in Singapore as it is cheap out there. I'm from India, and I'm a student of computer science engineering here. I was

  • How does the Student Discount work? Updated:11-30

    Does the student discount work if your going on a High School and above 18 y/o?Read through the following links.   They should solve your problem. Apple Education & Student Discount - Apple Store (UK) Apple Store for Education - Apple Store for Educa

  • No student discount! Updated:11-30

    Hi, I just called Apple support people here in India and they said that they have discontinued the Student discounts on macbook.I am not actually aware if that is the case everywhere else also. Apple notebooks are already highly priced here and no di

  • Apple stores...sorry about being off topic! Updated:11-30

    just wondering if anyone happens to know if students can get the education discount in store or if its only an online deal? mac book pro   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  Hi Brandan Partrifge; May I welcome you to the Apple Discussion Forums. I can't answer your

  • What is apple store education Updated:11-30

    i want to understand what is this apple store education is all aboutI take it you're inquiring about the discount in store? The discount varies on the product, typically the more it costs the greater the discount. I believe the minimum is $50 off and

  • Where should I be able to see my Gamers Club Unlocked? Updated:10-11

    I bought Gamer Club Unlocked about over 2 weeks ago and I still have not seen it appear in my account rewards overview page. It shows that I got the points for purchasing it but it does not display me as a member. Did I not get fully registered? I di

  • How can I afford a macbook pro Updated:11-30

    I wanted a retina macbook pro because of the fact that I'm a student and I love applications such as photoshop, and cinema 4d but I rarely get a chance to use those apps especially on a machine that can handle them and I had been a huge fan of the ma

  • 20% off never works at Register. Updated:11-30

     So I am a member of gamers unlocked and my 20% discount almost never works at the register and I have to explain to a manager and some times evne PROVE that I am a member so they can do a override for me. Its a huge hassle every time I buy a game,  

  • Mini DV Camera - Get New or Fix Old Updated:11-30

    I have a Canon ZR-10 that I have had for 4 years. The first one I got had a fault the first week. It was a remove tape fault. I sent it back and got another one. I have had no problems with it since I have owned it the 4 years. Now I have a Please re

  • MacBook Pro vs MacBook Pro retina ??? Updated:11-30

    Hello peeps. I'm just trying to get some feedback. I can't decide what model I should get. I'm debating on getting the 13" MacBook Pro but idk if I should get the retina display one. I'm a college student so I will be using the laptop for online home

  • ZEN 8GB with completely locked fl Updated:11-30

    I'm not just an unsatisfied customer anymore, I'm just plain pissed off now. I paid $200 for this a few months ago and I'd really like at least a year of service from it before it is FUBAR. Regardless, here's the issue: The flash is locked. You can't

  • Any comments on battery backup Updated:11-30

    any comments on battery backup, size of backup, favorite brand?What is your goal with battery backup? You can invest hundreds in a battery backup (UPS) system that will allow you to keep your computer running for an hour until the power turns back on

  • Not showing gamer club status Updated:11-30

    i purchase a gamer club unlocked yesterday , and i can Buy game with discount in-store . but when i try to buy some game and TB 500x headset from , i can't get any discount and bonus 500 point , anyone can help me ?Hello taikin, Thank for

  • New to macbooks, some questions Updated:11-30

    Hi! I'm thinking of getting a Macbook for Uni in September because XP sickens me with its crashing and errors and general slowness! So basically I have a few questions! Looking at the base model and upgrading the RAM from 1GB to 2GB. I might want to

  • Questions from a first time buyer. Updated:11-30

    I've been recently told by my sound design lecturer that I should get a macbook, as it it practically a requirement to work in the sound engineering bussiness. So I have a few questions: 1. Will the cheapest macbook be able to handle protools running

  • Purchasing applecare warranty after purchasing macbook pro Updated:11-30

    soon I will be ordering a macbook pro via apple's educational discount online store is it true that you can wait up to one year after purchasing a new mac to decide if you would like to add the applecare warranty? if I decide to do this, would I stil