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Directly mathtype equation in indesign

  • Align MathType equations in InDesign Updated:11-30

    Hello Anyone know how to align mathtype equations in InDesign CS 4 automatic? I read many discussions topics here about scripts that apply equations and align, but I want to know if there are one way to use any script just to align the equations auto

  • Equations in InDesign Updated:10-11

    I have a document which needs to have (non-simple) engineering equations inserted. This is the third booklet in a series, the first 2 docs were created in InDesign but did not have much technical jargon.  I would rather not put this document into Wor

  • [IDCS3] Mathtype equations eps problem Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm using IDCS3 & Mathtype 6.0, we placed the eps file from mathtype to InDesign and did ps to PDF. I noticed that some of the characters in pdf are applied artificial bold in some equations. When we check closely, I think it is not concerned

  • Do MathType equations in Word import effectively into iBooks Author? Updated:11-30

    I am looking for the best way to build MathType equations in Word to successfully import into iBooks Author.That seems like an extra step. Since iBooks Author (iBA) already has a "MathType Equation" command on its Insert menu, why not do it dire

  • Fonts issue with MathType EPS in InDesign Updated:11-30

    We have been using MathType 6.7e version for creating equations as eps format on Mac OS 10.6. We will import the same into InDesign CS6 for doing pagination. On a particular title, we have used the OTF font name "KozGoPro-Regular.otf" (Chinese/J

  • Mathtype Equation Align Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I need advice from all of them reg. the alignment of MathType Equations. We have developed a javascript which will place all the equation in appropriate places. The script will search <<Eqn001.eps>> etc... and replace with appropriate

  • Pages 5.1:   Insert MathType equation into text box? Updated:10-11

    How do I insert a MathType equation into a text box in Pages 5.1?  This was no problem at all in '09!To DandelionJoy and Mr.MathType    As said by Mr.Mathtype we can enter and editable MathType equation with text into a Pages 5.1 text box. My procedu

  • Why does "Insert MathType Equation" not work in new Pages for Mac? Updated:10-11

    Command opens MathType (6.7e).  After typing an equation, pressing Command-W closes the MathType window and returns to Pages.  (Instructions given here:  indicate that I should have to answer "Yes&qu

  • Mathtype Equations Do Not Render Nicely in iBooks Author Updated:10-11

    When you export iBooks docs to PDF, equations inserted with MathType (version 6c) appear pixelated or fuzzy (not sure of the proper term) in Preview.  Any fix for that?  Otherwise, I have to switch back to Pages to create course materials, and I'd ra

  • How do I imbed a MathType Equation in a sentence within a textbox? Updated:11-30

    When I try to "insert MathType Equation" in a textbox it just randomly inserts it anywhere on the page instead of at the insertion point where I have the cursor setting when I click on "insert MathType Equation".  It works fine in Page

  • I bought pages on the app store and have math type installed. However I am do not have the option to "Insert Mathtype Equations" either with right click or the drop down menus at the top of the screen. Updated:11-30

    I bought pages on the app store and have math type installed. However I am do not have the option to "Insert > Mathtype Equations" either with right click or the drop down menus at the top of the screen. I also have OS Lion installed if this

  • Problem inserting Mathtype equation for Pages. Updated:11-30

    I have the free version of Mathtype.  It used to work flawlessly, I could choose "insert>Mathtype Equation" and have the window popup.  When I clicked the red dot to close, the equation would appear in pages, just as shown in Apple's tutorial

  • Batch import of eps equations into indesign Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am Thangaraj Mohan, working as an layout artist. Now I am working on a Math book which has tones of equations in it. The whole text keyed in MS word, and the equations are typed inside using mathtype. I exported all equations using mathtype, ma

  • How to handle TeX/LaTeX equations in InDesign? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I've recd. a request to handle one of the title already done in LaTeX software in InDesign, for this I need to do the below tasks: (1) Need to convert the LaTeX data to load in InDesign (2) Need to convert the equations done with LaTeX coding

  • Epubs and equations in InDesign Updated:11-30

    In ID CS6, is there a way type/insert/import equations so that they will be maintained upon epub conversion? I have some experience with InDesign, but minimal with equations so as much detail as possible would be great!I think you have have to raster

  • How to type mathematical equations in indesign Updated:11-30

    Please suggest appropriate software for typing mathematical equations in indesign official&client=firefox-a&channel=sb&gws_rd=cr&ei=8d7QU

  • Importing Microsoft Word doc to InDesign with embedded EPS art ~ scaling issue Updated:10-11

    Hi, my workflow calls for creating content in Microsoft Word 2010 with embedded EPS art, in this case MathType 6.7a math objects. When I import these manuscripts (after saving as Word 97/2003 format) into my Adobe InDesign CS5.5 templates, the embedd

  • Best way to deal with screen captures? Updated:11-30

    Hi everybody, I have a lot of images captured with Snagit  (computer screens). They are going to be printed in black and white. Usually I do like this: open png file in Photoshop, select Mode to transform in grayscale and save as PSD. Generally I obt

  • Fonts missing in MathType EPS equations Updated:11-30

    Hope someone can help me!  Have an InDesign file, originally created in 2010 using CS4.  Now using CS6 to update.  Original layout had a placed Word document containing thousands of MathType equations; for some of the content the writer typed directl

  • Indesign, word, mathtype problems...wmf-scaling defect Updated:11-30

    hello Word document with mathtype equations, place doc  in indesign, everything look fine, BUT: 1. some equation is scaled to 90.9% horizontaly,  some not. Why? 2. indesign makes embeded eps files from equations.  When exporting it to folder via unem