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DIO ZADVD.LLB lvdaq.dll

  • Error Loading lvdaq.dll Updated:11-30

    Hello LabView Discussion forum. I am currently using LabView 2009. My research supervisor has been attempting to open Legacy files from Labview 7.1 on the more modern version, with no success. After doing a little research, I found that I needed to d

  • Error 1 - C:\program​files\....​\lvdaq.dll - Invalid apth Updated:11-30

    My application works with the Multifunction DAQ. The source works great with no problems. However, when i move on to building an executable, i get the following error: Error 1 occured a C:\ Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 6.1\vi.lib\DAQ\lv

  • Labview crash on lvdaq.dll Updated:11-30

    Labview 7.1 crashes when dropping any Traditional Daq on diagram. Traditional daq version 7.3. Mass compile crashes when lvdaq.dll is displayed, have removed and reloaded traditional daq Any ideas ? thanks MikeHi Mike, Thank you for posting to the NI

  • Unfamiliar with software; problems involving lvdaq.dll Updated:11-30

    Hello I recently posted about a labview issue I couldn't resolve.  It was my first time using the program solo (first was with a student). Our laboratory uses labview 7.1.  The issue is that When I open a file to run an experiment, where the white ru

  • Flash screen during load of lvdaq.dll Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to load a "Labview" dll into a Visual C++ DLL that is later loaded in a Visual (6.0) C++ application. The labview DLL is reading I/O from the PCI-6503. When I see the application graphical interface a loading window for the lvdaq.dll

  • Lvdaq dll not intializing Updated:11-30

    When I Load a VI that uses the Lvdaq.dll file. LV comes up with an error describing the following: Error Loading : C:\......\Daq\lvdaq.dll A dynamic Link Libary (DLL) initialization reoutine failed. Does anybody know how to fix it?Dear Andrew, I have

  • Lvdaq.dll error Updated:11-30

    When I start one of my programs I get the following message: Error loading "lvdaq.dll" A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed. This is happens repeatadly for a number of paths, such as C:\Program FIles\National Instruments\La

  • Error loading...lvdaq.dll initialising dll error Updated:11-22

    when I tried to put the Ai Acquire from the NI measurement/Data acquisition/analog input folder in the functionspalette to into my blockdiagram I get the attached error message. When I do it logged in with administrator rights there is n

  • Application Error on loading DLL ( NI-Daq LIC) Updated:11-30

    Hi all,    I have an application developed using port read,Write & config from zadvd.lib ( lvdaq.dll) which is working fine in my XPmachine. In new machine i have installed labview 7.1 and copied the application and while loading the application it s

  • Lvrt.dll path problem Updated:11-30

    I compile and run my application. There is an error message popup. Please refer to the attachment. If you notice, there is an extra "/" beside the LabVIEW Run-Time. What leads to the problem? Thanks I have another question. There is two DLLs gen

  • Inizializzazione di DLL fallita Updated:11-30

    Al caricamento di un programma di controllo scritto con Labview che utilizza NIDAQ, il più delle volte, viene visualizzato il seg. messaggio di windows: Analog Inut: Labview.exe Inizializzazione di DLL Fallita Inizializzazione DLL c:\winnt\system32\n

  • Is it possible to manipulate and use variables and parametres from a .dll converted progr. (C++) with a labview written progr. Updated:11-30

    Hi fellows I got a program written in C++ and I want to comunicate with it and use some parametres and variables from it, to handle these with my labview written program. I just want to be shure if it is possible?? Zamzam HFZHi Zamzam, You'll find an

  • Build applications with dynamic loaded subVI's as dll Updated:11-30

    I want to build an application with some subVI's. The target would be to have an *.exe from the topVI and a seperate file for every subVI (I suppose this will then be a *.dll file) The topVI uses the "call by reference node" with a "type sp

  • Error Loading a VI of a sequence in operator interface (Error Code -18002) Updated:10-11

    I am deploying a teststand sequence using LabVIEW adapter. After deploying, while running this sequence in operator interface in the deployment computer, I get an error saying that a particular step could not be loaded. This step calls a DIO initiali

  • How the Queue will be created to process the  Multiple IDOC's into  1 Queue Updated:11-30

    Hi Sap All. when i went into the Transaction code we14 and when the press F4 for search help in the field  Queue Name it displays me the several queues with the Port referring to B0018(refers to PI Box) ,which means that the IDOC's will be sending to

  • Why does my hardware turn on when my vi is opened but not even run? Updated:11-30

    I have tracked down the culprit vi to be Digital Group in the \DAQ\zadvd.llb. Whenever I open Labview for the *first* time with any vi that contains this vi, my hardware (pumps, valves connected via PCI-DIO-96 and PCI-485/2) turn on. I don'

  • The problem is that when I try to update my NI-DAQ drivers from 6.5.1 to version 6.7 Updated:10-11

    I have a Win95 based system running Labview5.1 which utilizes the PCI-6025E board with the BNC-2090. The existing version of NI-DAQ drivers is 6.5.1. The problem is that when I try to update my NI-DAQ drivers to version 6.7 I receive the following er

  • LV 8.2; Build Failed Error 10 Updated:10-11

    During the build phase build failed with the following returned: Error 10 occurred at ABAPI Dist Copy Non-VI -> ABAPI Dist Build LLB -> ABAPI Copy Files and Apply -> -> EBUIP_Build_Invo

  • Help - Error 10401 Updated:11-30

    Hi All,  Let me open by saying I am an IT person trouble shooting this for someone else and I have almost no experience with the Labview software. The scientist using the software is only informing me that his program will not execute properly. A lit

  • LabVIEW load error 21 Updated:11-30

    I get a LabVIEW load error 21 when running an exe built with LV6.1 on Win2000 The full message is "A dynamic link library initialization routine failed. An error loading DIO". The lvdaq.dll has been installed by the installer in the ex