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differences between 0FI_AR_4 FBL5N

  • Credit Check on Sale Order - Credit Balance Difference in FBL5N and F.31 Updated:10-11

    Hello, In my scenario; User - 1 posted wrong incoming payment User - 2 created sale order User - 1 revered incoming payment User - 2 Deleted line items of sale orders In this scenario there comes difference in reports FBL5N and F.31. Please advise wh

  • Difference between F.35 Receivables amount and FBL5N report open items Updated:10-11

    Hi All, There is an amount difference between f.35 receivables amount and fbl5n open items amount, I have observed that there are some changes to credit master like risk category and credit representative group, so I thought if we run f.28 it will be

  • Difference in FD10n and FBL5n balance Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have problem with those two reports, they show different balance. I think it is because balance from the 2007 havenu2019t been u201Ccarried-forwardu201D to 2008. How can I do that for the Customeru2019s account ? I am looking for a similar tran

  • DataSource for FBL5N - Customer Line Items Updated:10-11

    Hello, Could someone please let me know if there is any Business Content DataSource existing for fetching data from FI transaction - FBL5N for Customer Line Items? Many thanks. Regards, Sri.Hi Selva, Raghavendra, Thanks for the info. I see that there

  • 0FI_AR_4 extractor loaded data doesn't match ECC Updated:10-11

    Hi all. I load data through 0FI_AR_4 into 0FIAR_O03 DSO and 0FIAR_C03 by several FULL loads (closed fiscal periods) and Initial Delta. When I check amounts in BI and ECC using fbl5n I get these figures: 2 542 230 491,77 in BI 2 542 229 491,77 in ECC

  • Doubt about report FBL5N of screen field:Open items and Cleared items Updated:10-11

    hi i know the report FBL5N is use DDF LDB and the report work flow is BSID->BKFP->BSEG but i don't know to differentiate Open Items and Cleared items in this report. Open items and Cleared items stand for a field flag in these table (BSID,BKFP,BSEG

  • Open Item available in FBL5N but not in F-28 & F-32 - URGENT. Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I have a problem in customer open items.  I am able to see open item in FBL5N but while generating document in F-28, this document no is not available.  Please let me know what are the reasons at the earliest. Thanks in advance for the same

  • FD10N and FBL5N Reports are not matching Updated:10-11

    Hi, When i execute FD10N FBL5N reports for customer balance, Both are showing different balances, why they are not matching with each other? My FBL5N open item blance is not matching with FD10N.what could be the reason? Is there any other report to s

  • Urgent:Difference amount in customer a/c statement and customer ledger bal Updated:10-11

    Currently I am facing a problem whererby the same customer  having the same variable - cutoff giviing  me 2 different sets of figure. 1)Using the statement of account  - cutoff as at 31 Oct 07, gives me ending figure of  -$658,526.98 (Attached file f

  • Balance not matching as per FBL5n and FS10N Updated:10-11

    When we run the customer balance report FBL5n as on 09/29/2007  on week end it shown a balance ( open item for all customer and recon account  123456 )  of  say 10 M. The same amount we got thru FS10N  we ran on with GL  123456  i.e. 10M. But when we

  • FBL5N & S_ALR_87012168 - Due Date Analysis for Open Items Updated:10-11

    Hi, As per the above mentioned i could find the that there is differene in the account balances in FBL5N report and due date analysis for customers. Where as FBL1N and the vendor due date analysis figure in the report are same. Just want to know why

  • Difference between Data sources Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Can u Pls explain what is the difference between the data sources 0FI_AR_3 :  CUSTOMERS LINE ITEMS 0FI_AR_4 :  CUSTOMERS LINE ITEMS WITH DELTA EXTRACTION. Actually i am here in the implementation project. for FI the above 2 data sources h

  • Difference between Transaction Figures and Line Items Updated:10-11

    Hi, I gone through FI like FI-GL,FI-AR,FI-AP..there i find... Line Items & Transaction figures as in FI we have Line Items - 0FI_GL_4,0FI_AR_4,0FI_AP_4 etc... Transaction Figures - 0FI_GL_6,0FI_AR_6,0FI_AP_6 etc... Now Can some please exp