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  • BSIS and BSAS Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts 1) Is there any difference between BSIS and BSAS table? 2) What are open items and closed items? pallaviBSIS : Open Items Available for GL BSAS: Cleared Items Available  for GL Gl Acoount Open Line Items Available in Table BSIS, GL Account

  • Help needed on tables Updated:10-11

    Hi all , I have following questions , can someone give me brief details on these 1. What is the meaning of secondary index tables? for example what is the difference between BSIS and BSAS.. Some sample tables for my question are-- u2022     BSID   Ac

  • Relationship between account fields in BSEG and FAGLFLEXA Updated:10-11

    Hi there.... I have some questions about the FI Module Standard Table Field. As I know, when the FI posting document is made, the BSEG-SAKNR, BSEG-HKONT, FAGLFLEXT-RACCT and FAGLFLEXA-RACCT field is filled with account value. 1) What is the differenc

  • BSI Tax Factory 10.0 - SP level Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Is it a recommendation or requirement to be at SP 65 (6.04) to apply the notes for phases I, II, and III? What is the difference between 'Base HR SP' and 'Synch. HR SP' ? What SP is required for the new tool (sync payroll tax data)? We would

  • BSI Tax Factory 10.0 upgrade Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, We are in the process of upgrading BSI tax factory 10.0. Could you please let me know what should be the start date of changes in table  VV_T5F99K2_US_BSITF for parameter BSITFHi Arun, I would say you use same date already there and just re

  • FAGLFLEXT table is not updating from FAGLFLEXA Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, In thru which program the summarisatin table of FAGLFLEXT getting updated from table FAGLFLEXA . We've updated some filed values like prctr , cost center to FAGLFLEXA but the same cumulative amount is not showing in the table period wi

  • Vendor and G/L line item are difference Updated:10-11

    Dear Gurus, I have problem about FBL1N and FAGLL03 are difference Example period 3 : vendor A have Invoice # 1 with amount 100- period 4 : Invoice # 1 was cleared with amount 100 When i run FBL1N as of period 4 the balance of Invoice # 1 is zero but

  • Required replace BSEG with BSAK BSIK BSIS BSAS for report performance Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts i m optimizing a report in which data is extracting from BSEG , 5 time so i reduses the performance of report so i want replace BSEG with BSAK BSIK BSIS BSAS for the same data what I am getting now . this is report of Purchase of item. cod

  • Update the correct profit center in tables BSEG / BSAS / BSIS / BSIK / BSAK Updated:10-11

    Hi FI Gurus, I am looking after a Support Project in SAP IS-Retail. I am from the FI functional and possess very limited knowledge in FI. My client has done the sales posting in SAP using IDOC's. During the postings, it was found that wrong Profit Ce

  • FI-New GL Issue - Inconsistencies in time of creation in Table FAGLFLEXA an Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are facing the following issue in ECC 5.0 with New GL Active When a journal entry is created, the current time is captured (EST) at the header level of the document and is available in the BKPF table. The same document is also updated in FAGLF

  • Difference between cumulative balance and line items total in FS10N Updated:10-11

    hi, when I am executing FS10n, I observed that the cumulative balance amount is not equal to line items total .  This is due to some amounts in previous years are varying from the line ltem totals in those periods of previous years. This is not happe

  • BSIS/BSAS tables not populated Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I have a GL/account having too many items but FAGLL03 returns no items. I have found that the reason is that tables BSIS and BSAS are not being populated with line items. however tables BKPF and BSEG in addition to FAGLFLEXA are all pop

  • Inconsistency BSEG, BSIS, BSAS Updated:10-11

    Hi, likeable consultants! In transactions reports: FBL3N and FS10N I have differents accounts balances display. analyzing BSEG Table, I have 15 line itens, and BSIS and BSAS have 18 line itens. I request a solution to adjust these 3 line itens to bal