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difference between EKKO and EKPO

  • Difference between EKKO-LOEKZ & EKPO-LOEKZ Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, May i know the use of following tables & fields EKKO-LOEKZ & EKPO-LOEKZ I have create a PO with 3 line item.. And deleted one line item & passed the PO in EKPO table i m able to find deletion indicator(LOEKZ) for that line item..

  • Validity Periods: Netprice on EKKO, where to find the correct netprice? Updated:10-11

    <b>Background</b> We are extracting open PO data from tables EKKO, EKPO and EKBE to send the data to an external system for further processing. The extraction is done by BODI (Business Objects Data Integrator), an ETL tool that generates ABAP.

  • Purchase order field EKPO - AFNAM displayed in any standard report? Updated:10-11

    Hello gurus, I can't find any standard report which contains in the layout the field Requisitioner (EKPO-AFNAM) of the Purchase Orders. Can you please advise if there is any? Do I need to make a query between EKKO and EKPO to get this field displayed