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  • %DHCPD-3-WRITE_ERROR: DHCP could not write bindings to Updated:11-30

    To try and simulate a customer similar problem I went to our lab Cisco 2851 and did the following: config t (config#)ip dhcp database flash://JOHN/database (config#)end I get nmessages like these every one minute: %DHCPD-3-WRITE_ERROR: DHCP could not

  • Dhcp static binding, WS-X45-SUP7-E, sso Updated:11-30

    Hello, i try to use dhcp static mapping. At WS-X45-SUP7-E in sso mode. It's already good working for me, but i receive this error: 000243: 000202: *Nov 15 14:01:29.540: %DHCPD-4-HA_CONFIG_MISMATCH: STANDBY:DHCP pool mit_stb configuration on Active is

  • DHCP config in switch and router Updated:11-30

    Hi, I was wondering if we can configure dhcp in switch and routers such that the IP of device assigned with IP address would change if we assign same static IP to another device in the same network. does cisco support such kind of configuration? Than

  • /etc/resolv.conf problems Updated:11-30

    In my conky script, the gmail portion stopped working so I just tried to do a normal wget in the terminal. The output was --11:41:41-- => `index.html' Resolving Connecting to

  • Shared connection falls over for no apparent reason Updated:11-30

    Any suggestions? Here's the log file - before this, I had the Airport connection set up for 'Internet Sharing'. After this it shows itself not connected to any network: Jun 26 08:09:32 mim15 bootpd[412]: DHCP INFORM [en0]: 1,0:0:0:0:0:0 Jun 26 08:09:

  • Need Help With 1720 Flash Updated:11-30

    I have two 1720 routers. Router "A" is in production and properly configured. Router "B" needs to be cloned just like Router "A". I copied the IOS and running-config to a TFTP server. I followed the Cisco disaster recovery pr

  • Upgrading our WLC2100 series Updated:11-30

    We have a WLC 2100 series controller running on our LAN, its started having alot of problems and needs rebooting every 30 mins before anyone can connect. We've just noticed the software its running is -, to upgrade we need to incrementaly g

  • Dhcpd SUNW options and jumpstart... Updated:10-11

    I am having problems getting my SUNW,Sun-Blade-100 's to boot from via boot net:dhcp - installIt acquires the the ip address and boots from the tftp server just fine. The problem is that I have a 'sysidcfg' file on the NFS server and it is read by th

  • PXE boot issue with DHCP and SCCM server on different subnets Updated:10-11

    I'm working with a client on the operating system deployment module of SCCM. Their network configuration currently has a single large subnet for client computers with a DHCP server on the same subnet. The SCCM subnet is configured on a seperate subne

  • Location of dhcpd for creation of OSP control server? Updated:10-11

    What goes here for Solaris 5.10 08/07? I did not find a dhcpd script located anywhere. I found nothing registered in svcadm using svcs -a | grep dhcp. <p> Pete.i ignored this param and things installed w/o error. either this var is obe or it will co

  • DHCP broken after software update 10.6.8 Updated:10-11

    After doing software update for 10.6.8, my Mac Mini Server is no longer accepting an IP address from external DHCP server. Our configuration is supposed to use DHCP to receive its (static) IP address, and has happily done so for quite some time. But

  • DHCP Errors Updated:10-11

    I use a dynamic IP, so I have been trying to get DHCP working.  I changed the interface line in rc.conf to this: eth0="dhcp" just like the Networking Wiki says.  I also made sure that I have dhcp and dhcpcd installed.  When I installed dhcpcd th

  • DHCP responding to en0, even though it's set to en1. Updated:10-11

    I'm a contractor to a school's music department. I installed a Leopard server six months ago. AFP, DHCP, DNS, OD, SUS, Home Folders... en0 connected to the school's network allowing SUS to populate, and DHCP serving en1 to a classroom. Everything has

  • Windows to Mac DHCP Migration Issues Updated:11-30

    We are migrating our DHCP and DNS services from a Windows server to an XServe. We have started the process and noticed that Server Admin does not provide a place in the DHCP service to put in a range of IP addresses to be excluded from being handed o

  • Solaris 10 x86 & DHCP server Updated:11-30

    Hello I am trying to create a jumpstart server to install some IBM HS20 blades (usb cdrom is not supported for the installation as I know), so I installed Solaris 10 x86 in a vmware virtual machine and I am trying to create the jumpstart server, star

  • How to configure DHCP on linux jumpstart for solaris installation Updated:11-30

    I have configured jumpstart on linux and able to install solaris on SUN sparcs using rarp and bootparams im trying to use linux DHCP for solaris clients. I have the done the DHCP setup on linux using this doc

  • Sun Ray / DHCP problems on Solaris 10 Updated:11-30

    All, I have a Sun v240 running Solaris 10 (03/05) with patches current as of late December 2005. I cannot configure DHCP using the "utadm -a bge1" command as I get the following message: ### Warning: DHCP Service is in the maintenance mode There

  • Clients not getting DHCP in VRF Updated:11-30

    Good morning - We have devices in the global routing table (not in a VRF) getting DHCP addresses without issue. The SVI is configured as such: interface Vlan2301 description BLUE ip address ip helper-address inte

  • [SOLVED]dhcpd: sharing internet connection from router to clients Updated:11-30

    I can't seem to figure out (no wonderin, I am inexperienced with networking) how exactly you share an internet connection obtained by (authoritative?) router among a subnet of dhcpd clients? I was setting up pxe server (and i succeeded.. somehow) but

  • Station is not receiving an IP address from DHCP Updated:11-30

    Hello guys, I have an ASA 5505 functioning as a router to connect to the Internet. Also, it is my DHCP server for my clients, and APs. When I connect my laptop to the ASA, I get an IP address and able to configure my WLC. The APs also receives an IP