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  • Cost element deletion-COEP entries deletion originated from Spl purpse ledg Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks, We have created RA GL account by mistake as cost element and some entries have already gone into table COEP table. To delete cost element the prerequisite is that cost element shouldn't contain any entries. We have deleted COEP entries by u

  • How to delete the entries in the given field box Updated:10-11

    Hi Every One, How can I delete the entries which I have given in example SE37 box. When I press Backspace button the entries which I have given will appear so I want to delete these entries. With Regards, VenkatHi, Goto ==> Customize Local Layout (Al

  • Delete all entries from the following tables - Follow-up Activities (oracle) Updated:10-11

    Hello, I performed a homogeneous system copy of our development BW system with the database (oracle from the BW production system! I already start the oracle database and the SAP system in the target system/server (development BW system) an

  • TDS reversal entry is not getting generated at time of F-54 Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have made down payment request  through F-47  transaction code  and down  payment made by Transaction code u2013F110 (instead of F-48)   and TDS is deducted at this point. There after I made invoice through MIRO / F-43 in which TDS is aga

  • To delete multiple entries in table control in module pool Updated:10-11

    Hi, Please help me out to know , <b>how to delete multiple entries from table control</b> when multiple lines in table control are selected. Regards, Irfan Hussainhai,     you can do it inthis way. in the PAI event. loop at <table control n

  • How to delete the entries in internal table Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have 2 internal tables , if i find any same entries of 2 internal tables,  i have to delete that entries in first internal table. Regards, Srinivasuhi check this.. report . data:begin of itab occurs 0,      f1 type c ,      f2 type i,  

  • How to delete the entries from NAST table Updated:10-11

    Hi, Please help me out by providing any function module that delete's the entries from hte NAST table. Regards, Kiran.LREPORT ZSCD_TEST13. delete from nast where VSTAT = '1'. ===== If you see the FM : NAST_DELETE_OBJECT, its only useful when NACHA =

  • How to delete the entries from the transport request Updated:10-11

    i need to delete the entries programatically from the transport request for all the entries which is exists in the package for the tables e070 and e071.Hi, I think you need to have authorization for that thru auth group SA. One more thing is where ev

  • How to delete duplicate entries in table for the object DNL_CUST_BASIS2 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am trying to download the object DNL_CUST_BASIS2. In the SMQ2 the status is SYSFAIL. I checked in the ST22 for dumps.It says about the error while accessing the table T006. While analysing this,i found some duplicate entries in the related

  • How to delete duplicate entries in address book Updated:10-11

    Is there an easy way to delete duplicate entries in Address Book?I have an iPhone where I create new contact details and a MB Air running OX X 10.7.3 In Address Book I see duplicate entries across the whole book. The other day I was traveling without

  • How to delete duplicate entries in match code Updated:10-11

    I want to delete duplicate entries in match code.If you go down the search exit route, using function module F4_IF_SHLP_EXAMPLE or function module F4_IF_SHLP_EXIT as a template you want it where callcontrol-step = 'DISP'.  You would sort the table: S

  • How to track , who has deleted table entry Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Is there any way so that i can know that who has manually deleted few entries(data records) from my table,actually my table has "Display maintenance allowed" property set. Can we track it anyway that when and who has deleted that tab

  • How to delete/reverse an A/R Invoice Updated:10-11

    Hi How can I delete/reverse an A/R Invoice that has been based on an delivery - without changing/adding the items back to the stock (as the credit memo would handle it) - and reopen the delivery note for future invoicing? The invoice has been posted

  • "WF-USER can only delete this entry" error while deleting entry in tRFC Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, We have a scenario wherein the outbound IDoc from our SAP system consists of lot of IDoc data segments. Becase if this large size, the EAI Middleware is getting out of memory exception while processing it before sending it to the recei

  • Expense for the price difference by reversing entry of goods Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, There is an Expense for the price difference by reversing entry of goods.   Conceptually is this correct? Thanks in advance. José LuisHi  Price difference during reversal of GR may be correct due to the change in price between GR & revers

  • What are the ways to reverse entry in tcode FB08 automatically ? Updated:10-11

    Do We have any method to post the reverse entry in transaction code FB08 automatically ? I have to post the entry from my executable program. I tried using a BAPI, but that is not working out for me. guide meTry FM 'CALL_FB08' SvetlinRead other 5 ans

  • BPM question - Delete all entries in a table and Insert data Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm new to PI BPM and have this scenario to implement. I'm supposed to delete all entries in a table and then insert data to the same table. Is BPM necessary? If it is, what is the best practice to implement my scenario? I want to make sure th