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  • Error no. DEFTAX025 - No client line items Updated:11-30

    Hi Guru !         When I post entry incoming payment and I post with clering  defferred output tax  in same document . I post entry below this ;- Dr. Cash Dr, Deffered output tax       Cr. Customer       Cr. Output tax The system give some error no.

  • Payment run error:Only clear down payment requests individually :DEFTAX 012 Updated:10-11

    Hi , In the payment run, I get the error as "Only clear down payment requests individually" The error code is DEFTAX 012 . What is the reason and solution. It seems to be a downpayment. Please suggest the needful. Regards RudraCheck any of the f

  • Deferred tax: Post down payment clearing individually $1 while f-4E3? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We are booking the invoice as well as clearing the special GL transaction  through F-43/ F-41 001 39S      0009000457 PRADEEP SANGVIKAR          10,000.00- 002 40       6030000039 Testing Charges             9,066.00                 SA 003 40

  • Deferred tax: Post invoice and payment separately $1" Message no. DEFTAX020 Updated:10-11

    while reversing a document thru FB08, it is giving the error message, " Deferred tax: Post invoice and payment separately $1" Message no. DEFTAX020. This is a stand alone invoice document , without any clearing document.  What is to be done ? Be

  • Error 'No client line items' Updated:11-30

    Hi, After the upgrade from 4.6c version to ECC6 in the include LFIPIF00 the call transaction statement is throwing an error message 'No client line items'.This is because of the note 811562 is implemented at this statement. In 4.6c version the error

  • Migration - deferred tax Updated:11-30

    Hi, We encounter the following problem regarding migration data of deferred tax. We post the deferred tax as below DR  Migration G/L CR  Deferred tax G/L but the items are not able to select in program "RFUMSV25" becuase if deferred tax is not p