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deficit of ba unrestricted-use 3995 ea

  • Deficit of VC Unrestricted-use 100 EA : in combination of material plant sloc K Message no. M7021 Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Gurus, I was doing Goods Issue to a cost center from the Vendor Consignment stock having maintained MRP Views in Material Master created Purchase Order through T-Code MD04. I did goods receipt w.r.t Purchase Order and in MMBE Vendor Consignmen

  • Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 1 MC : BIX10001 1BIS 0004 0000034074 Message Updated:11-30

    Dear Friends , in MMBE report stock is available with me. but when i do plant to plant transfer with mov. type 301. system gives me error - Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 1 MC : BIX10001 1BIS 0004 0000034074 Message no. M7021 why actauly quantity is

  • Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 525 M : BA0000001 JIC1 BPSL BA0000001 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 525 M : BA0000001 JIC1 BPSL BA0000001 Message no. M7021 Diagnosis Shortfall below the specified stock level or quantity amounting to 525 M. System Response If the message is an error message (E), the above is not al

  • Re : Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 10 KG : PACK-04 FRND FRND Updated:11-30

    Hi          While using MB1A movement type 261 the following error is coming. "Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 10 KG : PACK-04 FRND FRND" How to solve this. Thanks ManiHi, It means that material unrestricted use stock is not available in that pla

  • Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 1 EA :  (Notification E M7 021). Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I am facing problem with the error " Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 1 EA :  (Notification E M7 021) " in CRM service contract. My issue is when we are confirming the service contract it will create a goods moment automatically in SAP

  • Error :Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use Updated:11-30

    Hi We have a batch job to perform the automatic usage decision of the Inspection lots. This batch job after changing the status of inspection lot moves the stock mentioned in the inspection lot  to unrestricted-use . for one of the inspection when it

  • Error :Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 1 EA : S07_SUB_ROT20 0001 0002 000000 Updated:11-30

    Hi All , In Component Maintaince scenario planned modification (external operation first and internal second) . when i come to internal part and carry out transaction mb11 with order number "XXXX" there i get the error "Deficit of BA Unrest

  • Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 5 PC Updated:11-30

    I m facing this prob whenever m issuing material to planthai; this error coming due to the non-availability of stock in the particular storage location. since you are issuing against a production order ,it takes the quantity requirement from BOM.So i

  • Deficit of stock in Posto Goods Receipt of inbound delivery Updated:10-11

    Hi folks. I´m trying to post goods receipt of an inbound delivery (return order), but for one material we get this message: Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 21 CRT : 697-0 0001 3002 DEVOLUÇÕES I don´t get it, since it seems to me that its calling a def

  • Deficit of BA Updated:11-30

    HI I create a sale order and save a Delivery order but when i try to PGI it, system replay me a error that is " deficit of BA Unrestricted-used 10 CAR " any body can solve my problems Khan Moderator message : Not related to ABAP, post in relevan

  • Deficit of business Area Updated:11-30

    when i m using 551 movement type  than system showing this error... "Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 24,761 NOS : BOP200P40I016 1000 1040 CHINA1" Message no. M7021 regards rekhaHI, Always rememeber when u transfer material from storage location t

  • Reg. Block stock of material from Unrestricted Updated:11-30

    Dear All Using TCode MB1B - Mvt 344 , I am trying to <b>block</b> stock of material  from Unrestricted. The below error occurs. Pleaes help. "Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 1.225,000 KG : MODALYARN-N 1001 SC01 RED" I have stock in Un

  • CO11N Errors:Depend. goods mvemnt. was incorrect & Deficit of SL Unres.-use Updated:11-30

    Dear Colleagues, When trying to confirm a particular order on CO11N,users came across these error 2 messages: A) Depend. goods mvemnt. was incorrect B) Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 2 PCS : (Matnr No) (Cost centre) Message no. M7021 I think they hav

  • NPROC:Dependent requirement not getting generated Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, We have an issue wherein we have Depedent requirement for a HALB material against FERT material requirement.But, the MD04 screen of HALB material doesn't show any Dependent requirement. Infact, the MD04 screen of the FERT material shows N

  • Goods Receipt of consumable materials Updated:10-11

    Hi, How can we do GR for Consumable materials? ThanksHi, MM01 Vendor XK01 Info Record Me11 Purchase order ME21n item category must - k MIGO MMBE Stock is updated MB03 - display document MB1A Movemnent type-201,Special stock - K enter cost center - 42

  • Goods receipt for reservation Updated:10-11

    Hi The user is trying to post a goods receipt for a reservation. The reservation is for 1 PKG. While doing so, the following error message is encountered 'Deficit of SL unrestricted use 1 PKG: 901-00085 1001 1001'. Here the material no is 901-00085 a

  • Unable to do the PGI for Returnable Packing Goods Updated:10-11

    Dear Guru's          I have posted a Returnable packing goods in MB1C with movement type 561, Stock indicator  is V  But it was posted in Returnable Packing Cust Unrestricted .           while i am raising the Delivery with Reference to order i am un

  • Unable to do a goods issue with a movement type with no consumption posting Updated:10-11

    Dear Colleagues, I have a customer who sellls books, some of these books are printed on demand and hence no inventory is maintained and other books manage inventory as stocks are maintained. SD Orders and deliveries are managed for these products. Ho

  • Return Delivery Error in MIGO while doing Movement type 122 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am doing MIGO Return Delivery to Vendor. I am getting the following Error. Pls help its urgent issue. I have checked the stock level. The stock is sufficient for doing return delivery. "Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 1,575 MT : 20461615 210

  • Error while doing consumption posting Updated:10-11

    Dear all, There is sufficient amount of quantity for particular batch,but while posting consumption it is showing error. Error is: Deficit of BA Unrestricted use. please guide me to solve this issue. Regards, santosh.Dear Santosh, You are not able to