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  • Fatal Error Acrobat failed to send a DDE command Updated:10-11

    Hello all.  I have a fillable form I developed using word 2010.  I am trying to convert it to a PDF form.  I open acrobat and select star from wizard from the Forms menu.  I browse to find the word document and open it.  I save the PDF document and e

  • Acrobat X Pro does not open, gives fatal error - "Acrobat failed to send a DDE command" Updated:10-11

    Acrobat X Pro does not open and gives fatal error - "Acrobat failed to send a DDE command" It either does the above or the application starts and is listed in the system processes but never physically opens on the desktop for viewing.AA 9 will n

  • Acrobat X Std. Fails to Open, reporting, "Acrobat failed to send DDE command" Updated:10-11

    When I try to open Acrobat, whether opening it via a document or directly, it fails immediately, reporting an error, "Acrobat failed to send DDE command." I cannot even get into Acrobat's settings menus since the program fails entirely. I am ope

  • Acrobat 9.5.2 Failed to send a DDE command Updated:10-11

    I have a user who is sporadically getting this error message using Acorbat 9.5.2 Standard. Some fixes that I've seen on here mention editing the DDEServername in the registry located at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\acrobat\shell\open\ddeexec\application. Unfort

  • Fatal DDE Error Updated:10-11

    In running Acrobat 11.0 in Windows * in Fusionon a Mac Book Pro, i cannot open the newly downloaded program because of a Fatal Error: "Acrobat failed to send a DDE command.  What do I do? KrabspiderHi krabspider, Try to reinstall Adobe Air to fix the