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  • How can we take the incremental export using the datapump at schema level. Updated:11-30

    Hi, How can we take the incremental export using the datapump at schema level. Example, today i had taken the full export of one schema. After 7 days from now , how can i take the export of change data , from the data of my full export. using the exp

  • Datapump hr schema 9i to 10g Updated:11-30

    hi, Is it possible to import suppose hr schema from 9i database , where we are going to use exp utility and store in the directory object created through 9i and than import using datapump in 10g by accessing the same directory object created through

  • Datapump: cloning schema, target has multiple size. How to solve? Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am quite unfamiliar with dataump - i've used imp / exp before. Now I need to clone a schema and have to remap the tablespaces. The forum advised me to use datapump but now I have some problems with it: source schema name: DEV_6 target schem

  • Exporting LOGON trigger with per schema filtering Updated:11-30

    I am using the datapump on 10.2g (on linux) to export three schemas. I am using the "SCHEMA" option in the procedure and then using the metadata_filter with the SCHEMA_EXPR option to limit down to my three schema. I also do

  • Whats the quickest way to export packages,tables etc from one enviroment Updated:12-08

    Hi whats the quickest way of more loads of packages, tables, indexes etc. from one enviroment to another? I did some things in workspace to test apex now I want to move it across to my xe installation.Hello, 2 'fast' options really -

  • Data pump to ASM? Updated:11-30

    Is it possible to export to an asm directory? I tried this: CREATE DIRECTORY "DGT01_EXP" AS '+DGT01/EXP'; (yes, this directory does exist in ASM) But when I tried using this directory for expdp, I got this error. $ expdp datapump/&pw schemas

  • Whats the quickest way to remove duplcate song entries? Updated:11-30

    Is there a quicker way to remove duplicate song entries in itunes? Also, sometimes when I went to remove them manually then play them later itunes said it could not find the original file of the song that I left??? Any/all help is greatly appreciated

  • Datapump - creates tables in schema Updated:11-30

    Hi      i am using datapump in Oracle 10g to archive old partitions from the main schema to another schema. i notice that when is called that a new table is created by dbms_datadpump for internal purposes. This is verified in the o

  • Error while doing schema level import using datapump Updated:11-30

    Hi I get the following ierrors while importing a schema from prod to dev database... can anyone help ,thanks! impdp system DIRECTORY=DATA_PUMP_DIR DUMPFILE=abcdprod.DMP LOGFILE=abcdprod.log REMAP_SCHEMA=abcdprod:abcddev ORA-39002: invalid operation O

  • Error while importing schemas using datapump Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am trying to import schema from qc to development. after importing i got the following error attached below: Processing object type SCHEMA_EXPORT/TABLE/GRANT/WITH_GRANT_OPTION/OBJECT_GRANT Processing object type SCHEMA_EXPORT/TABLE/GRANT/CROSS_

  • How to Enhance or Speedup Datapump Schema Refresh Updated:11-30

    Hi All, My environment is Oracle 10g Rel2 on RAC (Linux 5), central Storage... We are doing Datapump Schema refresh(Export) with parallel and excluding only grants; parameters. Is there any possibility to enhace the import process by importing metada

  • Datapump API: Import all tables in schema Updated:11-30

    Hi, how can I import all tables using a wildcard in the datapump-api? Thanks in advance, tensai_tensai_ wrote: Thanks for the links, but I already know them... My problem is that I couldn't find an example which shows how to perform an import via the

  • EXPDP/IMPDP : Clone schema with datapump Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a full export with the following parameters: DIRECTORY=dir$export DUMPFILE=datapump_exp_FULL.dmp LOGFILE=datapump_exp_FULL.log FULL=Y And I want to import only one schema into a new schema with the following parameters: DIRECTORY=dir$ex

  • Export schema from one machine to other machine by datapump Updated:11-30

    can I export 10g schema from one machine other machine (10g) if how thanksIn the same manner as You ould use expdp/impdp on the same machine. expdp needed data on one server. copy dmp file to another impdp on another server Read documentation: http:/

  • Exporting schema from to Updated:10-11

    I am working on Oracle Database version on Solaris 10. I need to export a schema from this version and import into version i Windows 2003. So should I install client on Solaris and run exp to create a dump file. Sh

  • Data pump import a table in to a different schema in 11g Updated:10-11

    Hi All I have 11.2 Oracle database and i have a requirement to import few tables in to a new schema using my previous month export. I can not import whole schema as it is very large. I check REMAP_TABLE option but it just create the table in same sch

  • Can I recover one schema from Rman Backup Updated:10-11

    hi experts, I have Raman backup of my database and database is in archivelog mod. by mistake all data is deleted from one of schema. I dont want to change anything in other schemas. Can I recover my data ? O.S. = SunOS 5.10 oracle = far

  • Different ways to copy data between two schemas in one instance Updated:10-11

    Hi there, I am searching a good way to copy data between two schemas in the same instance. Both schemas have an identical structure such as triggers, tables, views and so on. The only difference is the purpose: one is the productivity system and one

  • How to export user/schema WMSYS Updated:10-11

    Trying to export WMSYS using datapump. Output is shown below. Need help.... Schema is present and has procedure/functions/types [encripted]/tables etc. C:\>expdp [email protected] directory=data_pump_dir dumpfile=wmsys.dmp logfile=wmsys.log schemas=wmsys E

  • Schema Export using DBMS_DATAPUMP is extremely slow Updated:10-11

    Hi, I created a procedure that duplicates a schema within a given database by first exporting the schema to a dump file using DBMS_DATAPUMP and then imports the same file (can't use network link because it fails most of the time). My problem is that