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  • Silly jdbc.odbc question Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to connect to a database with jdbc.odbc. What do I put in my classpath? Do I have to download the jdbc.odbc driver? I'm missing something stupid I know! Thanks, VBVB - you dont need to download the jdbc-odbc driver, as it comes packag

  • JDBC-ODBC connectivity from JSP page Updated:10-11

    hi i am trying to connect a jsp page with database using jdbc-odbc driver. i have created a dsn with the name 'test' that connects to a database 'test' in SQL server. the following lines has been added to the web.xml file placed in the \WEB-INF folde

  • JSP connected to MS Access using JDBC-ODBC Updated:11-30

    If I want to run a jsp file connected to a MS Access database using jdbc-odbc bridge. I thought that I should use the following code to make the connection: Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); String database = "jdbc:odbc:Driver=

  • Weblogic server using jdbc-odbc bridge Updated:11-30

    I want to connect to database through jdbc-odbc bridge.I am using web logic server. When i creating new jdbc connection pool a error comes that driver class is not on classpath. how i rectify this problem? how I make weblogic to recognize sun.jdbc.od

  • JDBC-ODBC vs ORM Updated:11-30

    if my current application is pulling data from my database via jdbc-odbc connection quite well, for what reason(s) should I consider switching to ORM, i.e. using hibernate, toplink, etc. the only issue I have currently is retrieving result sets with

  • JDBC-ODBC database related Updated:11-30

    someone please help me with this issue. i wonder why i need to put 2 lines of executeUpdate() to successfully insert a new record... thanks in advance for those who helped ;) peixing. import*; public class Index{ public static void main(Stri

  • Access database/ java application/ jdbc odbc Updated:11-30

    i am building an access database with a java application and get the following error message when i try to run the application. the log in window that i have does not have a password text field, only a field for the odbc name. java.sql.SQLException:

  • Remote Database connection throught JDBC-ODBC Updated:11-30

    Hi everybody I've developed an application which connects to a MS Access database throught the JDBC-ODBC bridge; if the database is on my local machine I've no problem at all, but I now need to connect to a database on a remote PC. I've set the DSN e

  • JDBC-ODBC bridge for MSSQL database Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have SAP 2 MSSQL synchronous scenario and I need to select data from MS SQL 2005 database located on the remote system via XI 3.0. The database provides only ODBC access. I am using JDBC receiver and I would like to use sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDr

  • JDBC-ODBC-Bridge connection to SQL Database Updated:11-30

    Hi guys I have a problem. I've made a little game which I want to put on my website. It has a highscore-list which I want to connect to my web host's database server to get the current list. I tried this with JDBC and got it to work locally but when

  • MS access,servlets and jdbc-odbc Updated:10-11

    when i try to connect to ms access database using servlet i get unable to open registry key DriverId problem. servlet successfully extracts the form data.Even jdbc code alone works fine, but when jdbc code is embeded in servlet I get the above error.

  • To run a report from command line, when using jdbc-odbc bridge Updated:10-11

    Hi, How to run a report from command line, when using jdbc-odbc bridge? Usually with tns, we do by "rwrun module=<> userid=<user>/<passwd>@tns". with odbc, we do by "rwrun module=<> userid=<user>/<passwd>

  • Slow performance of JDBC - ODBC MS ACCESS Updated:10-11

    I experience a very slow performance for jdbc-odbc using ms access as the database. This program works fine with other computer (in term of performance). However, the harddrive is cranking big time with this computer (this is the fastest one among th

  • Creating a new access database using JDBC Updated:10-11

    Hi Forum, I have a problem in hand. Let me describe the problem: I want to create an "access database" from java at runtime. "Access database" is file based, so for a database named test, it will have a file test.mdb. Now, everything's

  • JDBC-ODBC bridge Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm using JDK1.5 and have a working connection to MySQL using JDBC. I now need to connect to Interbase database using ODBC and that's where I'm completely lost. Could somebody please tell me if I have to download a JDBC-ODBC bridge or if it's

  • Problem: connect DB with Applet by JDBC-ODBC bridge Updated:10-11

    Dear all, When I connect local MS SQL server by "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" as below, it works well! However, when I put the similar code under Java Applet program, it cannot run by showing error: access

  • Ms Access problems with Jdbc Odbc!!! Updated:10-11

    Hi again people, Im creating a GUI swing project connecting a database (MsAccess) to a dialog using the bridge driver, The GUI is coming up but im getting runtime errors and the data does not go to the fields, the dialog and connection are in two fil

  • Problem using Jdbc-Odbc Bridge Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using Java 2 SDK and I am trying to access MS Access database on my machine using Jdbc-Odbc bridge. I have set up the DSN in ODBC. But I get the following error when I run my program - 'No Suitable Driver' Here's my code snippet- Class.forNa

  • Newbie: Problem with jdbc-odbc and MS SQL server 2005 Updated:10-11

    I'm on win vistax64 with SQLSERVER 2005 and I have set up the odbc source as system dsn using the SQL Native Client driver with SQL authentication and the connectivity test in the end succeeds. I'm trying to make a simple web app that will connect to

  • How to connect to ms access database in jdbc Updated:10-11

    i want to connect to my ms access database located in my c:\tapi\dbexperts.mdb. please help me construct the connection string. thanks in advance for your help.               String database = "c:\\tapi\\dbexperts.mdb"; /* change it*/