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data was saved with character set 4103

  • Response data not saved in PDF Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I created an interactive form with a web service. I filled in the form and sent all the datas in SAP through the web service. All worked properly except that I have a return message from SAP. This message is binded in my form as response fi

  • Conversion error, from character set 4102 to character set 4103 Updated:11-30

    Hi, We've developed a JCO server(in Java) with an ABAP report the function provided by the JCO server. MetaData:      static {           repository = new Repository("SMSRepository");           fmeta = new JCO.MetaData("ZSMSSEND");     

  • Manual Layout data not saving to trx cube Updated:10-11

    Hello BPS Experts, I am trying to load some data using manual planning. I open the layout and enter the values and press save. I do not find any requests / data in the cube. case 1) No error / warning I do not get any error during the save function i

  • Problem: new entered data is saved but I am facing one error message --- no Updated:10-11

    This is a module program for gate entry of materials(miro). This is a simple entry form which updates z tables with data entered. I have to send the new record details automatically through mail to the particular vendor email  id from where the mater

  • Transferring Data between Databases with Character Sets UTF08 and US7ASCII Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to transfer data from Oracle 10g (character set :UTF08) to Oracle 8i ( character set: US7ASCII). I have tried the transfer using the DBLinks and found that there is no way the data could be transferred from 10g to Oracle 8i. The last

  • Text file contains data separated by pipe symbol read the data and saved in Updated:11-30

    Hi , This is Sreedhar, i am new to java. my query is Report its in text file format it contains data like GLNO,name ,amount. All fields are separated by pipe(|) symbol. I would like to read that data and saved into the database. Please anyone can hel

  • Send/receive data without a terminating character Updated:11-30

    I am trying to use the visa driver to send hex data over a serial port. I have tried to disable terminating characters but when I read from the port the trasnmission still terminates with a 0x0A character. How can I send/receive data without a termin

  • How to set focus on field having data type other than character(eg. NUMC) Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I have developed one screen having table control inside. In table control suppose if numeric type field is blank(eg. Employee number of data type NUMC), system should throw error message and should put cursor focus on that perticular filed

  • How to make VI wait until data is saved before it can open and read data Updated:11-30

    I have developed two VIs for continuous monitoring. First VI is for acquiring raw strain data and saving it into a folder, let's say, every 10 minutes or every 100 Mbyte of data (for example, after monitoring for an hour, the folder will have 6 files

  • Dates when saving picture Updated:11-30

    Hello, I would like to get "today's date" when saving a picture.  At the present when I save the picture, it keeps its original date. No clue how to do that in windows 7 with Photoshop CS5 at 64. Thanks for info. BertStart Firefox in <u>[[

  • Where does the data get saved from (notepad) or Notes on Windows Mobile 5? Updated:11-30

    Where does the data get saved from (notepad) or Notes on Windows Mobile 5? (ON the Phone)  Sticky note like program WM5 I ask because I synced my Blackjack 1 to my pc after about a year and MANY notes later, All the notes from the PC remained but ALL

  • User data permanently saved on iPhone. Even after FULL 2 HOUR WIPE Updated:11-30

    Just got my 3G S and I restored my old iPhone 3G prior to selling it. After that I found that all my user data was saved on the phone. When I downloaded Pandora and opened it, my account info was saved and I auto-logged in. I researched and found the

  • Can a PPC access data/docs saved on a GUID partition? Updated:11-30

    Using my G4, will I be able to access data/docs saved on a GUID partition on an external HD (connected via firewire or USB, it matters not to me)? Can I save to a GUID partition from the G4? When I partitioned the HD I needed one of the 4 partitions

  • Java Derby. How my data are saved? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am following this tutorial : [] . I want to create an apllication in Java, using as database Java DB (Derby). Does someone know how the data are saved? I need this apllication for a customer, and i

  • Page shows different data when saved after few minutes Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a peculiar problem to describe. I have a page which contains af:table inside af:panelCollection layout. I use a af:commandLink to drilldown to another page using setCurrentRowWithKey method. I am able to drill down to the correct data in a

  • On the calender. When I set a appointment date up and it puts a little dot to show the date I saved. How can I change the color of that dot ? Updated:10-11

    When I saved a date on my calendar and it puts a little dot to remind that date. How do I change the color of that dot ?What you're describing can't be achieved using the built-in comments summary function of Acrobat, but it can certainly be done if

  • ** How to encrypt data when saving it in DB directly? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I want a method to encrypt data in the database when saving it directly that is when any one enabled to see the data he will see it encrypted!Hi.. What is the oracle database version??? As you want the users to see the encypted data, the best

  • Acrobat Pro XI transposes numbers for month and day in dates when saving optimized pdf to Excel spreadsheet. Updated:10-11

    Using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and Excel 14.3.8 on a mac.  Saved PDF as "optimized PDF" then "save as other" > spreadsheet > Microsoft Excel Workbook. Problem: numbers in some random dates are  transposed so that month and day are re

  • Adobe form not saving user-input data into saved pdf file Updated:10-11

    Hi forumers, I'm a new abap developer and I'm tasked to create an interactive adobe form that will require the user to input data in the form. No data is passed and received from PDF, but PDF has to be u2018Fillableu2019. I am able to fill out the fo

  • Binary data to form a character Updated:10-11

    Hi! I'm making a byte array from reading a file. Could anyone tell me how can I achieve 3 bytes of binary data to form a 6 character number?So I have a binary file so called "Input file" . I' ve also got the "Output file", that has sim