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  • USB-6009 DAQ Updated:10-11

    Hi; Would you please advise which NI-DAQ software version is for USB-6009 using LabVIEW 7.1? RegardsHi; I have downloaded NI DAQ MX 8.9 which is supports LabVIEW 7.1, but it can not detect the NI USB-6009 driver and still asking for the driver. Can a

  • USB 6009 DAQ to use in Simulink at External mode with DAQ toolbox Updated:10-11

    hi Currently I am using usb 6009 daq board for data acquisition in using simulink. I have created a model with taking analog input from data acquisition toolbox. Then when i want to run in external mode and try to connet to target, the following erro

  • I have LabView but I do not have the Calibration and Configuration Palette,and I could not download it, how can I download it or if i cannot,can I work with the NI-DAQ Calibration_1200? Updated:10-11

    I have read in a tutorial for the board 1200 that I can calibrate it with the Calibration and Configuration Palette in LabVIEW, but I do not have them and I could not download it to access its libraries, so I can only download the NI-DAQ software,Wha

  • How to set the User rights to use DAQ/IMAQ in WinXP as general(=limited) user Updated:10-11

    When I install Software, written in LabVIEW (build an executable/installer), as administrator it works fine. But when I switch over to a user account with limited rights (we are talking about WinXP) it will not run and gives error messages. It happen

  • No data output field in DAQ Assistant Updated:10-11

    I am currently trying to read temperature from my NI WSN 3202. I have a thermistor connected to AI0 and AIGND.  I am following a tutorial to convert from volts to degrees F and everything has been working so far.  Once I reach the step for DAQ that i

  • How Do I Use Examples for Visual C++with NI-DAQ? Updated:10-11

    我有一张NI6723的卡,用the Measurement & Automation Explorer测试的时候,一点问题都没有.完全安照前面所说的例子(​0F7B986256D9B0061DEE2),我用Visual c++建立工程后,编译没有任何错误.但是运行后就会弹出错误: [AO_VWrite] returned NI-DAQ error-104041 The specified devi

  • Problem with DAQ in while loop and Graphs Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm new here so I apologize if I posted this on the wrong board   This is my "situation": I need to make a simple PID controller which takes information (process variable) from an outside source (a NI's DAC connected through the USB port

  • Record all the data acquired by DAQ Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have a problem when I tried to record all the data acquired by the DAQ card. My DAQ is NI 6259, and the Labview version is 2009. Basically, what I need do is using multiple channels to get the voltages of different point, then I subtract va

  • Help with timing, input from Daq, output sound Updated:10-11

    Hi I am a student member of OSA, working on a laser listener project to be used in examples for high schools students. It is a pretty old and simple experiment but something I think students would be into. {any suggestions for other experiments anyon

  • Index array is not getting new values from DAQ Updated:10-11

    I am measuring force values with my DAQ card and these values are always changing.  However, in my programming something is not working right with the way I have things set up.  After my DAQ I have a "Convert to Dynamic Data" and after that I ha

  • The problem is that when I try to update my NI-DAQ drivers from 6.5.1 to version 6.7 Updated:10-11

    I have a Win95 based system running Labview5.1 which utilizes the PCI-6025E board with the BNC-2090. The existing version of NI-DAQ drivers is 6.5.1. The problem is that when I try to update my NI-DAQ drivers to version 6.7 I receive the following er

  • New project using Daq Assistant or not ? Updated:10-11

    Hi everybody, I need to create a software to do some realtime acquisition & analysis. I trained myself a little bit on c# lessons to get use to this programming language; I'm also discovering Measurement Studio & Visual Studio. (I've background in

  • A problem with delays in timed loops and DAQ Updated:10-11

    I am programming a simulation for nuclear rewetting for a visitor centre at my company in Switzerland. It involves heating a "fuel rod" and then filling the chamber with water. The pump automatically starts once the rod core reaches 750C. After

  • How to combine both DAQ AI signal, write and read file in single VI Updated:10-11

    Hi  I am the new user of LabVIEW version 7.1 for testing automation application. I have to measure 33 signals ( mostly analog like temp, pressure, etc...) from NI USB 6210 DAQ system and write in master file for future verfication.From real data or f

  • Data-acquisition with NI 6036E DAQ card & GPIB using an external trigger Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I hope somebody could give me some help with the following and answer some questions: Simple system description: Labview 6.1 PCI-GPIB card 6036E DAQ card In my system, I am using an external analog trigger signal (A) for continuous data-acqui

  • How to measure current and voltage and rpm with daq device Updated:10-11

    i am measuring current and voltage and am wondering should i use shunt resistors or current sensors hall effect sensors. i have a pci 6221 and a scc-68 breakout box. what specifications or size should the shunt resistor/current sensor be or should i

  • Need help to choose a DAQ for simultaneous sampling Updated:10-11

    We need to choose a DAQ for simultaneous sampling. The restrictions are: a) 2 channels b) The signals on both channels are not continuous. A valid input on the channels is signaled by a falling edge in a third line that can be used as a trigger. c) T

  • Separate sampling rate for two different channels for a USB-6009 daq Updated:10-11

    Hi,  I am using a USB-6009 and incorporating the 'daq assistant' to change the sample rate.  I am trying to find a way to set the sampling rate to two unique values for two separate channels.  I've tried setting up two daq assistants and adjusting th

  • I use labview 8.0 and i can not run daqmx driver for pcmcia 6062e daq card Updated:10-11

    i use labview 8.0 on window xp .when i installed a PCMCIA daq card 6062E, i could not run daqmx driver.It is fine to see that the traditional version is working well.When i install daq card sometimes it is working well with traditional driver  but mo

  • How can I acquire data in a PCI DAQ board using a SCXI rack? Updated:10-11

    Hello. I have an acquisition system that consists in: · 3 PCI DAQ boards: - PCI-MIO-16-E-1 - PCI-6052-E - PCI-6034-E · 3 cables to connect PCI boards and SCXI modules · 1 SCXI chassis: - SCXI-1001 · SCXI modules + terminal blocks: - 4x SCXI_1121 + SC