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DAQアシスタント USB vi 見つからない

  • Is it possible to maintain the last AO value after the DAQmx task is done on device DAQ USB-6341 ? Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I use the device DAQ USB-6341 to generate the desired voltage waveform by the "finite samples" sample mode. I notice that the channel resets to zero volts after the DAQmx task is done and the DAQ USB-6341 does not have  the property AO.i

  • C# apply to DAQ USB-6008 Updated:11-30

    i have a problem about DAQ USB-6008 of application in c#, i would like to use c# code to program the window that can display the temperature c/f and wave graphic celsius versus time ,which is used in thermal couple,its my first time to use DAQ system

  • Usage of DAQ USB-6211 with Sound and Vibration Measuremen​t Suite Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could I use DAQ USB-6211 with Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite ? All examples are based on 24-bit devices (usually with IEPE-on) such as NI 9234 or similar. I don't need IEPE, 16 bit is sufficient for my dynamic range, could leave without si

  • Can Ni daq usb 6210 measure distance if attach with sharp proximity sensor? Updated:11-30

    good evening. my name is hadi from university tun hussein malaysia. i already bought National instrument device DAq usb 6210 for my final year project. did my device can measure distance if i attach it with sharp proximity distance sensor.. hope your

  • Thermocoup​le DAQ USB 6008 Updated:11-30

    Hello I am novice of LABVIEW and DAQ system. If now i am going to use thermocouple, will it be suitable for me to use USB 6008 to acquire and analyze signal. USB 6008 has no filters inside. Using labview, will the noise be filtered out by LABVIEW its

  • Daq usb to ethernet Updated:11-30

    I am using a DAQ (I think it is a 6009 but am not sure of the exact model number) and currently I have it connected to my laptop using the provided usb cable to read in digital data. I was wondering if it is possible to hook up a usb-to-ethernet adap

  • Labview drivers for Omega OM-DAQ-USB-2401 Updated:11-30

    This DAQ is a thermocouple/voltage input USB device. Omega does not provide Labview drivers for it, but it does have .NET/API drivers for Visual Basic, C#, and Visual C++. Has anyone been able to build a driver for this device in order to get measure

  • 有關daq(usb-6501)產生data和clock訊號 Updated:11-30

    請問各位高手 我目前第一次使用USB-6501想要去產生data(010110)和clock(01010101)的digital訊號 我無法使用十進位轉二進位之後將data值寫入daq...一直都會有錯誤..而且也不知怎麼設定它的週期 請問有相關範例可參考嗎?mason0422. 首先,6501不支援clock DI/O 請選擇其他產品, 例如USB-6220/6221/6225/6229..等等Read oth

  • Low pass filter of DAQ USB 6255 Updated:11-30

    Hi there I am using USB 6255 data acquisition board. The cutoff frequency of the internal low pass filter is 1.7 MHz, therefore, the background noise with frequencies below 1.7 MHz cannot be eliminated. The multiple channel signals I am measuring hav

  • Como simular la tarjeta DAQ USB 6008 Updated:11-30

    Me gustaría saber si se puede simular la tarjeta de adquisición de datos para hacer pruebas simuladas de protección, de antemano muchas gracias.No es posible la simulación de la USB 6008. La lista completa de los dispositivos que no pueden ser simula

  • DAQ USB 6341 et boucle cadencée plante après un temps d'éxécution Updated:11-30

    Bonjour, J'ai un souci avec un code (voir fichier joint Labview 8.6) Je réalise sur un DAQ 6341 une sortie horloge laquelle est reliée sur une entrée numérique qui me sert d'horloge à une boucle cadencée (cadencement à 250ms). Dans cette boucle je ne

  • Which usb DAQ device to buy ? Updated:11-30

    I am a total Noob when it comes to DAQ so please bear with me and help me with suggestiions on which NI USB DAQ to buy. I am biochemist and I have an old HPLC machine (basically a chemical purifying/seperation machine) I need to control by writing a

  • How do I set up a triggered analog output on a USB 6009? Updated:10-11

    Hi! I am very new to LabView and am working on the control portion of my senior ME design project. It is an anti-tip brake system for a bicycle. The goal is: When critical time to tip is reached (by reading values from a rear wheel normal force senso

  • HOW TO set the input range for analog in (DAQ)? Updated:10-11

    How can I set the input range of a - NI DAQ USB 6259 - analog voltage input? I wish to control it directly in my VI. Is it possible to set different ranges for different input channels? Thank you, Robertoduplicate postRead other 2 answers

  • How do you manipulate and display multiple DAQ channels? Updated:11-30

    I have two sensors wired into the same DAQ (USB) module.  I can monitor the signals in LabView using DAQ Assistant, but I'm having trouble separating the channels.  I would like to display the signals on separate waveform charts and also apply differ

  • 2 Counters Start (DAQ) Updated:11-30

    I have two counters, counter 2 needs to be start with counter 1. Example Counter 1...... have 5 puls..... then counter 2 has to be started. Counter 1...... have 10 puls.... then counter 2 had to be closed. I'am using a DAQ usb 6210 for this applicati

  • Use DO and AI function in one DAQ Device Updated:11-30

    Hi, everyone I try to use DO and AI function in DAQ USB-6008. When I run my program it shows one error message as below, Please suggest me how to solve this problem? Thank you! My Code: DAQmxCreateTask("", &gTaskHandle_DAQ1); DAQmxCreateTask

  • DAQ counter vi Updated:11-30

    I'm using a DAQ USB-6008 to count the edges of a digital pulse. i need to calculate the frequency of these pulses but I can't do it using the period time because this device doesn't allow it (or so i'm told) I'm using a counter channel, and can succe

  • How can we change output pin for counter in X series daq Updated:11-30

    hello every one... If this question is repeated then forgive me and direct me to that. I am using X series DAQ USB-6343. In specific instant i want counter output at specific pin and then agian for other requirement i want it to other pin. plz so me

  • Random delay between WHILE loop during acquisition from DAQ Updated:11-30

    I am working with the NI DAQ USB 6259. My purpose is to acquire data from an analog voltage input. My problem is showed in the attached image and consists in a RANDOM time delay between the execution of two consecutive while loop that contains the ac