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  • What are minimum passing parameters for function module CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:10-11

    Hi Im going to use FM: CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 and I want to only pass WERKS, but when I execute FM is gives exception as CALL_INVALID. I saw all the Import parameters are Optional, but I think I need to pass more inputs to FM. Please let me know what are

  • Short dump using CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 with different user ids Updated:10-11

    Hi We are getting a short dump in our program when using FM'CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2' and this is happening only for super user roles but not with regular user ids in production. We are not able to identify the solution yet, and it needs to be resolved as

  • How to use CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2  to include bom under Phantom Updated:11-30

    Hi every1, How can I get documentation for this function module CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2  We want to explode BOM on single level ,including Material which is coming under Phantom assembly too. eg. I have one material 1xxxxx. after exploding single level bo

  • Using CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 how to find last children of material in the bom. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to find last children of a material.I am using FM CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2. Although STPOX internal table as STUFE for level but we can't get all the last child of material directly. For example material A as child A1 and A2 this sub divided int

  • Function module CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Documentation Updated:11-30

    I cannot find any documentation for function module CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2.  It is a very powerful function module, however, it is not useful without documentation.  I know that it can do single level boms as well as multi level and a host of other thing

  • Refresh using CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 2 times Updated:11-30

    Hi, my problem is: 1. use fm CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 to get BOM data. 2. I modify the BOM using a Batch Input 3. use fm CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 to get the BOM updated. the FM in the 3th step load the old data and not the updated BOM. Any suggest? Can i clear t

  • Issue with CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are trying to fetch BOM data by calling the above function module i.e. CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2. The function module is called as shown below     CALL FUNCTION 'CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2'          EXPORTING               capid                 = 'PP01'

  • Use CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:11-30

    Since to make a report in form of tree to list the materials with its materials semielborados until arriving at all the components of this material. I am using BAPI “CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2” and not since I can do?Check these links Help reqd in CS_BOM_EXP

  • CS13  &  CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone, I am using CS13 and Functional Module CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2  for multi level BOM explosion for final assembly. But the number of components vary from both the results. I mean if CS13  is giving me 100  entires , then  Functional Module C

  • Regarding CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 and table returned STB Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus , I am facing one diffulty. I am calling following FM       CALL FUNCTION 'CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2'            EXPORTING                 capid                 = ' '                 datuv                 = pa_datga                 mdmps           

  • Reg: Exception (ALT NOT FOUND) in the fun.module CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I called the fun. module CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 in SE38. While executing the function module, it is giving output for some types of material like (TP0331-). But it is raising the exception ALT NOT FOUND for some types of material like 'TB1000

  • Use of CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 fro BOM explosion on plant basis Updated:11-30

    hello ,    I dont have any documentation for this FM and need to use it for BOM explosion on plant basis plz let me knw how to use it?Try something like this : *     Tables  "call CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 " DATA: BEGIN OF t_stb OCCURS 0.         INCLU

  • Multi-level BOM explosion using CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I would like to know, if anyone has used the function module 'CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2' to prepare a report to read multi-level BOM just like CS12. If anyone has, can you please let me know how we can read the individual materials in the BOM from t

  • BOMs not retrieved correctly from FM CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am using the FM CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 passing the following parameters. We are able to fetch most of the BOMs from this FM except for the records with valid to date <  sy-datum.   CALL FUNCTION 'CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2'    EXPORTING      aumgb     

  • Quantity not fetched properly from FM CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:11-30

    HI, I am using the FM CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 to get the BOM components at multiple levels. The problem that i am facing is that for some components if the quantity is 0.100 or 0.10 the function module is returning 10.000 and 1.000 respectively. But in CS

  • Help reqd in CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:11-30

    Hi,    I'm using CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 to explode a BOM. Even though I have checked import parameter MEHRS = 'X', the BOM only explodes to the first level. Inshort the function module is not outputting the sub components under the components of the head

  • Where are ecm_sel parameters applied in CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2  ???? Updated:11-30

    If you run RCS11001 deirectly or from CS11, then if your matnr has kzeff "on" in mara, SAP will pop the "parameter effectivity" panel to allow you to enter effectivity parameters as a fillter on the BOM explosion. This panel is popped

  • BOM: Problem using CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 -  URGENT!!! Updated:11-30

    hai friends, i am using CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 fn module in my code. when i pass mtnrv = 'GK02PB.05SBIS' , i did' get any output from the above fn module. but other than the above value like mtnrv = 'OSA875CCWOF' ,i am getting output. thanks in advance,

  • CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 Updated:11-30

    HI, I would like get the BOM list for an materialnumber. At the import parameters , when I don´t set the parameter DATUV, I get an error. I don´t understand why. I want dont´t set this parameter, because then I get just the components of the BOM at t

  • CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2  Problem Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am developing a report which displays items at bom level. But unable to do so using 'CS_BOM_EXP_MAT_V2' functional module. Kindly tell me which are necessary parameters which are necessary for this functional module. In display mode all par