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  • Change Pricing Condition for an item with CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Updated:10-11

    Hi community, I try to change an existing condition with the function module crm_order_maintain. Everything looks fine, no error no dump, but no success The condition stays the same! Can anybody find a solution for this? Heres my report so far: *& Re

  • Error Occured in CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN . Kindly help asap. Updated:10-11

    I have written folowing code but exception occurs in changing parameter lt_exception of FM maintain.What can be the possible error. msg no - 0004 REPORT  ZTEST_PROGRAM. *Internal tables Data : lt_partner           TYPE              crmt_partner_comt,

  • What is the difference between 'CRM_ORDER_SAVE' and 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN'? Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts,    What is the difference between these two FMs?    'CRM_ORDER_SAVE' and 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN'    I want to change the user status of an order in CRM. I have seen several posts in the forum some of which advises to use CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN'

  • Help: How to use 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN' Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I want to create a sales order with following requirements. 1) schedule lines having requesting dates for which vendor cannot deliver. 2) change the status from open to some other status. i this i have to use 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN". but i want

  • Problem in CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN for updating amount in line items Updated:10-11

    Hi abapers, I have  a scenario as follows: i want to update amount  for line items  in a transaction. i use the bapi crm_order_maintain followed by CRM_ORDER_SAVE and bapi transaction _commit . The problem is i loop the itab by passing the trnstn id

  • CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN - in order_save BADI Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I want to update my order. I have to add the account assignment group to my service order when the order is saved. How do I pass this value in the badi order_save. I want to use the function module crm_order_maintain. Can anyone please su

  • Problem in CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Updated:10-11

    Dear Gurus,                   I am trying to create a service order using CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN and CRM_ORDER_SAVE. I have observed the values from debuggin the actual order creation through CRMD_ORDER and i am passing those hardcoded values to the abov

  • CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN - Appointments Updated:10-11

    Hi all A client is using the CRM interaction centre (trxn. CIC0). When a date is set in a transaction within CIC0, they want that date copied to all the follow up activities as well when the user saves. We've already used BADI ORDER_SAVE and FM's CRM

  • CRM - CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN - Appointments Updated:10-11

    Hi all   A client is using the CRM interaction centre (trxn. CIC0). When a date is set in a transaction within CIC0, they want that date copied to all the follow up activities as well when the user saves.   We've already used BADI ORDER_SAVE and FM's

  • Adding item data in Product tab for sales contract (crm_order_maintain) Updated:10-11

    Hi, can I use crm_order_maintain to add line items under the product tab for a sales contract while creating or modifying an order. Is there any sample code to add the line items, I could look at.  I tried calling this FM from my custom tab and then

  • CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN works only in debug mode Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I am currently facing a strange issue. I am trying to add a line item to a service ticket, but the code works only in debug mode. Sample code is given below: lv_product_i-ref_handle = '0000000001'. lv_product_i-ref_guid = lv_header_guid.

  • Error in crm_order_maintain. Updated:10-11

    Hi All,          I want to create Service Contract with Perticular Product here i am getting someProblem when adding Product line item in it when i am submitting correct item Category then system is giving me mail with  i am giving you code. Update w

  • CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Updated:10-11

    Hello. I'm trying to implement a solution using badi ORDER_SAVE and fm CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN. I'm able to read some entries from organizational tree and add those entries to the order by doing something like this: LOOP AT lt_entries INTO ls_entries.    

  • CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN not working Updated:10-11

    Hi Expert !!!!!! I am using FM CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN to create activity. I am not getting any error but activity fails to create. CALL FUNCTION 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN'    EXPORTING      it_activity_h                 = it_activity_h      it_activity_i      

  • 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN'  error messages Updated:10-11

    HI guys, I am using BAPI 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN' to create FS Quotation, but i want to get error message before SAVE, Bapi only return exceptions table and CV_LOG_HANDLE. How can I get details of errors generated in the process of creation? Thanks ind a

  • CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN problems Updated:10-11

    Hello. I'm trying to insert new partner entries to the activity in a badi ORDER_SAVE (pf 00000026). How can I add these entries without loosing other entries with different partner functions? I have tried to call fm CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN and I'm able to

  • Hour differences with CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, I´m having troubles with some hour differences in some FM, all you know that the et_appointments dates can be set with the CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN . . . I set the dates/hours ok in the timestamp_from, timestamp_to fields. The problem is that fiel

  • CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN usage problem Updated:10-11

    Hi all,           I am using this function module to create a new activity. I am able to populate most of the fields, but somehow partner data is not getting populated on the first go, whereas if i write the code to edit partner data by passing "Guid


    Hi Max. Firt of all, Let me thank you for taking the time and replying to my question. Thank you again. Now, Inyour reply, you said that it is a little tricky on how we fill in the BAPI structures, can you please explain how. I did try your advise wi

  • Crm_order_maintain  . create items. Updated:10-11

    hi all. i have to update order using fm crm_order_maintian. i am able to update header but when i c order using crm_order_read there is no item data  now i have to craete items of header. please suggest how to create items  in order using crm_order_m