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  • Mail to credit Manager & represent Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone i have issue regarding automatic generation of mail to Credit manager,i have mantained manager as partner function,now how to assign this partner function to SAP User that when order is blocked mail can trigger to credit manager .Hi

  • Credit manager & credit Represtative - Auto intimation thru internal mail Updated:11-30

    Hi In credit Management,Automatic credit control ,if  a customer is blocked due to credit limit ,can these details be send to credit manager & credit representative through internal mail immediatley & automatically . can any one guide me through t

  • Auto mail trigger fro Credit management from delivery Updated:11-30

    Hi All, While doing PGI in sales deilvery, If credit is exceed the limit, ift will popup the messege like The credit limit is exceed with amount. While saving the delivery document,  The user receiveing the mail in SBWP. But there is no contents in t

  • Credit Management Process based on Terms of Payment. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, My Client wants to use SAP Credit Managment Process. The SAP is currently being used but without Credit Management. As per my initial discussion I have enclosed the requirments below. Your Kind Help will be highly appreciated. 1.     The Proc

  • Credit management and Terms of Payment Updated:10-11

    Hi Can anybody throw some light on the role of Terms of Payment in .Credit Management. Thanks in advance RaviDear sankar ravi,  Credit management Purpose Outstanding or uncollectible receivables can spoil the success of the company greatly. Credit Ma

  • Work flow in Credit Management Updated:10-11

    Hello SAP Gurus, we need to trigger a mail to the finance manager whenever the credit limit of the sales order exceeds Please suggest us the business object which can be used for credit management for sales orders when credit limit is exceeded.Hi Che

  • Credit Management- KRML Output not generated for Sales Order ( v.v.u.) Updated:11-30

    <u>Credit Management - Credit control check at Sales order Level</u> While saving the Sales order,which failed the Credit check ( As per Automatic Credit Check Settings), there is no output generated for output type KRML, for Partner Fn KB/KM.

  • Practical Usage/Role of KB/KM (Credit Management) in Sales & DeliveryOrder Updated:11-30

    Hi I know that KM /KB are included in Sales Order / Delivery Header Partner Functions . Want to know the PRACTICAL USAGE  for eg  Suppose Order is Created for Amt Rs 10000, what role KB /KM which r included in order partner function will play ( mail/

  • Credit management - WortkFlow Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can you please tell me how do i Configure Credit management in WorkFlow. It is for approval of certain orders from the supervisor. Can u please share some some documents relating to credit management WorkFlow Using Business object BUS1010      Cu

  • What is credit management how should we tell Updated:11-30

    hi gurus my question is what is credit management. 2) If one customer exceeds his credit limit the sales order is blocked in the enduser  system.  WHO will release that order.  Whether enduser called his higher authority by telephone or mailed or it

  • Credit management....sales area data Updated:11-30

    hi gurus,, I have some doubts in Credit Management> 1. In my development Server....Customer Master data > Sales Area Data > Billing Tab Page>CREDIT CONTROL not reflecting. using version 4.7... why is was not reflecting... any configa

  • Credit Management Partner Functions Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts I know that KM /KB are included in Sales Order / Delivery Header Partner Functions  for Credit Management. Want to know the PRACTICAL USAGE for eg Suppose Order is Created for Amt Rs 10000, what role KB /KM which r included in order partne

  • Risk category field is missing in dso for 0fiar_o09 credit management. Updated:10-11

    Hi BI Experts, I am using the standard extractor for the credit management dso 0fiar_o09.  The field for risk category originates from our R3 system in table knkk-ctplc.  It displays correctly in the psa.  The transformation rsds 0fi_ar_9 maps it to

  • Letter of Credit functionality and Credit Management Updated:10-11

    Hi, we want to use Letter of Credit functionality for exports. Currently, we have an ERP system that contains the sales data. In a separate system we have the credit management functionality (Financial Supply Chain Mgt - FSCM). When order is created,

  • Open Sales Order Values in Credit Managment Updated:10-11

    Hi, 1. I want to include the open sales orders that were created before implementing the functionality of  Credit Managment.  How to check the credit limits for that sales orders. Fro Example. If i want do the credit checks for 1000 open sales orders

  • Open Delivery value update error in credit management Updated:10-11

    Hi We have credit management active at delivery level. The value of open deliveries is not getting updated correctly for items with material substitution (material determination). For all other items, its getting updated correctly. E.g Let say the cr

  • Outbound IDOC for Credit Management Updated:10-11

    HI All, We need to send the Credit management data from SAP to other system. For that we require Standard IDOC, could you please suggest the standard IDOC available for the same and how to configure it. Please let me know if we have any standard prog

  • Customer complaint and credit management Updated:10-11

    Hi, we have the following business case, credit management activated: 1. a customer has a complain about a delivery (e.g. poor quality/wrong material) 2. the corresponding invoice is shown as an open item in FBL5N 3. a credit note request is created

  • Credit Management (Open Items and Oldest Open Items) Updated:10-11

    I have 2 questions. 1)What is the difference between Open Items check and Oldest open items 2) I want to activate a Credit management check which should work in way that the Order will be blocked on the basis of Payment term check Let say if I am usi

  • Payment History In Credit management Updated:10-11

    Hi all, How to activate the Payment History in Credit Management(FD32). Regards TalluriHi Talluri If you want to activate payment history in FD32 then in XD02->Company code data tab->payment transactions tab check the box payment history and save it