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create hotspot from ibook

  • Is there a way to reorder or introduce new pages in iBooks Author, without creating a new IBook? Updated:10-11

    Is there a way to reorder or introduce new pages in iBooks Author, without creating a new IBook? Is this possible?The main thing have a way to move forward with your project. If I may offer some tips, learn to customise the template to suit

  • Can you create a custom iBook widget that accesses the ipad's camera? Updated:11-30

    I am wanting to know if anyone has created a custom iBook widget that accesses the iPad's on-board camera? I will be creating and custom coding the widget myself. Thanks any feedback is welcome.nbal Premiere Elements offers disc menus for only DVD-VI

  • What is the best compatible graphics software to create images in ibook author? Updated:11-30

    What is the best compatible graphics software to create images in ibook author?What you choose may depend on your budget, skills, etc. Preview comes with OS X. GifConverter and Pixelmator are in the (Mac) App Store and work well.Read other 2 answers

  • Can professors from Russia create book in iBooks Author? Updated:11-30

    Can professors from Russia create book in iBooks Author?"You can sign up to sell your books where there is a paid iBookstore: You can sign up to give your books away for free in those countries." Sorry for my br

  • Problem connecting to public wifi hotspot using ibook and airport Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a brand new iBook G4, replacing an iBook G3. At home I use it to connect wirelessly or wired with my Netgear router. No problems. Yesterday I tried to access a public, unsecured wifi hotspot in a local cafe. There were two other people ther

  • How to create hotspot in iOS 8 Updated:10-11

    I Don't know how to create a hotspot on iOS 8Hello Rohan Arun, Personal Hotspot can be configured in Settings -> Cellular Data. Share an Internet connection. Go to Settings > Cellular Data, then tap Personal Hotspot-if it appears-to set up the servi

  • What are the pixel dimensions for creating an Apple ibook book cover? Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to create a book cover for Apple ibooks, what are the pixel dimensions requirements?Thanks again. Apple seems to have made it more confusing than it should be. As an aside, the Apple documentation contradicts itself. Cover art (also known

  • Create hotspot over bluetooth with iphone3gs and pc windows 7 Updated:11-30

    i have a lenovo ideapad with windows 7 home premium. I am unable to create a hotspot through my iphone 3gs over bluetooth. PC states error as "there is no driver software installed for bluetooth perpheral device" tried installing driver, but App

  • Unable to create Categories in iBooks (something is wrong) Updated:11-30

    Okay I would start by saying that I am too much done with trying to create categories for the books I have in iBooks Library and I don't know why I can't make this thing work anymore. Categories won't show. I used to do it fine once. But not anymore!

  • Can I create content in iBook Author and push it to my Newsstand App? Updated:11-30

    Good afternoon! I am totally new at iOS developement and I am exploring the possibilities of the Newsstand app. I started building an app following a tutorial and up to now the basic code is working. What I am trying to do right now is see if I can c

  • Cannot create bookmarks in ibooks authur Updated:11-30

    I am currently unable to create/add bookmarks in iBooks Authur, following the instructions to do so does not work as the + sign used to add highlighted text as a bookmark is greyed out...any ideas? Why is the + greyed out? Is there another way? Thank

  • Unlimited data on Droid 1 - how to create hotspot? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a two part question. 1: I have an original droid on unlimited data that is beginning to get flaky. What are my replacement options without upgrading plans? I assume I can at least replace it with another droid without losing my unlimite

  • Why I can not find the backgound change button in the iBooks created by the iBooks author? Updated:11-30

    Every iBooks download in the iBooks store all have this option, why I can not find it in the iBooks created by myself? Is it the benefit for the iBooks store stuffs only? Thanks for the help in advance!Those options are only available for books _not_

  • How can I access my IWeb page created on an iBook that has a crashed hardd. Updated:11-30

    I can´t make changes to my iWeb pages from my new iBook. The iBook i used to create the iWeb has crashed and I did not have back up. Is there any way to access and make changes to my iWeb.No.Read other 2 answers

  • Creating hotspot while connected thru wifi Updated:11-30

    I can easily turn mu iMac into a WiFi hotspot when it's connected through Ethernet. However: is it possible to share you internet connection (creating a hotspot) while being connected through WiFi (imac connected to the Internet through WiFi allowing

  • Creating hotspots on header when image is background Updated:11-30

    I am creating this site and want to add hotspots to the header on the dove and the words. How do I do this? My header image is in as a background because when I insert it as an image, it doesn't line up. OR how do I make my image lin

  • Creating network for ibook and xbox Updated:11-30

    I am trying to create a wireless network for my ibook G3. It doesn't have an Airport card and at this time, the cost to get one is prohibitive even though I know it would be the best option. I have read a number of the archived posts and was thinking

  • How to create pages in ibooks author Updated:10-11

    I just got feedback from iTunes saying that my book has no visible pages in portrait mode. I created the book in landscape but i wouldn't mind it being in both formats. When i go to portrait mode I can't find a way to add a page or see the pages I cr

  • Can I remove a book I created from the iBook Bookstore? Updated:11-30

    Once I publish my book, can I remove it remove it from the iBooks Bookstore?Take it off sale in all territories in the store.Read other 2 answers

  • Hi I'm trying to find a simple bit of freeware that I can use to image map for creating hotspots on a website.  Any ideas? Updated:11-30

    Hi I'm wanting to create a pretty complicated image map for a web page so it'll be lot's of polygons.  Does anyone know of a good bit of freeware I can use that will help me work out the coordinates for the image maps? Thanks NeilYou could do this in