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  • Z77A-GD65 Intermittent Power Up Issue Updated:10-11

    Ever since I've had this board, it's been problomatic getting it to start at times. Most of the time it starts just fine, other times the fans just barely spin and it fails to start. Repeatedly pressing the start button usually gets it going after ma

  • Collect tool and java Updated:11-30

    I want to do a performance analysis of a java program on sparc 64. I am using the 64 bit runtime. The collect tools reports an error message: Could not find agent library on the library path or in the local directory: collector -d64 -server collect -

  • About C-States and VID Updated:11-30

    I have some questions about C-States and about this so-called VID. First, what is that VID ? Core Temp shows me the VID, is the same thing with the vcore ? I have a 3770k 4.5Ghz 1.2V and if i stress the CPU, in Core Temp VID shows 1.246V And i had a

  • Collect with 32bit JVM failed Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using collect tool from Sun Studio 12, i used it succeccfully on my system using 64-bit Sun JDK 1.6 but when i try to use it to collect Hardware counter data using 32-bit jvm it failes and shows error while i trying to analyze collect data u

  • Need help to OC CPU Intel Q9400, VGA HD R4850 T2D512, Main P43- NeoF (MS 7519) Updated:11-30

    Here is my configuration: CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 9400 VGA: HD R4850 T2D 512 PSU: Acbel 560W Case: Cooler Master Centurion 5 Window Main: P43- Neo F (MS 7519) Ram: ADATA 2gbx2 (bus 800) Well, the point is, when I tried to OC my VGA in Catalyst, GPU cl

  • Corsair twinx3200 low latency or twinx4400 Updated:11-30

    which mem best do you think i had 3200 in sys for a while o.c only to 210x12 tight timings on mem good b/mark 5600+ put in 4400  clocked to 220x12 stable looser timings benchmark drops to 5100 argh !!!!!!! now i know 3dmark 05 is gp

  • Can't build code that uses cpc_event_t Updated:11-30

    Hello; I'm running on: 69: uname -a SunOS chroma 5.10 Generic sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V490 70: CC -V CC: Sun C++ 5.7 2005/01/07 71: I can't think of why my program fails to build. This little test program has the same problem though: 489: cat cpc_e

  • Plz help z77 gd65 overclock Updated:11-30

    4.8 ghz stable. Not what I do I can not get up from 4.8 ... 4.9 1.5v I gave up, but not stable .. What can I do.?Quote from: xmad on 14-October-12, 05:49:38 Disable - overspeed protection Try to lower the pll / increase it slightly and raise the i/o

  • MSI Z77MA-G45 Undervolting Updated:11-30

    Hello there! I just OC'd my 3570k to 4.00ghz with core voltage set to AUTO. I also using Xigmatek Gaia SD1283. Is there a option to undervolt the cpu? When i change the core voltage its only gives my the options between AUTO, +0.0000v, +0.0020v etc.

  • Z77MA-G45 Undervolt? Updated:11-30

    As per the title, does anyone know how to undervolt the CPU with this board? I'm using a 3570K and the latest BIOS - if the option is in there, it's not that obvious! Cheers, LukeIf you change the mulitpier from auto to something else, eist will no l

  • C-States R620 Updated:11-30

    We have an R620 that showed OS-freezes, most probably due to deeper C-States allowed from the intel_idle driver from Ubuntu14.04LTS. By setting kernel boot parameter intel_idle.max_cstate=0 the lower c-states are not reached anymore, however, c0-stat

  • MOVED: FSB ? Updated:11-30

    This topic has been moved to Overclockers & Modding Corner. for the reply Rad,,,,,I think! I have read OC guides!  and now i have up'd the cpuV, actual is running just under 1.40v. Do you have a

  • 875 Neo and Audigy 2 annoyance. Updated:11-30

    I am running 875 Neo and Audigy 2 on Win XP Pro SP1. The Audigy 2 is running on the latest XP driver from Creative. DirectX is 9.0B. Everything works just fine, no crashes or anything. I do have a minor annoyance with the Audigy 2. On rare occasion,

  • Voltage drop problem gd 65 z77 Updated:11-30

    Hello,  I think i have a problem.  Mainboard Msi Z77a GD65, CPU i5 3570K.  Overclocked CPU to 4.5Ghz with a voltage of 1.265v from bios, but in windows it shows me as 1.248v , and whenever i use a stress program for cpu it shows as 1.224v-1.230v . (b

  • (MSI R9 270 GAMING 2G) BF4 ARTIFACTS Updated:11-30

    Hi. Is this artifacts normal? This artifacts appears not regular. How can i prove that my card works not fine in service center - they check my card FurMark and detect nothing. What shold i do to replace my card to the same? PS: GPU BIOS is TV305MH.1

  • MOVED: voltage drop problem gd 65 z77 Updated:11-30

    This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting. the core voltage is auto and vdroop %75 Windows startup screen, blue screen. Voltage 1250 vdroop 100% Windows went through the processor c

  • 990FXA-GD80 oc problem Updated:11-30

    phenom II 1090t 990FXA-GD80 2 x GTX285 Superpipe windows7 x64 current bios: 7640Vb2 (same problem with bios 7640Vb0) hi, another weird problem which wasnt fixed by flashing to the last bios: all is running fine with bios set on "default settings"

  • Mpower usb problems Updated:11-30

    Good day all.  I have recently got my MSI Mpower. A few small issues i'm sure i'm just missing in the bios.  However 4 of the 6 usb 3.0 ports at the back don't work at all. It's the 4 in the middle (not the ones joining the lan and ps2 ports) If any1

  • Z77a GD65 OC clarification requested Updated:11-30

    Hi all So last night I finally get around to attempting to overclock my 2700k in my nice shiney new Z77a GD 65 MB. The problem I came up against was that no matter how frantically I doube clicked on selections for multipliers and other BIOS options n

  • Cpu voltage not going higher Updated:11-30

    Hey everybody. I have a problem in bios. I can bump my cpu voltage to 1.42V and i could do more with original bios. Any ideas? Board: MSI 990fxa-gd80 Bios: 11.12 VGA:  gainward gtx 560ti golden sample PSU:   700w pro gamer or somethink like that srry