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Country US is not an EC member

  • Error XK02  (Country PK is not an EC member) Message no. F2141 Updated:11-30

    Dear Expert, When i chage vendor VAT Reg. No. through T code XK-02 there will be show error (Country PK is not an EC member) Message no. F2141kindly guide me. Regards Priya SharmaPriya_785412 wrote: Dear Expert, > > When i chage vendor VAT Reg. No.

  • Country US is not an EC membe Updated:11-30

    While creating vendor when maintaining VAT register number  I'm getting err:"Country US is not an EC member. Message no. F2 141". Pls help to resolve it. Thanks a lot. Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Oct 28, 2011 11:36 AMPriya_785412 wrote: Dear Exp

  • Country IN is not an EC member Updated:11-30

    Country IN is not an EC member Message no. F2141Hi, Check you country settings, may be Vendor you are creating is link with EC(europen countries), but IN is not in EC county list. check this below sap note, may help you Note 1529424 - Tax on sls and

  • PHP Matrimonial Script Updated:10-11

    Latest script If U want Ur Matrimonial website please visit these link Complete matrimonial script See the demo at: - Admin Panel: - Admin Details User Name: -admin Password: - admin See the dem

  • Cheapest matrimonial website Updated:10-11

    Complete matrimonial script with the resell rights only in $ 150. See the demo at :- Admin panel :- Uid and pass :- admin Demo 2 :- Admin panel :- U

  • OpenSUSE 11.0b3 E.U.L.A. Yes. They did it again... Updated:10-11

    openSuse 11.0 will be shipped with E.U.L.A. Take a look... The Software may contain an automatic disabling mechanism that prevents its use after a certain period of time, so You should back up Your system and take other measures to prevent any loss o

  • Table Field Names Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I m unable to find tables, in which these fields are related..mainly....Father's Name and Shift.... Plz Help Me... Thanks...PCL1 HR Cluster 1 PCL2 HR Cluster 2 T001P Personnel Area/Subarea T001T Company code-dependent texts T500L Personnel Co

  • Payroll Internal Tables Updated:11-30

    Can anyone guide me any material  to have an idea on Payroll Internal Tables in ABAP-HR.SAP HR Tables CATSCO Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Transfer to CO CATSDB CATS- Database Table for Time Sheet CATSHR Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)- Tr

  • HypRep POVAlias: How do I access a different alias table? Updated:11-30

    I'm creating a report for various stores across the country. They all have numbers (member name), a store name (alias table: 'default') and a location (alias table: 'location'). How do I get the 'location' alias in the title of the report? The user o

  • IChat with PCs? Updated:11-30

    I regularly use iChat AV to "video" with my family across country. However, there is one member who uses PC rather than Mac. How does one set things up on the PC-end so that iChat can be used? Any suggestions on this? Thanks. EricHi, Welcome to

  • How can i setup an apple ID for an 80 year old family member in another country from my country Updated:10-11

    Hi , I am trying to set up an old 3gs for my 80 year old father and i need an apple id for him. I get an error on the apple website when i try to set an apple id up for him, no explanation just "error: this page cant be displayed.Contact support for

  • Persona Data & Family Member Data Country screen with Middle Name for ESS Updated:11-30

    Friends, I am using country version 99 and working on new Implementation of ESS on ECC6.0. Can any body help me with the following for ESS:   1. Which Personal Data Country screen has got Middle name field?   2. Which Family Member/Dependent Data Cou

  • Can I add a family member from another country to Family Sharing? Updated:10-11

    I have been trying to find an answer to this question prior to setting up Family Sharing, but I haven't found anything relevant. I have a US-based iTunes account and my fiancée has a Canadian iTunes account. Can I setup Family Sharing, add her iTunes

  • Have dead phone, cannot sign-in b/c of Secret Question. Plan head is daughter (out of country). No access for plan members and no access if phone dead. Need to learn deals, buy a phone, etc. ADVICE? Updated:10-11

    HOW CAN I REPLACE MY DEAD PHONE;  BUY A NEW ONE, ADDING TO FAMILY PLAN WHEN I CAN"T EVEN SIGN-IN?  I hope this community can tell me tell how I can  get through the Verizon sign-in process soI can buy a phone to replace my currently dead one.  I am a

  • Import process for third country (SAP Application) Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Currently we are using SAP Foreign Trade for European union countries to declare Intrastat and Extrastat to customs union. Our requirement is a SAP Application to import with a third country which has no free trade agreement or is not a m

  • How to trace whether member of an attribute is selected or not in cube browser by using mdx Updated:10-11

    Suppose I have an attribute "District" under "Country" dimension. When dragging this attribute in the cube browser I want to trace which member(s) is/are selected and unselected. I want this to reflect the country total. For example, C

  • Family Member Dependents not working in MSS Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I have a issue re the Family Member Dependents not working in MSS. I login portal thru Manager. There is one Tab - ESS which has Working time, Employee Search , Benefits and Payments, Personal Information. Under Personal Information there

  • Buying music credit in another country Updated:11-30

    i have a family member living in another country in europe and i would like to buy him some music credit, is it possible/will it work in his country?? Message Edited by renrut04 on 19-Apr-2009 12:07 PMThe credit is usually valid only on the country w

  • Waaranty claim if now living in a different country Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a Iphone 4s , I have the WIFI greying out problem. My phone is still under warranty but I bought it in the UK but I now live in France. Will Apple France exchange it of fix it for free ?An iPhone purchased in an EU member nation can be ser

  • Essbase - Converting BSO Member Formula to ASO MDX Formula Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm quite new at Essbase and I'm currently using Essbase I have 2 cubes: one is a BSO cube and the other is an ASO cube. In the BSO cube, I have an account that has member formula: IF(@ISATTRIBUTE("US")) ("Sales"->