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Corticon business rule server

  • Integration with Corticon Business Rules Server Updated:11-30

    Has anyone integrated the Corticon Business Rules Server into BEA WL ? The CBR Server can be deployed as a stateless session bean, but I am not really sure hwo to integrate a session bean into WL. Maybe sonmeone can point me to the proper docs. If so

  • Import a business rule with LCM Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have edited a new version of a business rule. After exporting it with LCM in development, I tried to import it (with LCM) on my test environment. It appears that, even if the LCM import is successful my business rule (that already exist on my t

  • Don't want to assign Admin role to form with business rule Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a business rule assigned to a form in EPMA mode. Currently, I have to assign Admin role to the users in order for them to see the name of rule display on the left side of the panel when the form is opened. How can I have the name of rul

  • Error connecting to Essbase Server when running business rules Updated:10-11

    We recently migrated from v9.3 to v11.1.1.3. I have two users with Administrative access who need to run business rules on a native Essbase application, but cannot. They get the message 'Error connecting to Essbase Server'. They get this message when

  • Solving "COMMIT business rules" on the database server Updated:10-11

    Headstart Oracle Designer related white paper "CDM RuleFrame Overview: 6 Reasons to get Framed" (at // says: "For a number of business rules it is not possible to implement these in the server

  • Business Rules Migration from one server to other server Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Can some body help on business rules migration from one server to other server? and also wt is the difference there in Export and import BR's and Administration repository to migrate.........i fail to understand if we export and import br's a

  • Server side importance business rule check immediately Updated:11-30

    how to do some importance business rule check that rule reside in middle ap server tier , and check before form sumbit action, it must be valid after some field changed immediately. thanks a lot.Generally speaking, business rules belong within (or wi

  • Planning Server Requires Restart to Show Changes to Business Rules Updated:11-30

    Planning Web Services Requires stop ,and delete "server/Planning0/tmp" files in weblogic domain ,restart to Show Changes to Business Rules or New Business Rules.Hi, Can you please confirm that your RMI services are working fine or not Thanks, Av

  • Business rules storage location / directory ? Essbase server? Updated:11-30

    Do you know where the Business Rules in EAS are stored ? in what format?Stored in the EAS relational tables, table hbrrules, best way to export them is through EAS. if you want to read more about another method to extract them from the table have a l

  • Error while selecting planning app in Business Rules Updated:10-11

    Hi , I am not being able to select the planning outline while developing business rules (but I can select the Essbase Outline). Whenever I expand the Planning node, an error pops up the details of which says "Error connecting to Essbase server machin

  • Business Rules Instance disappeard in projects folder in Shared Services Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have this strange thing happend to me today morning. when i logged into the Shared Services i can find the Business Rules folder but i couldnt find the instance for it.Is there any way i can reconfigure it so that i can see the instance bac

  • Business rule in MDS 2012 error: A database error has occurred. Contact your system administrator. Updated:10-11

    I get the following information in my MDS log as well as the above error message when I execute a business rule that has a condition of AND and an Action of Attribute must be unique in combination with 2 other attributes.  I'm running SQL Server 2012

  • Error while creating a business rule Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am trying to create abusiness rule from eas console when I am choosing business rule >repsitory view > rules>new rule> select outline, I am able to select a essbase database outline ,but while I am trying to select planning outline i

  • Error while validating Business Rule (Error Cause: nativeGetNewTLA Rule) Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am receiving an error while validating business rules An error occurred in: Rule:HypLive.Plan1.Product Interest A validation error was received from the Planning server 'http://abc:8300/HyperionPlanning/servlet/HspAppManagerServlet?appname=HypL

  • Error while integrating Business rules (decision service) in BPEL Updated:10-11

    hi' from some time I am struggling to integrate Business Rules with BPEL, I was successfully able to integrate it also. however now once again the same error has started coming. If it try to deploy the BPEL process it will give built failed but the B

  • Error while saving Business Rule EAS Java Updated:10-11

    Hi there all, I get the following errror when saving a business rule that actually was working fine just yesterday. Something tells me it's about network issues but i'll appreciate if anyone got the same and how to solve this. Thanks. Error while sen

  • Error Creating New Location in Business Rules Updated:10-11

    I have installed System 11.1.1.x EAS Web on Windows / WebLogic. When I log into EAS as 'Admin' I can log into Business Rules and Create a New Location. When I log in as any other user, I get a message that "Business Rules Login Successful" but w

  • Error selecting oultine in Business Rules v11.1.1 Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, essbase version: 11.1.1 I have created a new app in Essbase, and when I want to select this outline when I create a Business Rules, i receive this message: Error connecting to Essbase server SERVER/DATABASE Detail:com/hyperion/cp/clients/

  • Cannot select Planning outline in Business Rules Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone, I am not being able to select the planning outline while developing business rules (but I can select the Essbase Outline). Whenever I expand the Planning node, an error pops up the details of which says "Error connecting to Essbase serve

  • Business Rules in Planning - Cannot connect to Planning Updated:10-11

    Hi, I started experiencing some problems today in forms with Business Rules. I don't really know how it happened, but I noticed after a Refresh and after stopping CalcManager service (business rules run on this service?). Either way I restarted the E