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  • While copying condition records in pricing from one customer to another Updated:10-11

    While copying condition records from one customer to another for one material, need to give select rule, when I click that it supposed to come with values like "rule 1" but it does not have values. So I cannot copy data. Any experts solution? Fu

  • Copying condition records in SD Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are in SAP 4.7. In condition type VA00, I have about 100 condition records in sales orgn 0001 for material 0001. I would like to copy all these 100 condition records within the same condition type VA00, but into a different sales orgn 0002 for

  • [Cisco FAQ] - How can I copy my recorded programs from my DVR to my PC? Updated:11-30

    Can I move copies from my DVR hard drive to my PC?The ability to record or copy programming is categorized under specific copy protection specifications regulated by the FCC and set by the content providers. In general, over-the-air or local broadcas

  • Recording/Copying vinyl records to a MacBookPro to CD Updated:11-30

    Being new to Mac and iTunes, is there a recommended method to copy older vinyl records to CD via my MacBook Pro? Is there a device that plugs into a turntable or tuner that converts the signal to digital that can then be copied to a CD? I would appre