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  • While copying condition records in pricing from one customer to another Updated:10-11

    While copying condition records from one customer to another for one material, need to give select rule, when I click that it supposed to come with values like "rule 1" but it does not have values. So I cannot copy data. Any experts solution? Fu

  • Copy Condition record Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am Having Condition record for Pricing (PR00) with Key combination as sales org/ Customer/ Material. Now I want to copy same Record for another customer with same materials How to do this? I tried In VK11 in with ref. to option in which i given

  • Help in Query to copy same records Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to copy same records TEN times. How I can do from query. Select * from travel_info Code1  Code2 Code3  Code4  Code5  Code 6 TR        Y         N         Y         N          TR /*Desired output - Record should be copied exactly same 10th

  • How to copy last record to a new record ? Updated:11-30

    Hello, i have a question pls. i want to copy last record to every new record say, multirecord forms has : Tank_no Last_measured Lab_Denisty record1 : 1009aw 1532.94 .5796 what i want to do next record is copying last record (record1 ) as record2 : 10

  • When we click on the copy botton record with same name should not be saved Updated:11-30

    Hi, Copy button will copy the record with the same name and will save it.our requirement is when we click on the copy botton ,record with same name should not be saved we are performing this task in custom object 12 and exposed Opportunity Name in th

  • Copy Engineering Record Updated:11-30

    Hello Gurus, SAP allows Engineering Records to be copied only when the status is in the following and does not allow in other status Change Enquiry Change Request in Process Is there any specific reason for this functionality ( not allowing you to co

  • Copy a record Updated:11-30

    Hi, How can I copy a record through APEX? Clearly I want it all to be the same except for the ID, which should be different and unique.Hi, You will need to have some PL/SQL that is triggered by a button, perhaps, on your page. This should be somethin

  • How to copy a record into a new one Updated:11-30

    I would like to copy a whole record into a new one. Duplicate_Record doesn't help, because I do not necessarily want to copy the last record, but any record. The user should be able to open a record and then call "copy" and the current record is

  • How to copy a record with an Automatic Row Processing (DML) ? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to duplicate (to copy) a record. I have a form, with an Automatic Row Processing (DML), looking for the PK stored into an item named P26_ID and populating the values into the corresponding items of the form. I have an Automatic Row Process

  • Copy a record with URL - Address Fields Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Is it possible when using a weblink to copy a record to copy the address fields also? I'm copying a contact record and my URL is as follows: OMTGT=ContactEditForm&OMTHD=

  • How to Copy LSO records of an employee to another employee Updated:11-30

    Hi LSO Experts, I have a requirement to copy existing employee's LSO records andassign the same to another employee. This scenario comes in when same guy is rehired with a Wrong iring action (having a new Pernr). Thus we need to allocate all his prev

  • Copy result recording Updated:11-30

    Dear gurus, when ever i  am doing copy result recording ( Eg 04 to 89 ), Long text from 04 is not copied to 89 lot i dont know why it is happening pls guide me ( qualitative ). Regards, s.sakthivel Edited by: sakthivel subramanian on Feb 16, 2009 8:0

  • Copy all records in a tabular block into another block.. Updated:11-30

    hi guys, i am in a situation and have to solve it as early as possible. I have created 2 tabular blocks on my form. Lets say i have created emp block with table emp and emp1 block with the same table emp. I have 2 blocks with same fields. I have exec

  • Copying condition records in SD Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are in SAP 4.7. In condition type VA00, I have about 100 condition records in sales orgn 0001 for material 0001. I would like to copy all these 100 condition records within the same condition type VA00, but into a different sales orgn 0002 for

  • [Cisco FAQ] - How can I copy my recorded programs from my DVR to my PC? Updated:11-30

    Can I move copies from my DVR hard drive to my PC?The ability to record or copy programming is categorized under specific copy protection specifications regulated by the FCC and set by the content providers. In general, over-the-air or local broadcas

  • Recording/Copying vinyl records to a MacBookPro to CD Updated:11-30

    Being new to Mac and iTunes, is there a recommended method to copy older vinyl records to CD via my MacBook Pro? Is there a device that plugs into a turntable or tuner that converts the signal to digital that can then be copied to a CD? I would appre

  • How copy info-record of one vendor to another ? Updated:11-30

    Dear guru , A vendor change its VAT and I must create a new vendor. How can I run a massive copy of all info-record of the old vendor to the new vendor ? Thanks for your help.Hi, As per my understanding, the VAT reg. no. can simply be changed

  • How to copy existing record Updated:11-30

    Hi All,      i have one form which displays values from differnt tables. It show only 2 values from table "identification", depending on the value shown to user user will click button "Copy". Now i want to copy the current record from

  • How do the copy the Recording form one client to another client. Updated:11-30

    Hi all I have one scenario like We need to process the sales documents which are not process to output(means send the document to printer) . For that I have to write a BDC program, In that program we  need to list out the all the documents which are

  • Client copy & condition records: Printing from QA system to production Updated:11-30

    Hi, We have the following problem: When production system is copied to quality assurance system (full system copy / client copy), also the condition records are copied. This means that when e.g. a sales order is printed in QA system, this printout go