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  • Copy Control Invoice - Debit Memo Updated:11-30

    Dear All, I have some typical problem when i creating the debit memo request with reference to Invoice. I have BOM Material in the Invoice i.e. with 2 sub items M001 TAQ S001   ZCRD S002   ZCRD i set the copy control to from Invoice to Sales document

  • Billing Copy control-invoice split by material document Updated:11-30

    Splitting the invoice based on the material Document(ekbe-belnr). Suppose i have 3 material documents for one Purchase order. Based on the 3 material documents, it shpould create  3 invoices. So for this i created a routine. Its for  billing document

  • Copy control invoice - order - KDMAT will not be there Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts! we create customer orders (in this case credit notes) with reference to an invoice. the problem is that the field vbap-kdmat is empty in the copy control and so it could not be filled into the new order. in VTAF we use the copy requiremen

  • Complaint wth ref. to invoice in CRM - Copy control not taken into account! Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We are facing problems when replicating return orders (business object Complaint)  with reference to invoices in ERP. The copy control in ERP is not taken into account. Does anyone know if it is possible to check the copy control when replica

  • How to determin the pricing procedure in copy control from invoice to so Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a request to create a sales order reference to a invoice. But in SPRO pricing procedure determination,i config different pricing procedure.  e.g. invoice ---procedure A        sales order-----procedure B when i create the sales order , the

  • Copy control from Invoice to Credit Memo request Updated:11-30

    Hii All We have a requirement where when we create an credit memo request with reference to the invoice we want that PO number in the invoice should be copied to the credit memo request. Can this be done through copy control or some user exit needs t

  • Copy control from Invoice to Accouting Updated:11-30

    Hi All We have a requirement where when we create an accouting document with reference to the invoice we want that one partner number in the invoice should be copied to the one field in the accouting document.. Can this be done through copy control o

  • Copy control for invoice list cancellation Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, I wish to maintain the copy control for invoice list cancellation, as the case study as follows My client maintain invoice list, but due to certain reasons ,one of the invoice from invoice list has to cancel , the error I am getting as "S

  • Problem Copy control Order to Invoice Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I maintained a copy control from order to invoice and in the item category the pricing type is maintained as 'G'(Copy pricing elements unchanged and redetermine taxes). But when I create invoice the condition value for pallet discount is gett

  • Invoice To Service Order - Copy Control Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have a business requirement where in as soon as invoice is generated for sold product, a service order should be created for installation and demo. I am using copy control option and for target trnsaction type i have checked the option comp

  • Problems in Copy Control Setting for Collective invoice.. Updated:11-30

    I need the  invoice which combines different deliveries  provided the sold to party is same and the delivery date is same. Right now I m using standard routine 11 in the copy control which splits if the purchase order is different or the city code is

  • Consolidate Invoice - Copy Control Routine_VF01 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Billing type eg: ZZYY is used to create a consolidate invoice, collecting all the shipments of a previous period of time. The copy control routine (Ex:915) is now set up to copy requirements between delivery type LF and billing type eg: ZZYY.

  • Copy control - Order to Invoice Updated:11-30

    User wants a field to copy over from sales order header to the header field of credit memo and debit memo when they are created with reference to an order. They also want that field to copy over to the invoice irrespective of whether the invoice is c

  • No Copy controls between cash OBD to cash Invoice Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, I am doing Cash sales. Sales order: ZOBV OBD: ZDBV Invoice: ZBBV In Delivery copy controls, I could link ZOBV to ZDBV, but in Billing copy controls I am not finding my OBD to Invoice copy controls. So I wanted to copy BV to BV and change

  • Copy control Returns order to invoice or sales order Updated:11-30

    Hi all, we are using Sold-to's with a variety of partners and partner types of which all are not being used in the sales order. Unfortunately when we create a returns order in refernce to either the original sales order or the invoice, we are bing pr

  • Copy Control Updated:10-11

    What kind of config is needed to make a free goods order type billable (zero dollar billing), Tried adding the billing type into the field Dlv-rel.billing type in VOV8. Doesn't allow to create the invoice.Hi Arju, In order to create an invoice for a

  • Copy control from quotation to sales order Updated:10-11

    HI , Though my quoation is incomplete it can be copied into sales order, kindly suggest me a so;ution where in incomplete quotaion cannot be copied into sales order.Kindly explain me teh setting in TCODE (VTAA) STEP BY STEP. Regards Sunainahi, Copyin

  • Issue in copy control F2 to RE for BoM (TAP) item Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I am facing a issue in return order which is reference to F2. I have maintained all standard copy control, still I am having a issue in TAP item category. The issue is In my sales order I have one standard item ( TAN ) and one BoM item(Mai

  • Copy control for Text in Sales Order Updated:10-11

    Hi All, i would like to check with you guys. I have a scenario where by, we create sales order and maintain item text. This is copied to the delivery. Here the text if modified to enter more text. But when it comes to invoice, it is copying the text

  • Copy Control For Individual Purchase Order Updated:10-11

    Hi, experts, can you explain to me concretly how to customize the copy control for individual purchase order? We have of course the item category TAB (billing relevance: delivery-related billing) and Sales Order (delivery related billing type: F2). H