• CONVERSION_EXIT_TSTRG_OUTPUT problem. Updated:11-30

    Dear All, I have written a function module for changing the schedule line dates for a Sales Order using BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE. I have added this FM to a Standard Task which will be triggerred on tcode VA02 (Change SO).  When I execute the FM, it wor

  • Dump problem while remote FM call Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, In R3 system there is a RFC Fm Z_SALESORDER_CREATE which is wrapper of standard FM SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE. When we do remote call from CRM system for Z_SALESORDER_CREATE. Its given dump as follows: Short text                          

  • Creating a start routine in the transfer rule Updated:11-30

    I'VE CREATE a start routine, seel bleow.  Now I want to get at one of the fieds for a Key figure.    How do i do that?    do I need to add it to the transfer structure LOOP AT ROUTEDAY INTO WA_ROUTEDAY. CALL FUNCTION 'CONVERSION_EXIT_TSTRG_OUTPUT' EX