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  • Cisco LAP 1522 Updated:11-30

    Sorry for this stupid question, but is there anyway to access directly a LAP 1522 using a console port? Best Regards.Yes all the settings are as you suggested. Scott the problem is that it does not allow me to type anything. I have attached the log m

  • AP 1242 WGB may be associate with mesh LAP 1522 in 5Ghz? Updated:11-30

    Hi, It is possible to associate AP 1242 configured as WGB to mesh LAP 1522 in 5Ghz band? Thanks.Thanks Elliot. I want to convert AP1242 to LAP1242 and then to mesh but i need enterprise wireless mesh licence on WLC. If i have enterprise wireless mesh

  • Cisco AIR-LAP 1522 PROBLEM Updated:11-30

    Hello to everyone. They brought me a LAP1522 referring that it is not working properly. I am trying to connect to console port but the problem is that I only get log messages but I cannot edit something or type any commands. I have attached the log m

  • LAP 1522, 5Ghz interface not working Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have some problem with one  access point LAP1522. The LAP1522 operate in a mesh network and the role of LAP1522 is MAP. LAP1522 worked well until a few days ago. I do not know the reasons for wich the LAP1522 does not register to WLC on the rad

  • Problem with Airlap 1522 Updated:11-30

    Hi i have a cisco air lap 1522 but i have problem with it! I cant use config command in cli ? And i cant assign ip address to ap please help me! Tnx Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone AppSahar: If you have  WLC then if the AP in same subnet as

  • Cisco LAP 1522C LAN down Updated:11-30

    Dear All, hope that you are doing well, I have a 30 device of LAP 1522C connected to 2960 catalyst with 1Giga speed for all ports that switch connect to the WLC through core Switch , Each time I restart the LAP 1522 the LAN malfunctioning (down and u

  • Cisco WLC 5508 V Help Updated:11-30

    I have a WLC 5508, that has been working with AIR LAP 1522 AG-E-K9 and AIR LAP 1142N E K9 access points. I have deployed two AIR-CAP1552E-A-K9 AP's on the WLC. I had to upgrade to Version, and had to set the country code to US ( Was ZA). Th

  • WLC radar signals have been detected Updated:11-30

    Hy In the last days in the monitoring interface on WLC 5508 appeared several messages : Radar signals have been cleared on channel 100 by 802.11a radio with MAC: b4:a4:e3:3c:28:00 and slot 1 Channel changed for Base Radio MAC: b4:a4:e3:3c:28:00 on 80

  • Console time out on LAP Updated:11-30

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows a cli command for an LAP so that a console session will not time out. I am troubleshooting a mesh network and need to leave a console session running on a MAP. 1524SB. Thanks, JustinSorry.... when you console in

  • Resetting a LAP Updated:10-11

    So supposing I have a LAP that I move from one WLC to another WLC on a different subnet. I reset this very same AP to factory settings using the mode button, when I attempt to join to the 2nd WLC I have issues with the AP retaining its previous IP se

  • Error when opening BPEL Console:No domains accessible to the user logged in Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have upgraded the SOA SUITE from to by applying the patch. Before applying the patch, I run the scripts to upgrade the database for both ESB and BPEL. After applying the patch I made the change in <ORACLE_HOME>\j2ee\oc4j_soa\

  • Cisco AIR -LAP-1142 status led continuosly blinking green Updated:11-30

    hello all,             I have implemented around 46 access points (AIR-LAP-1142) in a customer site and i can see that the led of some of the access points are continously blinking green and no clients are associated to these access points. I have a

  • Getting disconnected randomly (5508 controller, 3300 series LAPs) Updated:11-30

    I am at one of our remote offices and I am noticing my laptop, despite excellent signal strength is periodically losing IP connectivity on the wireless network.  When it drops, all of my IP connectivity stops (pings fail, RDP sessions "await reconnec

  • AIR-LAP-1142N-E-K9 unexpected power offs Updated:11-30

    Hi we have two seperate Cisco wireless networks both based around the same infrastructure. Cisco 5508 WLC/s running 7.4.100 Firmware in our datacentre, with AIR-LAP-1142N-E-K9 LAPS distributed at site offices. This infrastructure has been running wel

  • 1310 LAP unable to join WLC 5508 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Hope to you a very happy new year, I have an (AIR-LAP1310G-E-K9R) and I tried to join it to WLC 5508 but I'm facing an error, I get this error from the LAP 1310 console as below: Compiled Mon 17-Jul-06 11:45 by alnguyen *Mar  1 00:00:05.289:

  • Wlc 5508 not responing even in console Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, We have a Cisco wlc 5508 (with 50 LAP) running perfectly until yesterday when the wlc suddently stopped working completly. When we reboot the wlc, only ps1/ps2 led are on (alm led is off). We tried to reset the wlc but the wlc is unreach

  • Problem converting any AP to LAP - Cert not yet valid Updated:11-30

    All, I have a problem trying to convert APs to LAP. I have the following scenario: - 2 WLC 5508. - For the WLC the image is - 10 APs registered. 7 Cisco 1310 and 3 Cisco 1242. - Time on the WLC indicates is July 4th 2013 - 19:20:00 I have 5

  • WLC displays different IP for LAP in GUI Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have the following issue with one controller  AIR-WLC2112-K9 with 2 LAP .When I ask the info by GUI for the  the LAPs in  Wireless ----> AP name (click) ---->General the info displayed in "IP config"   does not match, for the field s

  • Removing WLCs from list in NVRAM for deployed LAPs Updated:11-30

    Hi, Here is a question, which I really would like to have an answer on. I have been searching for this, and can not find any on this. I am up to the point where I start to think it is simply not possible. I would like to remove all existing WLCs from

  • Cisco Air LAP-1042 issue Updated:11-30

    Hi guys. I just purchase Cisco LAP-1042N for my office network expansion. When i console into the AP via serial. I am not able to used "configure terminal" command to set my AP name,static IP address. I tried using "debug lwapp console cli&