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comcast rdk-03032 fix

  • Numerous problems with X1 platform and error message RDK-03032 Updated:11-30

    Daily I have problem with the X1 system where the TV signal goes out and I get a message that says " Call 1-800-XFINITY and reference RDK-03032." This problem is randum and can occur at any time of day, resulting in outages for many hours, or us

  • Rdk-03032 Updated:11-30

    Rdk-03032 error every day for hundreds of thousands nationwide. Comcast sucks. I hate their service structure. They came to my home rewired everything while all the time knowing they have pole issues. Dozens with the same complaint in a nine block ar

  • Comcast came to fix my internet. My AIRPORTWIFI now only works with desktop. it doesn't work with my IPhone or IPad. Why? What can I do? Updated:11-30

    Comcast came to fix my internet. My AIRPORTWIFI now only works with desktop. it doesn't work with my IPhone or IPad. Why? What can I do?Hello lila54, It sounds like your Wi-Fi network is working if your desktop works with it, we just need to get the

  • Rdk 03032 Every day, multiple times a day Updated:11-30

    Been getting rdk 03032 errors every day for the past week multiple times a day. I've had to reboot the X1 box multiple times each time, sometimes reboot the cable modem.  This is getting crazy. I had a tech come out and do the install of the X1  back

  • Two people with the same comcast email adresses on two phones Updated:10-11

    It used to  be that My wife and I shared the same Comcast email address and the mail came to both of our Windows phones. Something happened and she does not get Comcast mail anymoreI fixed mine in the Contacts application on my MAC.  One of the secti

  • When will firefox 4 be compatable with comcast tool bar? Updated:11-30

    firefox v4 indicates that comcast tool bar is not compatable with firefox v4. was ok with 3.6.16 so what's up and when will it be fixed.That's something that Comcast needs to fix.Read other 2 answers

  • My comcast e-mail has a pre-view screen and I can not get into my full e-mail box Updated:11-30

    When I select view full e-mail it recycles back to the e-mail preview screen...I can not open my full e-mail in boxThe problem with Connect and Firefox is something that Comcast needs to fix. The regular Connect worked fine in Firefox last spring whe

  • Xfinity X1 not reliable Updated:11-30

    Having had this not ready for prime time cable system for nearly 2 years, Ivan state the system is a 2 or 3 on w 1o scale we have had Comcast service techs at our home on the average of 2 to 3 times a month. Most week, the senior tech in the area spe

  • Xfinity X1 is THE WORST Updated:11-30

    mrlarry24 wrote: He already said he's had multiple technicians and what does it mean that this isn't "uncommon" for new X1 customers?   Shouldn't it just "work" right?   I haven't even tried On-Demand yet. I signed up yesterday.  Have

  • Here we go again - signal problems Updated:11-30

    After a relatively quite 2 whole months of solid service, two nights ago my signal started flaking out again.  Back to a single bonded channel on upstream at 57 DbMv (so yeah, barely hanging on at all) and the infamous (unrelated but miraculously alw

  • Expand or stretch HDTV Updated:10-11

      Sometimes pressing the HD Zoom button on my remote will Zoom, Expand, or Stretch the screen on my Samsung HDTV. Sometimes it will not!  Changing the settings for my TV has no effect. 1080,720.480 does not matter. Thursday night I could Zoom the TV

  • Wireless not working again Updated:11-30

    I had this problem when I originally bought the laptop, but just disabled sleep mode and it fixed it.  Now whenever my S415 touch goes either to sleep or gets turned off I cannot access wireless.  After I reset my Comcast router it fixes the laptop.

  • INVALID CHECKSUM: Motorola SBG6580 wireless modem router and software updates (10.7.4) Updated:11-30

    Tried to install 10.7.4 via software update dropdown on my MacMini over ethernet on my home computer network, failed.  Downloaded Combo Client 10.7.4 update from Downloaded fine.  Failed to mount with invalid checksum error.  Tried to down

  • I cannot get firefox to work with my internet browser firefox. unfortunatelt\y i have to use explorer if i want to see my email Updated:11-30

    i can't use firefox for getting my email. comcast is my internet provider and they can't fix the problem. i have to use explorer which works fine. i have a hp pavilion entertainment pc laptop that uses the XP operating system. i would prefer to use f

  • I cannot get firefox to download to my computer internet explorer wont allow. Updated:11-30

    I click the download button it asks to run and save program button then nothing.It says something about internet explorer wont allow.What kind of problem do you have when you try to access your email? What do you see or not see that is different from

  • Why every time I go to my Firefox homepage or refresh it, I get a notice of a download that I didn't ask for. Updated:11-30

    Iget a notice of a download for rpc-1.html 872 bytes comcast.netThat is a fault with the Comcast servers, which Comcast needs to fix. <br /> other 2 answers

  • Can't Access One Site - Common Threads Updated:11-30

    I have recently been hit by the unable to access one site problem. Having read through all the threads, it seems many people are identifying it as a possible DNS issue; however, it seems that almost all of the issues are with people who are hosting t

  • MSG Network in Connecticut Updated:11-30

    I've posted about this before on the boards, with no resolution about MSG (Madison Square Garden) Network in my area, but with hockey season almost two months away, I must try again in some hope that Comcast will fix this issue so that I can watch Ne

  • New Verizon Email Surprise Updated:11-30

    When I went to the new Verizon Email page early today I noticed the new Verizon Email page had changed again. The inbox, Sent Box and other boxes on the page were now in a vertical column on the left side of the page instead of at the top of the page

  • Droid stopped sending e-mail-live chat lost calendar Updated:11-30

    My old droid when new had the same problem first couple weeks no problem sending email then spent about 40 hours boomeranging between comcast & verizon before fixed to send e-mail. Tonight the same problem, 3 hours live chat, lost everything, got eve