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combo drive not accepting cd

  • New mac mini won't accept dvd's/cd's in the combo drive Updated:10-11

    Hello friends: i have a new mac mini that I bought about 2 months ago (Intel, 2.0 ghz). Everything was working fine until I went to put in a DVD today. The combo drive won't accept a disc. It's not that it won't read the disc, it physically won't suc

  • Combo drive won't accept CDs or CD-R/CD-RWs Updated:11-30

    my iBook's combo drive suddenly would not accept CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs. it can't recognize the disk and automatically spits them out. it can't burn CD-Rs as well. it can only read DVD, DVD-Rs. why is this so? is apple planning on solving this problem? a

  • Combo Drive Problem - Won't Accept Disks Updated:11-30

    My combo drive has recently developed a problem where it will not accept any disks that I insert into it. Instead of pulling the disk in, it just sits there. If I push it in a little further, it kind of springs back out. I have not had problems befor

  • Combo Drive Problem: Not Accepting Discs Updated:11-30

    Recently, I swapped out a broken Matshita drive. The new slot-loading optical drive will not accept discs. What confounds me is that the drive (seems to) show up in the System Profiler: MATSHITA CD-RW CW-8124: Firmware Revision: DZ13 Interconnect: AT

  • Combo Drive won't accept CD's Updated:11-30

    I just got off the phone with AppleCare and they have told me that my Combo Drive seems to think that there is a cd in the drive. I know that there is not a cd in the drive. I haven't inserted any cd into the drive at all. I tried to when I got home

  • Imovie and combo drive woes Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I recently made a presentation with imovie and would like to be able to copy it to a cd in order to delete it of my hard drive (as it takes up a lot of space) and be able to view it with a dvd player. Ok, so, my questions are these: Is there

  • Old iBook Combo drive into BlackBook 2.0 Updated:11-30

    I've got a dead 12" iBook 1.2GHz (with a combo drive) and a BlackBook Core Duo 2.0GHz (with a drive that doesn't want to accept disks...) I'm sure the BlackBook drive is bad (ie.- dirty/non repairable) and am wondering if it would be easier to just s

  • CD/DVD combo drive ejects CDs-but only specific ones !! Updated:11-30

    hi all, I have the following problem with my mac mini: a)when I enter any movie DVD, it is either ejected in a few minutes, or worse, it just sits in the Drive,(no mounting on the Desktop) and I have to restart (w/ mouse button pressed to eject) b)an

  • Combo Drive replacement cost??? Updated:11-30

    I was quoted $150 for a combo drive replacement over the phone for my G4 ibook. That was if it needed to be replaced, because as far as I can tell the problem is a felt strip that came un-glued. The store charged a $80 "diagnostic" fee which I t

  • Combo drive not pulling disks in: feels like something is in Updated:11-30

    I have this problem its about my combo drive, it doesn't take disk in any more. The mechanism that pulls the cd in is no longer working. cds wont go in when inserted more than 1/2 of the cd. I cant push the cd in any further, it feels like there is s

  • Combo drive spits out media Updated:11-30

    I recently upgraded to 10.4 and then to 10.4.2 on my 12" pb. obviously, my combo drive was working then. all of a sudden i put cds in to it and it accepts them, keeps them in for a couple of seconds, and then spits them out. it did the same thing wit

  • Combo Drive Problems Updated:10-11

    I just installed the IDE CDRW/DVD combo drive and the PowerDVD software that came with it.  Unfortunately I cannot seem to get my DVDs to play correctly.  After about 10 minutes the playback goes buggy on me.  It sort of crashes.  By that I mean the

  • I have a G3 700 MHZ dual usb combo drive TRYING to install 10.4 TROUBLES! Updated:10-11

    hello this is my first apple mac and i bought a ibook g3 powerbook which is: 700mhz processor 512k level 2 128mb SDRAM + 256mb stick 20GB ultra ATA hard drive combo drive 400mpbs firewire port video VGA originally i tried to do a COMPLETE new install

  • How can I remove a CD in Combo Drive of Mac Mini? Updated:10-11

    This is a Mac Mini operating on OS 10.58.  I have a CD in the combo drive, and it apparently has something recorded on it.  I think this CD had started to be burned and I stopped it.  The computer indicates that this CD is not blank.  The result is t

  • Tiger no longer recognizes my Combo Drive Updated:10-11

    While watching a DVD, my laptop had a bad crash. I was able to restart the computer, but since then, the OS no longer recognizes my Combo Drive. When I start the DVD Player app, it gives me the message "There was an initialization error. A valid DVD

  • External Combo Drive doesn't work after installing Snow Leopard Updated:10-11

    This Mini was bought used with a defective combo drive. I purchased a "No-Brand" external Combo Drive (USB connected and powered) off eBay. Everything worked fine under Leopard. I used the external drive to install Snow leopard but could not eje

  • I need to refresh my iMac's OS but I can't use the combo drive Updated:10-11

    I need to upgrade the OS on an old iMac G4 I bought and the internal combo drive is dead. Is there a way to do this using either a Flash drive or a HD drive? I have SuperDuper so I thought I would copy my system from an existing iMac G4 to this compu

  • Using eMac Combo drive in a PC Updated:10-11

    G'day All, I have an old, old PC which I would like to install my Combo drive into. It is the Philips CDD5301. WinMe recognises the model number etc, but it does not have any CD-RW or DVD capabilities, just a bulk standard CD-Rom. I have dowloaded a

  • Need CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive for Tecra 8200 Updated:10-11

    I have just bought an old Tecra 8200 with a CD-Rom drive in its SelectBay. I would like to change to a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive. Could anyone let me know the correct model number for this combo drive please? Best wishes MichaelHow about this: *PA307

  • Combo Drive don't work Updated:10-11

    Hi all. Here is the thing. I've got this G5 and the combo drive suddenly stop working, is not recognize by the mac and in the system profiler the combo drive is not listed. What can i do to fix it??. Greetings to allEverything is good now, i use tech