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collapse video tracks to one track

  • Collapsing Video Tracks. Updated:11-30

    I did a search on this forum and didn't find the answer so I'll post new. I have developed a .psd file in Photoshop Express that had 11 layers (what I wanted). I imported the .psd file into FCE and each layer was assigned a video track (also very goo

  • Can you collapse video tracks to one track? Updated:11-30

    Is there a function or method to automatically trim clips to collapse them to a single track? This would be useful to me in the final stages. Just checking before I submit a feature request.Nesting. Nesting sequences | Learn Premiere Pro CS6 | Adobe

  • How can you collapse several video tracks into one track? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a stack of five video tracks that make up an identification placard for a speaker. I need to create motion on this, but don't want to have to do it to every track individually. I believe there is a way to incapsulate all five tracks into o

  • Deleting unused video tracks Updated:11-30

    I inherited a FCP project from another editor. This one sequence has six video tracks, but there are a couple video tracks that only have one or two clips in them. Is there any benefit to moving those clips down to more populated tracks and deleting

  • Customize video track header Updated:11-30

    I'd like to create a single-line track header layout, which shows the track name and contains the double click area to expand/collapse the track height. I managed to do so via "Customize" for the audio tracks, but it does not work for video trac

  • Long load times for large video tracks Updated:10-11

    Is there a recommended file size to stay under for video tracks in iTuens U? I know the hard limit is 500Mb per upload, but it seems as though any file that is more than about 10 minutes in length takes upwards of 10 minutes or longer to load. A shor

  • Lots and Lots of video tracks... Updated:10-11

    Hello Ya'all: Just reporting some bugs/discoveries I made in FCP 5.0.3, when using storage which is almost infinetesimally fast. I know FCP supports a maximum of 99 video tracks, but I wonder how many have actually been tested (realistically): Here's

  • How do I get the audio track to stick with the video track? Updated:10-11

    Whenever I move or cut the video track I want it's audio track to move or cut with it, how do I get them to stay together so I don't have to do double work? This should be an easy one...Let's see who can answer first.....ready, set, GO!Sounds like Li

  • ERROR message (iDVD) 'no video tracks selected'  where is 'SHARED' Updated:10-11

    (I think everyone's asleep on the iDVD boards, so I've taken the liberties of posting here also, sorry.... ssshhhhhhh....) My first time using iDVD (it's 5.0) -- Exported sequence from fcp as QT..... Dropped into into 'drop zone' hit 'burn', and get

  • Looping a video track with escape -- Bug or Pilot error? Updated:10-11

    [The next 2 paragraphs are a repeat of my previous post. I'm including them for context.] I'm working in DVDSP 4 and have encountered a few "anomalies". I wanted to see if I am doing something wrong or if I have found a bug. I will break this in

  • Audio and Video tracks don't go up/down together EVEN when linked selection is checked! Updated:10-11

    I'm sure this is something really simple but I just can't figure it out. And it must be a button or a option that I've checked because it didn't use to do that a few days ago. Basically, I have a clip on the timeline which has a video and an audio tr

  • Brightness differences between Menus and Video Tracks Updated:10-11

    I am trying to learn DVD Studio Pro 3. My project has a "roster" menu that leads to several submenus. I want an animated transition from the "roster" menu, to each of the submenus. I built each of the animations in After Effects. They

  • Monitors for each video track? Updated:10-11

    Is there a way to have seperate Monitor windows for each video track, so as I scrub through a Sequence I can have a preview of what is on each  track all at the same time (without using the Multi Camera editor)What I do is find a sync point in the fi

  • Is there a way to see the waveform of the audio in the primary video track? Updated:10-11

    Is there a way to see the audio waveform of the audio in the video (primary) track? Scrubbing to determine precise edit points is useful, but seeing the dialog audio waveform would be much better. You can see the audio waveform in additional audio-on

  • Can't Rename video tracks in Bootcamp Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 on my Macbook Pro on the Windows 7 bootcamped partition. I try to rename my video tracks by right clicking (or control clicking for that matter) but all that happens is they become highlighted or unhighlighted (or

  • Exporting multiple video tracks as 1 file with different effects on each track. Updated:10-11

    I am currently trying to export 3 video tracks as 1 mp4. Each track has exactly the same footage, but with different effects to achieve a certain aesthetic. When I view the sequence it in premiere all 3 tracks are displayed correclty. The exported ve

  • In elements 10 my video tracks on the time line appear blank Updated:10-11

    trying to sync the audio and video but the tracks do not show anything. i;'ve had this problem before months ago and i started a new session and the problem was resolved. not this time. i started a whole new session and it did the same thing. i can't

  • Snow Leopard iTunes 10.5 will not play multiple video tracks in QuickTime .MOV files Updated:10-11

    I recently discovered that Snow Leopard iTunes version 10.5 won't play multiple video tracks in a QuickTime .MOV file. Both video tracks appear and play correctly when playing the file in: - QuickTime Player 10 or QuickTime Player 7.7 on the same Sno

  • How do I copy and paste text style for multiple video tracks? Updated:10-11

    hello, I am creating multiple video tracks with text.  I want to easily copy and paste the style, i.e., Font, Color, Size - rather than having to scroll down the giant list of fonts to find the one I want, then change the color, then change the size

  • How can I delete the video tracks from an iDVD project? Updated:10-11

    I try to use "canc" botton: the video track is deleted on menu, but when I try to insert a new video, iDVD (7.1.2) alert me:  "The maximum number of tracks (presentations and movies) is 99. You can not create other tracks." Then, how c