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codepage 4110 to codepage 4103

  • Problem conversion of a text from codepage '4110' to codepage '4103' Updated:10-11

    Hi! I upgrade my SAP version ECC 5.0 no Unicode to ECC 6.0 Unicode . Now, when I execute some reports I get a dump  because when I open my file with 'OPEN DATASET'  and then READ and TRANSFER to another file the result is : At the conversion of a tex

  • CONVT_CODEPAGE codepage '4110' to codepage '4103' Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I'm really new with ABAP and I'm trying to ivestigate as to why a job got cancelled previously. As per DUMP information: Short text                                                                                A character set conversion

  • Error "conversion of a text from codepage '4103' to codepage '1100' " Updated:10-11

    Hello, Greetings! Please help me with this Error while trying to transfer data to application server. My data contains this characters "*". OPEN DATASET p_file FOR OUTPUT IN TEXT MODE ENCODING NON-UNICODE. Transfer <data> to p_file. CLOSE

  • CONVT_CODEPAGE conversion of a text from codepage '4110' to codepage '4103' Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am receving the runtime error when i am trying to read the data from the application server(the data is loaded in the application server from the FTP server). The issue is with the character ' ¦ ' . Looks like the system is not able to convert

  • Codepage SAP Updated:11-30

    Hello! I have a little problem with codepages. Do anybody know which codepage SAP is using for converting ANSI in UTF-16? I always get the following error message:   CodePage conversion error "At the conversion of a text from codepage '4103' to codep

  • GUI_DOWNLOAD Codepage Russia Updated:11-30

    Hi All, i used the ff code: CALL FUNCTION 'GUI_DOWNLOAD'     EXPORTING       filename                = v_l_filename       codepage             = '4103'       write_bom            = c_l_x     TABLES       data_tab                = i_l_filestring     E

  • Gui_download codepage Updated:10-11

    hi,      I am having trouble in viewing the excel file, I have this guid_dowload using codepage 4103 to view the korean characters when i open the text file it looks fine the korean characters are there but when i open in excel file, the korean chara

  • Data between Endian L and B and Diff Codepages Updated:11-30

    SOURCE I want to create a file on a system that is Big Endian with codepage 4102. TARGET I want to read this file in a system that is Little Endian with codepage 4103. What is the exact 'open dataset' syntax on the SOURCE and TARGET? Please.Hi and We

  • Conversion of Codepage from 4110 to 4103 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm getting a short dump at the execution of the statement READ DATASET. The short dump says a character was found that cannot be displayed in one of the two codepages. I have used a standard SAP Program which converts the code pages ( RSCP_CONVE

  • Error while reading excel file from application server into internal table. Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, My requirement is to read an excel file from application server into internal table. Hence I have created an excel file fm_test_excel.xls in desktop and uploaded to app server using CG3Z tcode (as BIN file type). Now in my program I have

  • GUI_DOWNLOAD not writing BOM for UTF-8 Updated:10-11

    We are using the following code to produce an Excel Spreadsheet. But the parameter WRITE_BOM is not working - SAP does not write a byte-order mark to the file. The result is that Excel does not open the file correctly. When we add the BOM manually in

  • GUI_UPLOAD and UNICODE or UTF-8 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I wanted to convert some files in SAP, i.e. : - data is processed in MS Excell and saved as Unicode file - I read the file into SAP, process the strings and write it back The problem is that there are some special polish characters in the file

  • File transfer Open dataset CSV file Problem Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have an issue in transferring Korean characters to a .CSV file using open dataset. data : c_file(200) TYPE c value ' INTERFACES\In\test8.CSV'. I have tried open dataset  c_file for output LEGACY TEXT MODE CODE PAGE '4103'. open dataset 

  • Error on line read dataset p_zfile into it_int Updated:10-11

    hi while executing this below code.. open dataset p_zfile for input in text mode ENCODING DEFAULT.     if sy-subrc = 0.       v_one = 1.       do.         v_no = v_no + 1.      *read dataset pzfile  into it_record*_ this is giving short dump as below

  • Legacy text mode Updated:11-30

    Subject changed by moderator Hi Experts, I am working on a program that opens a file writen in English. It works perfectly fine. The syntax is as follow:  OPEN DATASET f1 FOR OUTPUT IN TEXT MODE ENCODING DEFAULT. I then add some French in the file, I

  • Exception CX_SY_CONVERSION_CODEPAGE in DOM approach xML conversion Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus, I got error like below while converting xml file to internal table by DOM parsing approch as said in the Robert Eijpe's blog. At the conversion of a text from codepage '4110' to codepage '4103': - a character was found that cannot be displa

  • Mode encoding default Updated:11-30

    Hi. I am using the next code to move a file into a internal table. Apertura de fichero para lectura   OPEN DATASET f_entrada FOR INPUT IN TEXT MODE ENCODING DEFAULT.   IF sy-subrc = 0.     DO. Lectura del fichero       READ DATASET f_entrada INTO lin

  • RM06IBI0 Batch-Input record info Unicode Updated:11-30

    help me, launching the program standards RM06IBI0, I get this error : Errore run-time        CONVT_CODEPAGE Eccezione              CX_SY_CONVERSION_CODEPAGE Data e ora             17.04.2009 10:55:09 At the conversion of a text from codepage '4110' t

  • Files decoding unther UNICODE Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have attachments in xstrings. I'm getting them through WebServices from another non-SAP system. I need to decode them before putting in one of the Workplace folders in SAP. The problem is I can't do it unther UNICODE system. Unther non-UNICODE

  • CONVT_CODEPAGE  error in DATASET Statement Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have used the statement in my custom program scheduled as background OPEN DATASET strtemp FOR INPUT ENCODING DEFAULT IN TEXT MODE. It resulted in the cancellation of the job The rror is ABAP/4 processor: CONVT_CODEPAGE Detailed error descri