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  • Production Order Co01 enhancement to link the Material Documents from Mater Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, I have a reqirement I need to link the Material documents in the Production order, for Header material & Component material based on some condition, can any one tell which Enhancements will work for this..... Thanks, RaviHi Ravi, If you w

  • Exit for co01 enhancement for Storage location Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, The requirement is while creating production order after entering storage location in goods recipt tab by pressing on component overview icon (F6) the entered storage location has to be passed to all the materials. I tried with exit PPC


    Dear All,           My requirement is When a production order is created and released goods issue has to done automatically. Normally We ll conform the production order in Co011n there it ll generate GI and GR automatically but i want to generate my

  • Enhancement PPCO0012 (exit for TCode CO01) Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm using screen exit mentioned in enhancement PPCO0012 for TCode CO01. Since the screen-exit triggers at header level I am unable to do the required manupilations. I need to add some functionality at the header level for the component data, but

  • Enhancement for CO01/02 Updated:11-30

    Dear Expert , I am trying to gray out tolerance box in CO01 and CO02 from goods receipt tab .... kindly tell me which user exit or badi can be used for this enhancement. Thanking you very much ... Regards AlokHi, I suppose, there is User exit or BADI

  • CO01 production order : Enhancement Updated:11-30

    Hi, There is requirement to set the 'user status' while creation of Production Order,we have the Bapi to set the user staus. That needs the PO number to be passed. Can you tell us enhancement option to call th BAPI during the Save of Production order

  • Enhancement for CO01 Tx while creating order Updated:11-30

    Hii, While creating an order from CO01 Tx code system should not allow the user to save the order if that material doesnt have any BOM. I found the exit PPCO0007.Is there any other exit to check it??? Regards, venkatFound the function exit to restric

  • CO01- Production order create enhancement Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, While creating a Production order BOM component reference point i.e (STPO-RFPNT--Field name ) should get copied in RESB table. we have appended same filed in RESB table but unable to update the value ,Please provide any user exits ,cust

  • To find  an Exit For Tcode: CO01(creation of Production Order) Updated:10-11

    HI all,   I want to create a Production order against a Sales order in transacttion CO01. After enetering the required details like quantity(eg.1000), the scheduling type and mandatory fields i schedule the order.It opens a Subscreen where i have to

  • How to make sales order entry mandatory in CO01 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a scenario where the system should not allow to create production order without the reference of sales order. I can achieve this by using transaction code CO08.But in some special cases i have to use CO01 transaction for creation of produc

  • Enhancement for Co11(Production order confirmation) Updated:11-30

    Hi all, i am creating a Production order with 4 line items  (TC : Co01), i am confirming by the TC : Co11, when i press the SAVE button the 4 line items which are there in the confirmation order should be saved in my Ztable. Is there any Enhancement

  • Cost Center field in Production Order CO01 and PO tables Updated:11-30

    Hi SAP Consultants, Is there any Cost Center field in Production Order transaction CO01 ? What are the tables where Production order data is stored/saved ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.Need to understand your purpose first. Let's

  • Screen field for Production Order CO01 Updated:11-30

    I want to add an additional field to enter shift in Production order screen CO01. How can I do this and what is the screen exit. ThanksHOW TO FIND USEREXITS ??? 1) Option 1 : you don't know the name or dont have any info on user exit run T-code : SPR

  • Adding a new Tab In the Tab Strip - T Code Co01 Updated:11-30

    Hii.. Please Suggest me How I should add an New Tab in the Tabstrip in T Code SO01.? On Clicking the new tab ,a new Screen has to be Called.& some Custom fields requires to be Captured I have identified an Enhancement     PPCO0012 Please let me know

  • Production Order Component Batch Assignment Enhancement Needed Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, In a Production Order CO01/CO02 under Components you could assign Batches to a Component/Material. To do this in the Production Order screen click Component Overview button and then select a Component/Material and click Batch Assignment

  • User Exit For Co01 Transaction Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, When  I create a production order in co01 Transition. Header Storage location should be filled based on order type. Please share user exit do the change storage location. Regards, Jyo Moderator Message: Duplicate Post. Thread Locked Edite

  • Empty inspection lot field in co01 Updated:11-30

    hi expert. we have one big problem in co01 . when we create an order the field inspection lot is empty.when we save or realse it inspection lot is empty. what's the problem?hi Use User Exit :QPL10001 Description     You can use this enhancement to ch

  • Production order enhancement Updated:11-30

    Hi, I would like to add one more tab page (Customer screen) in production order(CO01/Co02) header level. Is it possible through configuration? or do I need to do enhancement? Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs. Regards, AlexHi, The User Exit

  • User exit co01 Updated:11-30

    GUY'S when i go for tcode:CA02 and set status to 3 in general data section and then go to tcode co01 to create production order for the same material and same plant, it pop up  message ( routing not released:15294) and then it save it.but requriment

  • User exit for tcode co01 to validate serial numbers Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus,     Please help me to find a suitable USEREXIT for tcode co01 to validate serial numbers.     My requirement is when i create a production order for equipments after i enter the quantity and dates, i need to give serial numbers for tht equi