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  • Exit CNEX0006 for CJ20N Updated:11-30

    Hi,   I used the exit CNEX0006 to add customer fields in CJ20N. I transported the same to QA. Now I again added 2 more fields in the same screen in DEV. When I transported again, everything got transported except the new fields on screen. Later I obs

  • Enhancement CNEX0006 Updated:11-30

    I have created one "Z" user field for the project definition using CNEX0006 that is a legacy reference.  Is it possible to include it into OPT2 match codes to use in the search function? I am not much familiar with OPT2, what should be maintaine

  • Validating Profit Center in CJ20N Transaction Updated:10-11

    Hi All, My requirement is to lock the Profit Center field(Make it grayed out) in the project using CJ20n transaction once it is created. Also when ever the user is trying to change the profit center by entering the project details, it should give an

  • Data getting deleted from screen fields when  I Press Enter Updated:10-11

    Hi Folks, I have a serious Issue need to resolve it urgently. I have created a subscreen in PS Module Prog: SAPLXCN1(Subscreen) Screen: 0600. Enhancement: CNEX0006. I have created a screen and populated the data via search helps, when I fill all the

  • Custom icon at application tool bar in transaction CJ20N Updated:10-11

    Hi, Experts my requirement is to create a custom Icon in the Application tool bar of CJ20n transaction kindly suggest me  any user exit or badi   or enhancement spot for this to implement . i have tried menu exit CNEX0009 but it ill create entry  at

  • Fill user defined fields via batch input Updated:11-30

    Hello All, In CJ01 I have added certain new fields using the enhancements CNEX0006 and CNEX0007. Now I need to do a conversion to upload project system data to SAP, I am using BDC for that. The following is the piece of code.       PERFORM bdc_dynpro

  • Problem in screen exit for Production Order Updated:11-30

    Hi , Created a screen with one field RESB-POTX1 and called it from dictioanry directly so the field defaultly assigned as RESB-POTX1. As it is a item text field and am creating in header level screen  . in PAI functional module exit am capturing valu

  • Problem in Screen Exit for me21 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have developed Screen Exit in ME21N ..and facing a problem where to write the code...I have a little bit confused with all the function exits... i used the function exit but i am getting errors ..if i am trying to activa

  • New field in Cj20n getting populated but not in cj01. Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I need to enhance a standard transaction CJ01, CJ02, CJ03, CJ20N by adding certain new fields to that. I also need to add these fields to master tables PRPS and PROJ. I also need to ensure that the new fields get populated in tables PRPS a

  • Substitution rule: (CJ20N)Move PROJ-PLSEZ to ANIA-AKTIV based on condition Updated:11-30

    Hi,     I am facing problem in creating a substitution rule in t-code OPSN. On project save in CJ20N PROJ-PLSEZ(finish date) is to be moved to ANIA-AKTIV (activation date).     I am aware of the client specific user exits and i have successfully crea

  • Add a screen in CJ01 Tcode Updated:11-30

    Hai to all,                 I am fresher as abap consultant. Right now i am practicing on enhancement. I came across an example where there is a requirement to add a screen in CJ01 Tcode. there i came across a enhancement name "CNEX0006" i open

  • Urgent ( Case about USER EXIT) Updated:11-30

    I need to place a Botton in CN20J (Project Builder). How can I proceed, Can there are User Exit for this , If It is there Plz Try to Add a button to aopen an URL, I got aprocedure for URL. I need to place a button............ If possible Plz send the

  • Creating screen area Updated:11-30

    Hi I dont have much expeience in abap so any help is deeply appreciated. This is what i am supposed to do. someone please explain me step by step method as i how to ahieve this assuming that i am a beginner in sap abap. also how can i see sap note nu

  • User exit for tcode ME49 Updated:11-30

    Dear gurus, This is a simple requirement, as I just need to display a few lines of text data to the topmost part of the report output of tcode ME49. I have already tried user exit AMPL0001, however this does not trigger upon generating the report. Ho

  • Screen exit for cj02 Updated:11-30

    hi all, i am working on screen exit,i have enhancements related to that are CNEX0007 and CNEX0006. i need to add a field in the screen 900 which is include wbs elements which comes when we press include wbs button in the hierarchy can i g

  • Screen Exit for ME21 Updated:11-30

    I have created a screen exit using enhancement AMPL0001 , I have created cl_includes (structure) coded in the function exits for pbo and pai. created subscreen 1000 as given in the enhancement . But the filed is not getting displayed ???hi, if u want

  • CJ20N User Exit Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Please let me know which User exit can be used for T-Code CJ20N as I have to change projrct description (PRPS-POST1) and Investment profile (PRPS-IMPRF) on the basis of Project definition (PROJ-PSPID). I am not able to get any user exit for t

  • User Exit in CJ20N Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I have already used Exit CNEX007 for some custom Screen. Now I have to add Another field in CJ20N Tcode can you please tell me is there any other exit in which we can add the fields for WBS creation.No, the Customer-exit for customer fiel

  • Customer exit to add code when saving a project in CJ02 and CJ20N Updated:11-30

    We currently use customer enhancements CNEX0006 and CNEX0007 to add new fields to the project definition and WBS elements. We now have a requirement that when one of these additional fields is changed a separate table is updated with the date and use

  • How to change the menu text for menu exit in Version 3.1i Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am working on an enhancment in CJ02 transaction in 3.1i version. I have implimented menu exit for it , but I am unable to change the menu text for it.Please let me know how to change the menu text for that menu. Thanks SumanHi Shree, Thanks for