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claim digger not working

  • P6 Claim Digger Issue - access is denied Updated:10-11

    I couldn't use P6 claim digger since access is denied. I'm using P6.7 standalone version. The following is error message. an application event has been intercepted. ID 914162.1 event code: AID-3473-B Type: EOleException Description: Access is denied

  • Claim Digger Fix Updated:10-11

    i am having a problem when i try to run Claim Digger. i get an "An application event has been intercepted" Event Code TBREB-0670-3 error message. i came across these posts: Re: Claim digger event code 7cc307b6 Re: problem with client P6 install

  • Claim Digger in P6 Updated:10-11

    When I used Claim Digger for P3, I was able to see the number of activities that missed their start or finish. The new, "integrated" versio in P6 is missing this feature. Your knowledgebase indicates that this is an "enhancement request&quo

  • Claims Digger report - values for changes in duration/float/lags Updated:11-30

    When I compare two projects using Claims Digger, I always get results for changes in durations, float and lags in hours as opposed to days? Is there a setting that can fix this? Please advise. Thanks!I think (not 100% sure) P6 is working as designed.

  • Primavera P6v7 use with Claim Digger Updated:11-30

    I'm having trouble getting Claim Digger to work correctly. Is Claim Digger only associated with the PMDB database or can I create other databases within primavera and have claim digger work? Thanks for any help.Try the following: 1. Look for the admi

  • Unable to access claim digger in P6 Professional R8.3.2 Updated:11-30

    Hi I cannot access claim digger in P6 Professional R8.3.2. The programme shows the following message: The selected application: c:\progra~1\java\jre1.7.0_15\bin\javaw.exe cannot be found. How could this problem be solved? ThanksHi, P6 will use JAVA a

  • P6's Claim Digger vs original Claim Digger Updated:11-30

    Is the P6v7.0's Digger report static? Is it possible to alter the report in anyway, sort by Activity ID ascending, for example? Will it export to Word or Excel? Being relatively new to P6, I haven't spent a much time with it. Hopefully the report's f

  • Trouble in Claim Digger Updated:11-30

    Hi, i am not able to run claim digger in P6.2. the error message says " unable to access jarfile C:/" can anybody guide me on what to do?Hi, Normally the error would be more like "Unable to access jarfile C:\Program Files\Primavera\Project

  • P6 Claim Digger Updated:11-30

    Hi, How do I locate the Claim Digger file that is created in P6. Everything seems to run OK, but the file does not appear on the screen or cannot be found on the computer?user11865676 wrote: Hi, How do I locate the Claim Digger file that is created i

  • Claim Digger Updated:11-30

    Hi, I just installed Primavera 6 (P6) on my computer at work. The tool, Claim digger wont work. When I click on it, it seems to load just for a second and nothing happens. I re-installed the program and it still did not work. How can I get to work? T

  • Claim Digger Report Updated:11-30

    When viewing the report produced by Claim Digger, under the heading bold "General Realtionship Differences" bold, the report shows a Predecessor Activity Name and a Successor Activity Name. Is the report referring to each activity being related

  • Claim digger event code 7cc307b6 Updated:11-30

    Wnen trying to open Claim Digger from P6.7 I get the following error message. "Event has been intercepted. event code 7CC307B6". Have submitted four service requests over the past two days to no avail. Not a fan of the new Oracle system. Any tho

  • Claim Digger's "General Relationship Differences" - What's the meaning? Updated:11-30

    When I run the Claim Digger report and look at the section "General Relationship Differences", it list out a long list on new & old predecessors even though NONE of the listed activities have changed their predecessor, NONE! What is this sec

  • Claim digger not working on P6 v7 SP1 Updated:11-30

    I have used claim digger fairly regularly but suddenly has stopped working. Ever since I upgraded to v7 SP1 It has not worked. Anyone else had this problem RegardsWhile my experience with V.7 is quite limited I have seen this in V.6 as well. It is ge

  • Unable to export Primavera P6 xml files Updated:10-11

    Hi there, Good day. I have some issues during the import/export process. For some unknown reason, Primavera generates blank xml files during the export process. I chose Primavera P6 - (XML) as export file format. Here are the steps that I have follow

  • Problem with client P6 install Updated:10-11

    I installed P6 project client and server on a workstation and server and they work ok. However when i attempted to perform a import i got the error below: The problem is that the default port 1433 being used on the client is wrong. When i go to help-