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CL_GUI_ALV_GRID receive insert

  • JBDC Receiver Insert Statement Response Updated:11-30

    Hi, I would like to use the JDBC Receiver adapter in a synchronous szenario where I insert rows in a table. Does the adapter return a response e.g. the number of inserted rows? Kind regards, HeikoHi, Yes, you can do this. Use a BPM and have a SEND sy

  • JDBC receiver - INSERT issue Updated:11-30

    Hi all. Let's assume I have a document with a number of INSERT statements : - <p2:XXX xmlns:p2=""> - <UPDATE_INSERT> - <IN_MAT action="INSERT">   <table>MY_TAB</table> - <access>   <

  • JDBC Receiver - Insertions Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I want to use JDBC adapter to insert data in an Oracle database. Inbound message is an idoc. My question concerns the error handling following an insertion failed. Example : entry key already exists... If possible I want to use asynchronou

  • How do I send an attachment (photo) without it inserting itself into the body of the email? Updated:11-30

    Under attach, I selected file and then selected a photo. It appeared as an attachment outgoing, however, it was received inserted in the body of the email. Thank you in advance.I think this depends on the recipient's mail client. Thunderbird, for ins

  • JDBC Sender to JDBC Receiver || Acknowledgement Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, the scenario is the following: JDBC sender to poll a database and receive data from table a (Query SQL Statement) after the mapping, a JDBC receiver inserts the resultset from a into table b. okay, so far, now the action is done and the s

  • Changing color of a field after changing the data using OOPS ALV. Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have displayed three fields (price, no. of products and total amount) in my ALV grid using OOPS. Then am changing the data in either price or no. of products fields. When I click ENTER key the value in total amount changes corresponding

  • Call to concurrent program in a pl/sql block does not COMMIT data to table Updated:10-11

    I have the following PL/SQL block.                          apps.create_po(x_org_id,x_document_num,x_agent_name,x_vendor_id,x_vendor_site_id,x_ship_to_location,x_bill_to_location,x_creation_date,new_isbn,new_print_key,new_unit_setup_cost,new_unit_run

  • Problem while sending the o/p of payslip report through mail Updated:10-11

    Hi ,          I am trying to mail the output of ZHINACALC0 (copy of standard program HINCALC0 for payslip display)         In the report code of ZHINCALC0, there is a form named xform which contanis the o/p of the employee's payslip. CALL FUNCTION 'H

  • Check box. Updated:10-11

    Hello Frnds,          i need  check box in my hierarchial alv list display. i am produing my  code.pls specify the changes. *& Report  ZCASE9_ORDERSLISTREPORT REPORT  ZCASE9_ORDERSLISTREPORT. TYPE-POOLS: VRM,SLIS. TABLES:VBAK,        VBAP,        VBK

  • Problem in placing checkboxes in output in grid display Updated:10-11

    hi experts, I not getting checkboxes when i am using the concept of dynamic internal table and oops concept.and i am not getting how to pass data from dynamic internal table to standard internal table and i have searched in forums i got some solution

  • No response message in Proxy to JDBC synchronous scenario Updated:10-11

    Dear Team, I am working on synchronous scenario Sender ABAP proxy <===> SAP PI 7.31 <===> Oracle Database.All the necessary proxy configuration has been successfully tested. Business Scenario: ABAP proxy will send a single Vendor Id to Oracle

  • Pdf in mail Updated:10-11

    I converted a sapscript to pdf. If I download this file and check its contents, all is fine and the logo in the sapscript appears fine as well. Now I have to send the pdf as an attachment through e-m to the user. I open the pdf attachment in my e-m b

  • Problem  while sending the mail from sap Updated:10-11

    Hi experts,                  I am facing some problem while sending mail from sap to external mail. this is th code i am using but it is not working. plz check and tell me. REPORT  ZMAIL_DEMO. data: maildata type sodocchgi1. data: mailtxt type table

  • Need an E-mail related Function Module Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to send some kind of information or rather some notifications to the clients via e-mail. Thew information is in TEXT format. I have used FM"SO_OBJECT_SEND" but didnt helped me. This E-mail function would be triggered if there's any ki

  • Disable column when in edit mode 2 Updated:11-30

    Hello experts, some time ago I posted the thread: Editable ALV: Check Entries in order to disable an ALV grid column for user input. How can I disable the column even if the user adds a new row to the editable ALV Grid control? and How can I show in

  • JDBC to JDBC scenario Updated:11-30

    Hi All,     I have one scenario in which I have to select data from one database (say D1) & insert into another database (say D2). Based on success or failure of insertion, I have to update the status message back in Sender database (D1).      Now, w

  • PROXY to JDBC- SYNC Updated:11-30

    Hello, Could any one of you kindly guide me how to work out, Proxy(Sender) to JDBC(Receiver) - Synchronous comminication. I would like to request for any helpful links on this. Many thanks, Rahul.Hi, You have to create 2 synchronous SI's. Outbound fo

  • Call transaction from mail Updated:11-30

    Hi; i want to add a link in mail. when user click the link a transaction or report will run. Best regards. mustafahi good try like this insert mail description   WRITE 'Sending a mail through abap'                  TO DOC_DATA-OBJ_DESCR. CALL FUNCTIO

  • On-click on ALV sum line to raise an event Updated:11-30

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen, Happy New Year first of all. I have a following problem: I have an ALV grid and in each line I have an icon, which one can on-click and something happens. That works fine. But now I was challenged to add a sum line which

  • How to traverse the tree in reverse direction? Updated:11-30

    How do I roll up numbers up a tree? Suppose I have the following tree (diagram #1). Each node is designated with an ID number, representing a primay key in a table. Only leaf nodes have a number (preceded by the @ sign) associated with it (see diagra