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ck11n couldt get exist routing

  • I want to set up my time capsule using my existing router. Updated:10-11

    The set up guide gives me instructions to open AirPort Utility, select Time Capsule and click continue. When I do it tells me that this requires switching networks, which is exactly what I don't think I want to do. Where am I going wrong?plug the eth

  • Sub:ck11n not picking the routing automatically Updated:11-30

    Hi Guru,             Create cost estimation (ck11n) ,not picking the routing data automaticallyDear Jothi, Goto OKKN,check for the costing variant under quantity structure control tab,whether the routing selection ID is assigned properly. Say if sele

  • I just bought a mac book pro and airport time capsule. Which one should I turn on first to get it going. We do have an existing router and old PC in the house. Updated:11-30

    Hi I just brought home a mac book pro 13" with retina and the airport time capsule . What one should I turn on/ hook up first? We have an existing router in the home and an old PC. Suggestions?Turn off you cable/DSL modem, your computer, and the old

  • Cisco ASR1004 error %VRF specified does not match existing router Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a problem and I really do not know the reason. Simple scenario. I need to configure ospf into a ASR1004 router. Here the command vrf definition TEST-02  address-family ipv4  exit-address-family interface Loopback25  description TEST-02

  • Connect Airport Extreme to existing router without ethernet cable Updated:11-30

    I am looking to connect my Airport Extreme to an existing router without the use of the ethernet cable.  The existing router is on the ground floor whilst I would like to install the Airport Extreme in the first floor to improve WiFi range on the 1st

  • Non existent route-map applied to redistribution Updated:11-30

    If a non existent route-map is referred in a redistribute command . How does it effect ? Example configuration address-family ipv4 vrf VRF:MMS:MGD:XLC:190   redistribute connected route-map MGD_XLC   redistribute static route-map VPN_XLC   no synchro

  • Time Capsule with existing router Q's Updated:10-11

    I've been looking through a bunch of earlier posts here and I just want to make sure I understand my options correctly for my 3rd Gen TC before I start fiddling with settings... I need to change my setup I've used successfully for years because I jus

  • Establishing Airport network on top of existing router Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to add my AEBS and Time Capsule in an extended network on top of an existing network consisting of a Linksys router connecting to the modem. I can connect the AEBS to an ethernet port of the Linksys and it works fine in "bridge" mode.

  • Time Capsule setup help needed - keeping my existing router Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm not especially technically gifted and am new to macs, so please be gentle. I have an iMac and Macbook - both running the latest versions of Leopard (both up to date with all updated). I also have a wireless 'N' network via a Netgear Router/mo

  • Install existing router in new home Updated:11-30

    What must I do to install my existing WRT54GS wireless router in my new home?   I suspect I need to set new IP address, MAC address, etc..   Just not sure how.     Thanks!Connect the Modem to the router on the Internet Port and the computer to the ro

  • Time Capsule added to existing router - Can this slowdown my whole network? Updated:11-30

    I recently added a Time Capsule (latest 1TB version) to my exisiting network. It looks like this: Cable Modem -> DLink 1GB Gaming Router -> Time Capsule (Via CAT6) The Time Capsule has 2 computers wired to it. All other devises on my network are wir

  • Will the wifi function of time capsule interfere with my existing router? Updated:11-30

    Will the wifi function of time capsule interfere with my existing home network via my Cisco router?Welcome to Apple Support Communities The routers will only interfere if they are working with the same channel. Time Capsule sets up automatically the

  • Time capsule with existing router Updated:11-30

    Today I purchased a Time Capsule 1 TB and for the past hour I have been trying to set it up. I have an existing Linksys Wireless-N Router and I plan to still use that. How do I set up TC so that it joins my existing network? I have tried plugging an

  • Use Time Capsule with Existing Router and WAP Updated:11-30

    We've added an existing TC to a new network installation where there is now a Cisco router and separate wireless AP and a new SIP phone system. How do I best setup or reconfigure the Time Capsule so our customer can still use it for wireless backup f

  • How to use the time capsule with my existing router? Updated:10-11

    Here is my situation. I have Alltel PCD UM185 USB modem for their mobile broadband internet. I have a Cradlepoint MBR1000 router which I plug the usb modem into to share the internet through a wireless network which has WPA security on it. I want to

  • Adding Time Capsule (for Multicast DNS) to existing router Updated:10-11

    I have recently moved into a place where I am sharing internet with others (family). My macs can see their PC's.  My macs cannot see my macs.  Wireless Macbook Pro Hard wired Mac Pro into Netgear router. I am pretty sure it's because their router, (N

  • Connecting laptop to existing router connection Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to connect my laptop to an existing linksys wrt54g connection.  I can get a good connection, and am able to successfully input my network key, but cannot get the internet to connect.  Trying to connect to a wpa2 connection, laptop has wind

  • Airport Express Networking with Existing Router + ONT Updated:10-11

    I have a TELDAT Wifi router connected to an ONT, both provided by my ISP. The TELDAT router does not perform very well, I have many issues with airplay, itunes home sharing and even with my apple TV. I read many forums and came to the preliminary con

  • Extreme with existing router Updated:11-30

    in looking for a step by step guide to setting my extreme with my exsisting router via an ethernet cable to extend my wireless just a liitle confused as which combination of settings to use when i think i beleive im using the extreme as a

  • Setting up a Time Capsule for the first time and replacing it with an existing Router Updated:11-30

    Hey there, I have got a new TC which I will be setting it up for the first time. I have a very old beetle router. I would be using the TC as a wireless hard drive and also as my WiFi Router. After reading the setup guide, I am confused about which op