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  • Cisco EIM-mail queue issue Updated:11-30

    hi, I am facing an problem in cisco Email interaction manager. I have installed EIM/WIM 4.3.1 in single server and integrated with ICM 8.5. Its working well as mails are queued in the queue created in ICM (MRD). but if agents are not available the ma

  • Cisco IronPort Mail Flow Central Updated:11-30

    Hello, We are currently in the process of trying to migrate Mail Flow Central from a windows server 2003 VM to a windows server 2008 VM.  I have a few questions regarding this migration.  Is their any sort of guide that I can follow?  Also, what is t

  • Cisco CWMS Mail settings admin@ WebEx-site-URL Updated:11-30

    A Hi all, I am having issues sending out email. Taken from CWMS administration guide: Step 5  #If displayed, enter the Username and Password credentials for the system to access your corporate mail server.Emails from the system are sent by [email protected]<Web

  • Cisco 2811 SIP-to-SIP GW T.38 does not work! Updated:10-11

    Hello! Diagram is something like this:  Softswitch(MERA) -->>-- Cisco2811 -->>-- Softswitch(MERA)   It's needed to limit traffic if one of SSWs is hacked. But it is not a subject. We just need such "construction". Previously there wa

  • Cisco 2811 - Multiple SIP with CME 8.6 Updated:10-11

    PLAN: Configure two SIP providers with my Cisco ISR 2811 using CME 8.6 All incoming and local outgoing calls using fongo, while long distance & international via voipdiscount. I have successfully got serv

  • E-mail Manager Option for UCCE Updated:11-30

    am looking at implementing E-mail, Fax & SMS channels to UCCE (ie IPCC Enterprise. I currently have Voice Recognition (Nuance) and IP IVR. I'm not sure if the Cisco E-mail Manager Option is the best solution when I still need to cater for Fax & SM

  • Network management tool Cisco Updated:11-30

    Hi, Ive been looking for Cisco software to manage an entire network. Lets say i have a network with 200 switches and i want to do a mass firmware upgrade on all switches is there a Cisco product which can do this? Ive been looking at Cisco Prime but

  • Network Management of Cisco CPT Infrastructure Updated:11-30

    Good day, I work for a managed services provider, and have a client whose network infrastructure is provided over a Cisco CPT environment.  There is a mix of CPT 600, CPT 200, and CPT 50, running in CTC mode rather than IOS mode. I am looking to see

  • Cisco 3825 to OpenSIPs - Cisco Using wrong Port Updated:11-30

    I have a 3825 running IOS c3825-ipvoice-mz.123-14.T6.bin that I am trying to send calls from to an OpenSIPs server.  I can get inbound calls (from OpenSIPs to Cisco) to work but not outbound. The OpenSIPS gives thes following debug back: U

  • Cisco CME and Calls through SIP provider Updated:11-30

    Hello, friends. There are Cisco (C2801-ADVENTERPRISEK9_IVS-M), Version 15.1 (4) M7. Telephones connected to SCCP, registered SIP from the provider. When I try to call to test number 4444 through sip in debug I see: *Feb 10 01:51:25.317: //53363/2739D

  • Cisco CME: calls through SIP-provider again Updated:11-30

    Hello,friends! I have already published a discussion here and you helped me, everything works well for Russian numbers. When I tried to add the configuration

  • Cisco 2911 Voice Gateway SIP PSTN Calls Fail Updated:11-30

    Hello All,     I am having trouble with outboud SIP PSTN calls through a Cisco 2911 Voice Gateway.  2911 VG terminates PSTN SIP Traffic and connects to Avaya CS1000M via QSIG PRI Trunks. When calls are attempted outbound fron the PBX the caller gets

  • Cisco Cube outgoing calls only display the sip-ua number Updated:11-30

    Hi all, just configure a cisco cube. Incoming and outgoing calls working fine till now. Just facing an issue by outgoing calls. Any call will display the sip-ua registered number. Is there any possibility to send the invite with the calling extension

  • Configuring DIDWW service with Cisco 2811 Updated:11-30

    I have a 2811 router with VIC2-FXS port, 2 - 48 CH DSP Modules. I am trying to configure the the router so when people dial my DID it will ring the analog phone connected to 0/3/0 Everytime I dial the DID # I get a busy signal. I have the DIDWW servi

  • Uc540 to Callmanager all working but no Voicemail from the Callamanger side Updated:10-11

    I have created a connection between the UC540 and Cisco Callmanager 6.  I am using a H323 gateway connection and can call each site via 4 didgit dialing.   My issue is that the calls from the Callmanager side trying to go to the UC540 side can not he

  • 3725 + CME + SIP Provider = Frustration Updated:11-30

    I am a telecom tech trying to learn about more about the Cisco world. I have been trying to get CME registered to a SIP provider (Broadvoice) for a few weeks now with no luck.  Can anyone look at this and let me know if there are any blatent problems

  • Please help with SIP configuration on 2801 router Updated:10-11

    Hi All. Please help me to setup a SIP account. I’m already struggling to do that for a few days, and can’t find out how to finish that. We have 2xISDN lines running, so I need to add a SIP trunk to existing config. The information from our SIP provid

  • Dial-Peer matches but fails to call out Updated:10-11

    Hello, Am trying to get my CME configured for Callcentric.  I have both an inbound and an outbound plan. With my dial-peers configured for standard 11-digit and 10-digit dialing, calls go to fast busy after all digits except the last two are dialed. 

  • Unable to place call on calls on hold - SIP Trunk from CUCM to CUBE and from CUBE to ISTP Updated:10-11

    Hi Cisco Community, I have a SIP Trunk setup between the CUCM and CUBE and another SIP Dial Peers from the CUBE to the ITSP. All incoming/outgoing calls, DTMF-Relay works well except one thing which is the ability to hold the call. On the SIP Trunk f

  • Callcentric SIP Trunk (ITSP -- 2811 CUBE -- CUCM 8.6 Updated:10-11

    I have a SIP trunk from call centric that goes into my lab gear - they appear to be a good sip service due to cost but I'm having some trouble getting calls to route correctly. The call flow is ITSP (SIP) --> 2811 (acting as cube) -->