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cisco prime fetch vlan configuration

  • Getting past "Fetch VLAN configuration - Command failed" errors in Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 - How? Updated:11-30

    I've got a handful of devices in Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 which show up in the "Archive Failed Devices" view.  The "Failure Reason" is some variation of "Fetch VLAN configuration - Command failed" sometimes including &q

  • Prime Infrastructure 2.1 - Fetch VLAN Configuration - command failed Updated:11-30

    Hi, i am installing the system on a customer's site. i've noticed that most of the devices configured on the PI have resulted in error in the Configuration Archive with this error: Fetch VLAN Configuration - command failed. i checked that the tftp se

  • Cisco Prime: Restore Backup-Configuration Updated:11-30

    Hi, how can I restore a backup-configuration with cisco prime on a cisco-router through TFTP?  Is there a way to say cisco prime: logon the router through ssh and then run comand copy tftp:... ? Thanks for your help! Cu, MarcoMarco, In PI you use Tem

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure automatic configuration Archieve Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I installed Cisco Prime Infrastructure and I note that it make configuration archieving for all devices on it with different date. I need to know based on what it selects the date on which it take the archieving of configuration (note that it

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure Scheduled Configuration Archive not executing Updated:11-30

    We have a deployment of Cisco Prime Infrastrcuture 1.3 ( Configuration Archive is a feature that collects and archives the device configurations i.e. cisco switches. You have an option to schedule this to run, say daily, weekly etc. Once sc

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure and VLAN fetch Updated:11-30

    I have about a dozen systems which are showing up under the Archive Failed Devices section of Device Work Center -> Configuration Archives.  The reason is Fetch VLAN configuration - Command failed.  All of the affected devices have something in commo

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure - VLAN.DAT fetch failure Updated:11-30

    Hello Fellow Networkers, I'm encountering Fetch VLAN Configuration failures from a bunch of Cisco 3560 switches (c3560-ipbasek9-mz.122-50.SE3) in a one department.  Whilst the vlan.dat file is deprecated, it still remains important and needs archivin

  • Cisco Prime 2.1 CLI-Template for Switch configuration Backup Updated:11-30

    Hello everybody, I am trying to write a CLI Template in cisco Prime to save the running-configuration of our core switch to the FTP server,  I have already configured the FTP username and Password in the core Switch  ip ftp username cisco ip ftp pass

  • Cisco Prime SNMP Traps Best Pratice Updated:11-30

    The Cisco Prime documentation recommends configuring switches to send SNMP traps. However it does not give any more details. I was wondering what sorts of SNMP traps people in the community are using with Cisco Prime 2.1. I'm looking for some sort of

  • Configure the syslog of ASA 5512-X for display on Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm working on implementing the Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1 and want to display the syslog about ASA5512-X with Software Version 9.2. What would be the procedure for configuring? Thanks in advance.Hi, Enable "logging host x.x.x.x "  comma

  • Configuring SNMpv3 in switch 2960 and connect to cisco prime 6.3 Updated:11-30

    hi I configuring the parameters in the switch for snmp v3 and the cisco prime, but i don´t have any response but, I configure snmp version1 this work in the scree on the cisco prime, don´t appear this field´s to configure all parameters for snmpv3 an

  • Cisco Prime Infra 2.2 + Third Party Inventory and configuration backup Updated:11-30

    Hi All,  I am having a doubt related to Cisco prime solution capability to do a discovery and config backup for non-cisco devices.  Requirement is to use Cisco prime to do a discovery, inventory and take configuration backup for non-cisco devices. Is

  • Cisco prime configuration backup Updated:11-30

    Hi There, In Cisco prime infrastructure there are two places that I can do backup of the WLCs.  1. Operate -> Configuration Archive & run schedule archive 2. Administration -> background Task -> Controller Configuration Backup Can someone tel

  • Cisco Prime Configuration Backup -Failure Updated:11-30

    My Customer use Cisco Prime Ver 1.4 U2 it Background Task in Configuration backup is show failure all Device  but I can Audit or syn config from WLC is success but config backup not success i need workaround prove issue ? Thank Are they reachable? do

  • Comparing NX-OS Configurations in Cisco Prime 2.1 or LMS 4.2.5 Updated:11-30

    Hello All, Maybe this is just an NX-OS thing but does anyone have issues comparing different versions of a configuration for the same device?  As an example we have Nexus 5548 running version 5.1(3)N2(1).  When someone configures an interface on the

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3, Mail Configuration Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 and I want to set up the mail. When I test it,  I get this error: Failed  to send mail to primary SMTP server. Failed to send mail to secondary  SMTP server. Please make sure that you save mail configuratio

  • Cisco Prime Configuration Archive on Interface Flap Updated:11-30

    Hey All, We've been using Cisco Prime 2.1 for a bit now and I have a question about the configuration archive based on change events.  Will Cisco Prime go and attempt to perform a config backup based on an interface flap?  Looking at the audit logs i

  • Logging for changing device configuration using cisco prime LMS / PI Updated:11-30

    Dear All, How to see / set for for changing device configuration (routers, switches) using cisco prime LMS / PI ? and, how to see network topology diagram using PI / LMS? Thanks, Jerrianyone can help. thanks.Read other 2 answers

  • Cisco Prime Inf 1.2 configuration compliance tool Updated:11-30

    Hi - working with a trial version of Cisco Prime 1.2.  I am looking for a Configuration Compliance tool.  I used it in Cisco Works LMS - but I dont see a way to do the same thing with Cisco Prime. Please advise. ThanksPI 1.2 definitely does not inclu

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 configuration export Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a question about Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2. Is it possible to export all the configurations every day automatically in .cfg format to an external server (preferably SCP or SFTP). Or any other way to export all the saved configurati