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  • Windows vista recovery error CTOERROR.flg and following that error 0x643 while installing update Updated:10-11

    Hi All system info : HP LAPTOP DV6 -1256tx , windows vista sp1 32 bit When I am trying to install windows vista sp1 from recovery disks/partition I am getting the error from recovery manager prompting me to choose either to retry or see the details f

  • Windows 8 USB recovery fails with CTOERROR.flg error Updated:10-11

    Windows 8 recovery using HP supplied USB recovery device failed with CTOERROR.flg error. [22:53:29.29] ChkErrBB.CMD : Detect some error during PININST_BBV. [22:53:29.31] ChkErrBB.CMD : Check c:\system.sav\logs\BurnBootWarn.log [22:53:29.31] ChkErrBB.

  • CTOERROR.flg on factory restore of Envy 15 with Window 8 Updated:10-11

    I get a CTOERROR.flg when trying to factory reset laptop from USB drive. ChkErrBB.cmd : Detect some error during PININST_BBV. ChkErrBB.cmd : Check c:\system.sav\logs\BurnsBootWarn.log ChkErrBB.cmd : or, check c:\system.sav\logs\BurnBootMerge.log Crit

  • CTOERROR.flg Updated:10-11

    Can anyone tell me what this error below means? 9:26:50.34 CHKerr88.CMD: Detect Some Error during Pininst_BVV 9:26:50.34 CHKerr88.CMD: c:/system.SAV/logs/BurnBoot Warn.log 9:26:50.34CHKerr88.CMD: or, check c:/system.SAV/logs/BurnBoot Merge.log I have

  • Win 8.1//Recover error at fourth supplemental disc//Detect some error during PININST_BBV. Updated:10-11

    Hii Team, Please find the product details for your need full:- Product number: F6C57PA#ACJ Product: HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j109tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) Issue- recovery attempt has failed select one of the three buttons. Below is the error log in t

  • T61 32-bit XP to 64-bit Win8 - general approach that may work for other models Updated:10-11

    I recently tried to upgrade my T61 from 32-bit to 64-bit Win 8 using the $39.99 download. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING THIS, IT WILL FAIL.  HOWEVER, IF YOU PURCHASE THE $69.99 VERSION WITH BOTH 32-bit AND 64-bit MEDIA YOU CAN DO IT (no downloadable

  • Pavilion dm4 failure "The recovery attempt has failed" Updated:10-11

    Laptop gave me the following Message: The recovery attempt has failed. Select one of the following buttons. Save Log Details Retry. Saved the Log and Retry (two times) with same issue:This is the Log,Please Help   P2PP BurnBoot Check Failed   Possibl

  • HP Windows 8 Recovery Failed (Used Recovery Discs) Updated:10-11

    Hi. I not sure where to begin. System Info- HP Pavilion g6t-2200 Notebook Windows 8 (64bit) This is my sisters Computer. Her system was running slow so I was going to reinstall the OS using the Recovery Media I ordered for the system. Ive reinstalled

  • Windows 7 fail to restore from hp dvds when almost finished. Updated:10-11

    I have a windows 7 computer that was compromised by virus then viruses, then the viruses removed themselves. As such, the compouter was considered compromised including any recover partitions. So,,, backup data I order recover cds from HP, paying mon

  • Sleekbook 6 Recovery fails with P2PP burnboot check failure Updated:10-11

    I have an HP Sleekbook 6-1019nr laptop.  I just purchased System Restore media for this notebook.  The system originally came with Win 7 Home.  I received the restore media, connected the device to an External USB DVD drive to the unit and started th

  • New HDD, purchased recovery material, recovery Faliure, CAB file HP_SSRD_LOG.CAB is corrupt Updated:10-11

    Hello, The Hard Drive failed and I purchased a new one. Purchaed recovery (DVD) disks. Have tried twice to recover and in each occuance recieved the error recoevery Failed. How do I create a PIN-log [13:18:01.07] -------------------------------------

  • Pavilion dv6-6c recovery fails well into the process Updated:10-11

    The computer was reporting smart errors and would no longer boot.  I pulled the hard drive and checked it with the hitachi software wich reported the drive was failing wiht an unspecified error.  I purchased a replacement hitachi 750G travelstart dri

  • ENVY 17-j053ea recovery attempt failed Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a HP ENVY 17-j053ea which I had to purchase recovery discs for. I used the recovery discs several times following different instructions and using different BIOS settings, and have been in 3 different chats with HP but I am still getting a

  • Recovery incomplete Updated:10-11

    envy j001tx I performed a disk recovery (with disks made myself) to wipe the hard drive. Got to disk 6 of 6 when HP Recovery Manager window appeared with following error message when I click the Details button: ctoerror.flg file [21:12:12.07] ChkErrB

  • HP 2000-2b16NR Recovery Attempt Failed Windows 8 64bit Updated:10-11

    Product Name: HP 2000-2b16NR Operating System: Windows 8 x64 I was attempting to do a recovery with the discs I had bought from HP and I got this message "Recovery Attempt Failed" with options to restart recovery or view details. So I restarted

  • Problem With DVD Recover - Wireless Button Addon Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am trying to do a full system restore on a Pavilion Dv7-6c667nr laptop. The restore process run for approx 3 hours before failing. Error displayed in CTOERROR.flg: [22:14:59.27] ChkErrBB.CMD :  Detect some error during PININST_BBV. [22:14:59

  • Windows 8.1 recovery fails Updated:10-11

    I have a 17T-J100 laptop when I ran an image restore it wiped out the recovery drive. When I try to do a system recovery using the HP Recovery disk it loads all the disk, trys to load the software a couple of times, then get an error message. "Recove

  • After disk recovery, restoration incomplete error - error during PININST_BBV - and can't access BIOS Updated:10-11

    Hi I haad got :Ultrabook HP ENVY 6-1103el I performed a disk recovery (with disks made myself) to wipe the hard drive. Got to disk 4 of 4 when HP Recovery Manager window appeared with following error message when I click the Details button: ctoerror.

  • After USB recovery, restoration incomplete error - error during PININST_BBV. Updated:10-11

    I performed a USB recovery with USB made by Creating Recovery to wipe the hard drive.following error message when I click the Details button: ctoerror.flg file [  1:06:44.60] ChkErrBB.CMD :  Detect some error during PININST_BBV. [  1:06:44.60] ChkErr

  • G6 win 8.1 recovery Updated:10-11

    I have a g6-2231tu laptop with Intel i5 and 4gb ram which I purchased January 2013 with Windows 8.0. Forgive the Iong spiel as this has been quite a saga as I have just spent the last 4 days (50+ hours) trying to fix/restore my laptop but I am writin