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  • How do you add contacts to new web text service? Updated:10-11

    This has been an obnoxious experience with Verizon's new text service from the web site to any device. I tried to get started doing exactly what they said to do.  I selected all my contacts that appeared in the list to add to the contacts in the web

  • I feel scammed and cheated by your deskjet 1000. picked it up, looked at the specs on the box... Updated:10-11

    and there was no disclaimer that i would need anything aside from my computer to get this up and running.  once i install everything, i find out i need a special usb cord, which i might have somewhere but i cant find it, and so now i am going to have

  • My Mac doesn't support iOS 7 Updated:10-11

    Very nice of my computer to not tell me until it was installed... I just installed iOS 7 onto my 4S. I run an old Macbook (Mac OSX 10.5.8) which doesn't have iTunes 11 because it isn't compatible. I just got an error saying I can't use my iphone with

  • Upgrading Macbook Pro 10.4.11 os x... Updated:11-30

    Hi there! I have a few questions about upgrading my operating system. My system is as follows: 10.4.11 Tiger, Processor (2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo), Memory (2 GB) I have a copy of 10.5 Leopard, as well as the one that follows, but I am worried if inst

  • Connecting for Backup Updated:11-30

    Please excuse my ignorance.  I am planning on buying a Macbook Air and researched how the best config would be to meet my very simple needs.  I will be getting 13" 8gb 128 ssd.  Now i am reading backup ,backup, backup.  Know this is important cause m

  • Intereference when scrolling Updated:11-30

    Alright so I finally got the driver download from a special link from one of the admins. and the audio setup works great, but whenever I use a website or try to play World of Warcraft I always get an echo and distortion whenever I scroll up or down o

  • Can I use the new in December iMac monitor with the mini mac? Updated:11-30

    Considering buying the new iMac the Dec. issue. I wanted to know if this iMac monitor can also be used as a monitor for the new Mini Mac?One of those Apple 27" ones would be cheaper:

  • Middle row keys on keyboard stop responding.... Updated:11-30

    Hello, Has anyone experienced the middle row of keys (A through L) on an iBook G4 stop responding? This seems to happen if I have been using the G4 iBook for a little while (maybe 30 minutes but not consistent) but sometimes shorter than other times.

  • How can I read Arabic with ipages? Updated:11-30

    Dear apple community, I just purchased a MacBook Pro and I was hoping to have bought a reliable, well-running laptop for my MA studies. However, I found myself more in trouble than it happended with Windows ever in my life. How is it possible that I

  • Panasonic HVX vs "Traditional" HD storage and workflow. Updated:11-30

    A guy I know just got a contract with some people with more money that brains and they are planning on shooting a kind of reality show thing on HD. He wants to run out and buy 5 Panasonic HVX HD cameras to shoot this on. I, as an editor, think this i

  • Third party backup software help. Updated:11-30

    Hi! I have zero computer skills and want to backup two virtual machines at my office.  I created an Azure account and set up a backup schedule to a "backup container" at Microsoft.  Went online and some said it is cheaper to store data in a &quo

  • HDMI to RCA converter for Audio only Updated:11-30

    I purchased an Apple TV for the airplay for audio only and adding an HDMI to RCA converter (universal unit from Amazon).  Is there any specifications I need to look for on the converter for this to work?  I am aware of issues when using the video por

  • IPod 4 and Wahoo, compatible? Updated:11-30

    I purchased a Wahoo Fitness Blue HR in San Francisco at the Apple store to go with my ipod touch 4th generation. The clerk told me they were compatible but once I get home, I cannot get them to pair. Are they compatible?Sorry, it is not compatible. I

  • Which Macbook Pro should I get (Iris Pro or no Iris Pro?) Updated:11-30

    I have an outdated MBP (2009) and want to get a newer one. I use it mostly for work --- web/editing images but expect to occasionally need to edit videos as related to my job. I am looking at refurbished and it's between: Refurbished 15.4-inch MacBoo

  • IPhone 4 docking stations Updated:11-30

    Does anyone know of an inexpensive dock that will allow me to play my iPhone 4 through my Bose system? I have a Cambridge Audio iD50 dock that worked perfectly with my iPhone 3 but is incompatible with the 4. The compatible Cambridge dock is $350 and

  • Music CDs burning- Compatibility Problems Updated:11-30

    I recently upgraded to a PowerMac G5 (late 2005) 2x2.3 GHz system running the latest version of 10.5, this machine has 6.5GB of RAM and 1.5 TB of HDD space. I used to burn Music CDs from my iTunes library on my Quicksilver G4 with no problems, mostly

  • Remapping keyboard Updated:11-30

    I bought a bluetooth keyboard from some cheap asian store. Everything but the fast forward, rewind, escape and fn buttons seem to work fine. They claimed it would work for a mac, but it is made for iPad and iPhone (as the Esc key has the iPhone home

  • Iphone car charger once again not charging. Second one and they are not cheap from the apple store.Any else have these problems? Updated:10-11

    My Iphone car charger is not charging again. This is the second one I have bought from the Apple store and they are not cheap anyone else have problems?I have taken it back to the Apple store genius bar, but they say they don't see anything wrong. We

  • Does anyone know when the earpods will hit stores in the USA? Updated:11-30

    Does anyone know when the earpods will hit stores in the USA?Does anyone know when the earpods will hit stores in the USA?Read other 11 answers

  • Why is always cheaper to buy songs from HMV than from iTunes Store? Updated:11-30

    I really wish to know the reason why is always cheaper to buy the whole CD from HMV than downloading from iTunes Store. Today I was looking for the Foo Fighters Greatest Hits... to buy it from iTunes Store will cost me £5,99, but the buy the proper C