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  • Object to change the SCMA maintenance cycle phase in CHARM Updated:11-30

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone let me know what is the Object which can perform the activity of changing the Maintenance cycle phase in SCMA Tcode in CHARM? i know only the change manager will have authorization to do that. i want to know the Role name and

  • ChaRM Project Phases - configuring what can be done during phases Updated:11-30

    Hi This is a pretty simple question. Where do I change what actions can be completed during phases? For example, a ZMCR for a Maintenance Project can be created in Development with Release phase but it cannot be created in Go-Live phase. Where do I v

  • Urgent plz...CHanging project/maintenance cycle phase Updated:11-30

    i have implementation project and activated ChaRM for it. the task list and project cycle has been created scuccessfully. i created change request and assigned to that task list. when i set status "Development Complete" i need to import the TRs

  • Maintenance Cycle Phase transistion Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are using chaRM 4.0, in tx SCMA,we can not able to move the Phase Transistion from 'Created' to 'Development without Release'. When we click on the next phase it is giving the below error . kindly help us. MsgType Message Class Message

  • Testing in Maint Cycle phase 'Dev With release' Updated:11-30

    Hi there, Suppose following siutation: The Maint Cylce is in phase 'Dev with Release' A normal correction is set "Completed" by the developer and its currenet processor is assigned to a test-person. ChangeManager unlocks the tasks QualSystem of

  • ChaRM: Internal Phase Controller Problem Updated:11-30

    Hi Team, I am working in Sol Man ChaRM. My scenario is as below: We would like to create two maintenance projects one for nomal corrections (SDMJ) & another for SDHF corrections. I have successfully created one mainteance project for SDHF corrections

  • Skipping a life cycle phase Updated:11-30

    Hello, Is it possible to skip a certain phase in the jsf lifecycle ? I am looking for code I can put in a PhaseListener before() or after() methods that will cause JSF to skip the current phase and move to the next one. Thanks for you help SI am look

  • ChaRM Authorisation issue Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts Now we are configuring the ChaRM in our organization. We have 2 different level managers, management want the first level managers should authorize the CR and the second level managers should decide, when the corrections has to be moved to

  • ChaRM: mail notification of requester Updated:11-30

    Hi! I would like to set up an automatic mail notification for requester of the the change request (SDCR). Scenario: When the Change Manager approves the change request (SDCR) then the requester should get a mail. What I have done: Creation of action

  • ECC 6.0 and BI Authorizations in Project Implementation Phase for Dev only Updated:10-11

    I ) ECC 6.0 Authorizations for Project Team      I have browsed through SDN and gone through several documents and perhaps trying to post our senario as clearly as possible for better answers Aim : 1) To give appropriate authorizations to       a) Fu

  • ChaRM Report of Corrections With Errors Updated:11-30

    We are having an issue when the Maint Cycle phase is Go-Live, if a tester performs successful testing on a Normal Correction, the status is changed to Consolidated; however, the Normal Correction gets the error "Action Cannot be Performed During this

  • One maintenance cycle? Updated:11-30

    Some consultants are stating that it's better to have 1 maintenance cycle per system in solution manager and keep moving the phases back and forward (thus: after go-live the phase is being moved back to "development without release" and from the

  • Phase shift Updated:11-30

    Dear all, i have create a simple model to find the phase shift of 2 waveform using the dual channel spectral measurment model. My waveforms for both signal r of transient type, ie their phase shift is different from each cycle and as such i not sure

  • Life of Maintenance Project ?? Updated:11-30

    Hey Am in the proces of configuring ChaRM. My question is that for creating and processing a Change Request we need to have a Maintenance project active with a maintenance cycle created in it. I want to know whether we need to have a separate Project

  • How to extract data in a webpage to a excelsheet or back end DB Updated:10-11

    Hi folks I'm kiran and i'm working as technical recruiter. previously i worked as a shadow associate with National Informatics center (A govt of india IT department) where i first tried my hands on JAVA and was amazed with the things which i could do

  • IBASE & Component in Change Request & Ugent correction Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have configured CHARM for following landscape details. Dev-100 QAS-200 Prod-300 For this I have defined the logical component as 100->200->300 & This is working fine. I mention the IBase & Component for Target system i.e. 300 client &a

  • Same JSF page is being displayed after submitting form Updated:10-11

    I have a situation where some of my JSF pages occassionally misbehave. For example, sometimes when I click a <h:commandButton/> (which is located within a <h:form> tag) the action which the button is wired to is not executed. Instead the same

  • To Create a Opportunity Using the FM Updated:11-30

    Hi , I want to create a Opportunity by usinig the FM CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN i want to pass In sales cycle phase , status, phase since , status since , Reason In relationships  Campaign , Referance Object so What are all the EXPORTING tables and CHANGING

  • Oracle Performance tunning genral question Updated:11-30

    Hi, Below is the list of Areas of Oracle db for which tunning activities are done. You are invited to comment to it weather this is complete list or need some addition or deletion. As I'm learning PT for Oracle now a days, therefore I want to expand

  • Choosing the project after Authorisation of Change req. Updated:11-30

    Dedar SolMan Gurus. We have this issue to be solved. When I authorize the change request and I have more than one project for one system landscape (component), than for creating a normal correction the system sometimes offeres me one or more projects