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  • Error Code CE-30391-6 Updated:11-30

    Has anyone found a suitable fix for CE-30391-6 when attempting to sign into PSN on the Playstation 4? I am at wits end with this error code, and have been having the code pop up for weeks. Kind regards, Samaltnumut wrote: bu hata çıkıyor ne yapmam ge

  • Unlisted/Unsolved error code CE-30391-6 Updated:11-30

    Since some few days ago I keep getting the error ce-30391-6 everytime I use anything related with PSN (this includes ps store, ps+ games and of course, logging at PSN itself on the PS4) however I have no trouble accessing PSN from other devices.I hav

  • RAM(?) Error when launching iTunes, OS 0.7.2 Updated:10-11

    I get the error log below on launching iTunes. Already used AppleJack to get my RAM based on the EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) exception type, but my RAM is fine by that metric. Any ideas? Process:         iTunes [330] Path:            /Applications/iTunes

  • Bat.file in background Updated:11-30

    i want to hav a bat. file (matrix) as a background in windows. how do i do it, or should i save the matrix as another format/type? here is the matrix file: @echo off pause color A mode 1000 :matrix echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%­%rando

  • Can't connect to OS X Server SMTP? Updated:11-30

    Ive been trying to fix this for a couple of days now, i'm running OS X Server on an installation of Mountain Lion and am trying to get the Mail server part working. I can connect to IMAP and login but not the SMTP, ive checked all the ports are forwa

  • 10.5.3 crashes after update Updated:11-30

    I updated to iTunes 10.5.3 this evening and it now crashes every time I load it. Process:         iTunes [2359] Path:            /Applications/ Identifier: Version:         10.5.3 (10.5.3) Build I

  • XMLTable - 65535 limit on rows returned Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've come across a problem with the Oracle XMLTable command as follows: - I have an XML doc (approx 30Mb) which contains 79k entries - I have this referenced in Oracle as a BFile - If I count the number of rows returned by the XMLTable command it

  • Upgrade to 12.1 issue Updated:11-30

    Hello, Here is the scenario: Current Instance Version: DB Version: Upgrading to: 12.1.1 When I am trying to create upgrade filesystem using rapidwiz, I get this warning message: The RDBMS Oracle Home located at /DB1/11g has already