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ce 30391 6 ps4 error

  • PS4 Error Code WS-37338-4 Updated:11-30

    Have someone fixad the problem. I cant even log in on psn it says My ps4 is banned. Error code ws-37338-4i have never commited any hackings or stealings or any modifications to my account..i have 4-5 accounts on my system.. one got banned long time a

  • PS4 Error update 2.57 Su-30631-3 connot complete installation Updated:11-30

    Hi has anyone been afflicted with this error My PS4 downloaded the update 2.57 but has been unable to install it always stopping at 85%I've tried the reintialize method in safe mode with usb, but still keep getting the same result with the update ins

  • PS4 ERROR CODE ( CE-34305-5) BLINKING BLUE LIGHT Updated:11-30

    Hey man, thx a lot for this! I was tryin to turn on this ps4 for 1 hour and the same ***** safe modę again and again. This 'trick' with PS button works!This error code I now understand is due to the ***** hard disks in these systems failing, my conso

  • Unlisted/Unsolved error code CE-30391-6 Updated:11-30

    Since some few days ago I keep getting the error ce-30391-6 everytime I use anything related with PSN (this includes ps store, ps+ games and of course, logging at PSN itself on the PS4) however I have no trouble accessing PSN from other devices.I hav

  • Error 148:3 on PS4 Updated:11-30

    I've been using PS4 since last 2 months but all of the sudden I've started  getting 148:3 error while starting PS. I'm on window 8.1(64bit) and it is a licensed version not the demo/pirated. However, I've demo PS6 (expired, 30 days +) on my machine.

  • Error Code CE-30391-6 Updated:11-30

    Has anyone found a suitable fix for CE-30391-6 when attempting to sign into PSN on the Playstation 4? I am at wits end with this error code, and have been having the code pop up for weeks. Kind regards, Samaltnumut wrote: bu hata çıkıyor ne yapmam ge

  • PS4 disconnects to game servers and internet. Still connected to internet. System error? Fixable? Updated:11-30

    This happened for the first time in Friday. I got my Destiny game and between 1-2 hours I get the message that I have lost connection to the game server. And bunch of others stuff saying I can't connect to the network and are unable to do network stu

  • The update to OSX Mountain Lion disabled my PS4. Have tried everything on the troubleshooting list, then uninstalled and reinstalled and still getting the same error message 150:30. What can I do to get it working again??? Updated:11-30

    It has been a while since I have used it so didn't know until I had the error come up. Same with my laptop.There is a License Recovery script that uses (just enter that in Spotlight). It also helps to do this in a admin account or to hav

  • PS4 CameraRaw  permissions --- error/problem Updated:11-30

    I have recently installed Adobe CS4 (Master Col.) and I recently tried using Bridge to open my RAW files to convert to .tif files before working on them in PS. These are the steps i am doing and the results: I change the image to 16 bits/Channel in t

  • E-82000171 error message PS4 Updated:11-30

    Been having an issue with the E-82000171 error message for the past fews days and card information is correct.I have already checked with my bank and the issue is with psn. Is there anyway to resolve this issue and is there a hidden limit on the amou

  • Cannot place order ERROR: "There was a problem adding your product to cart" Updated:10-11

    Hey guys, Well, once again Best Buy's online system is preventing me from making an order. It seems like nearly every time I log in I experience some new problem. This time, I'm unable to add anything to my cart. It doesn't matter what item I try to

  • Error Propagation Doubt Updated:10-11

    Hi, I work with WorkSpace Studio 1.1. In our project we have a few proxies linked, and I'd like to know if it's possible to have an error generated in the "last" proxy not propagated to the others, from which the message came. I'd like that the

  • RAM(?) Error when launching iTunes, OS 0.7.2 Updated:10-11

    I get the error log below on launching iTunes. Already used AppleJack to get my RAM based on the EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) exception type, but my RAM is fine by that metric. Any ideas? Process:         iTunes [330] Path:            /Applications/iTunes

  • Can't back-up to ext hard drive (Error code CE-37850-3) Updated:10-11

    Since the 2.55 update I haven't been able to back-up my saves to my external hard drive. I used to do this regularly as my online storage is full. Now when I try it I just get the error code CE-37850-3. Have tried unplugging and reconnecting the hard

  • Error message in "Check Solution Manager" Updated:10-11

    I'm running SolMan EHP1 SP6. The BI repository and Solution Manager are running on the same box. The BI repository is loaded in client 001. The System SID is PS4. I'm performing the "Diagnostic Self Check" in Root Cause Analysis. When I select t

  • 3rd party plug-ins and PS4 16-bit Updated:10-11

    I have Vista 64-bit installed as my OS. I installed PS4 which automatically installed as a 64-bit version. I attempted to install my Kodak Pro/Roc/Sho/Air plug ins, but they don't appear in the filter menu. I have never had a problem with this issue

  • Photoshop Cs4 Extended Starting/Loading Error Updated:10-11

    Hello Everyone, Below is a screenshot of the error I'm having. I'm on Windows7 and trying to run Photoshop PS4 Extended. Everything was running fine the other day. But today it suddenly started doing this when I started it up. It actually looks the s

  • DB Mutex Error with Outbound operation using Normal File adapter in HA env Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I Have a simple process which picks data from a weblogic jms queue and writes it to a file. Each day this task is carried out once in a day and it writes approx 30k records to the file. the process is made singleton (singleton property on inb

  • Error during addition of external link to oracle BPM workspace Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I just want to add an external link to oracle BPM workspace and I've followed this tutorial : but I am neither able to view the required, nor getting any error. During de

  • AS2 Custom DocumentDefinition with Xpath Identification Error Updated:10-11

    Currently I'm busy with a B2B11g with a AS2 implementation. It's planned to go live tomorrow, but suddenly today incoming messages on the acceptance environment won't be recognized. I've defined several XML based document definitions, with identifica