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capital one cli 2-3 days 2016

  • Capital One CLI (pitiful) Updated:11-30

    I got my first ever Capital One CLI today (well, the first without contacting EO).  Wait for it..........$200 increase.  From $2,000 to $2,200.  Now Discover only beats them by $20,900!  Geeezz.  TRC_WA wrote: BrettNS wrote: savingmoney87 wrote: Funn

  • Another Capital One CLI! !!This time an increase of 4K! Updated:11-30

    Background: I opened my Capital One Quicksilver One card in February of this year with a SL of $500 and requested an increase in April. I was automatically approved for a $1,000 increase.  Fast foward to last Saturday night (7/11/15) I decided to try

  • Capital One CLI! Updated:11-30

    So I was getting pretty peeved with Capital One this week. My statement cut on the 6th, which marked one year of having my QS1 card. I pressed the luv button, and... nothing. Tried several times a day for days... nothing. Finally, this morning, I hit

  • Capital one Cli after 3 month mark Updated:11-30

    My 3rd statements just posted for my 3 capital one cards, discharged june 2015. Got an instant increase on my capital one platinum for $500, 2-3 day message on my quick silver one rewards.CongratsRead other 7 answers

  • Capital one I need to put something in the "monthly spend" box? Updated:11-30

    if I leave the monthly spend box blank will that negatively affect my CLI request? Income supports higher limit, but my monthly spend is less than my CL about $4000/mo on a $5000 limit card. Thanks!I put in 2k and got a 3k CLI. If you spend 4k, why n

  • Capital One VentureOne Approval and QS CLI Updated:11-30

    Hey folks, So today marks my 4th months since opening my Quicksilver card so I decicded what the heck and went ahead and hit the CLi button wasnt expecting anything seeing on how discover keeps denying me CLI's but to my surpise i got a $1k increase.

  • Capital One Suddenly Generous with CLIs Updated:11-30

    A few week back I used the 'luv' button to request a CLI for my QuickSilver One Mastercard (which I will likely close if they don't help out with the annual fee - but that's in a different thread) and was pleasantly surprised when they gave it a $100

  • Rebuilding with CLI - Capital One Consolidation and PC Updated:11-30

    Started rebuilding my credit in January after opening a Cap1 Platinum Mastercard (SL $300, now $1300) and Discover It Secured Card ($500, hopefully upgrades to an unsecured card in Jan 2016). Applied and was approved for the Cap1 Quicksilver One Card

  • Capital One Platinum CLI Question Updated:11-30

    I have received a Capital One Platinum Mastercard back in August. Tomorrow is my 5th statement being cut but I keep reading about steps increases every 6 months. I never got a letter or email about being in the steps program. If I'm not in steps what

  • Capital One EO CLI!!! Updated:11-30

    So I recently got my Cap One QS card with a $500 limit. Initially upon opening I had to send verification of address and SSN. Well I was approved with pretty much bad credit including bk7 from 2010 and other silly collections. So after about a month

  • Capital One low CLI, options and questions... Updated:11-30

    I opened my first credit card in January 2011. It was an Orchard Bank MC that was later sold and converted to a Capital One Platinum MC. A few years later (not sure) it was converted to the QS MC. Since I opened this account I have never missed a pay

  • Capital One Automatic 6 Month 3X CLI Updated:11-30

    So I opened a Quicksilver card on 01/01/2015 after receiving some love letters from capital one. Last one even said they would guarantee a CLI after 6 months of good behavior. Apped, and got approved for the Visa Quicksilver with a $1000 CL. Fast-for

  • Capital One QS CLI Updated:11-30

    After the hype in Feb regarding Venture and the CLI at around day 75 (total now 13K).. I hit up the 80 day old QS and low and behold... another 3K CLI for a total of 13K on QS. Total exposure now 31K. I have an old QS MC that sits at 5K.So for those

  • Capital one QS1 Second CLI 2 months Updated:11-30

    Hi, This is my first post and wanted to share a very minor step in improving my credit thanks to some info from this forum. I am 29, W2'ed 136k last year and on pace for a good amount more this year. My credit is aweful; far to many spring breaks, ra

  • Capital One: Denied CLI / Approved for $50K on New Card Updated:11-30

    I have two CapitalOne Cards that were open in early 2007 after my bankruptcy in August 2006. They were the first company to give me credit cards following the bankruptcy, the first one received a $3,500 limit and the second one received a $3,000 limi

  • Rebuilding help- need tips for Capital One Accounts Updated:11-30

    Hi- Thank you all for all the wonderful information, you make rebuilding seem so easy and attainable! I never realized all the different versions of scoring, how to do debt validation, get errors removed from my report and where to focus my attention

  • Capital One official sponsors of my sock drawer. Updated:11-30

    So I have this cobranded cap1 card (union plus card). Over 18mo old with the same crappy 1k limit. Tried for a cli a while back no go. Denied because of a "lack of experience with current CL" LMAO with a 18k Amex and 8.5k discover I found it rat

  • Capital One AutoLuv! Updated:11-30

    So, as many of you know, I was recently approved for a Venture with cap1 and got a nice SL of $10k. Well, shortly after applying, I decided to go onto my account and ask for a CLI on my existing QS Visa, and I got the 2-3 day message. Note I had rece

  • Capital One Increase, it will come Updated:11-30

     I applied for a Capital One secured card about 5 years ago and with a $300.00 deposit and over the course of the years I ended up with a credit limit of $1000.00. Upon reading several articles and several forums I took a chance and applied for the C

  • Capital One Logic... Updated:11-30

    I currently have 2 Capital One accounts.  One has a 2k limit and one has a 4.5K limit, both are QS1 cards.  I've tried over and over to get CLI's on the cards, but was unsuccessful.  I attempted to apply for a new card today (with hopes of card conso