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Cant send text on nokia torch

  • Problem sending texts on Nokia 2310 Updated:10-11

    I am having problem sending texts on my nokia 2310. I have plenty of credit, and service, and can make outgoing calls. I have looked everywhere in settings and can't find anything wrong. I think some sort of barring may have been put on text messages

  • Nokia navigator 6110 prob sending texts please he... Updated:11-30

    i have a nokia nacvigator 6110 and it wont send texts i can recieve texts and send and recieve calls but i think i may have a virus if so how do i fix ive plugged into my laptop and run my norton antivirus but it doesnt find n e thing i tried spybot

  • Nokia 6680 unable to send texts Updated:11-30

    I've had a Nokia 6680 for about 7/8 months now. In that time its every so often decided its memory is full (when it isnt) and be unable to send texts. This was normally fixed by turning it off and on. About a week ago this stopped fixing the problem.

  • Nokia 6630 trouble sending text messages Updated:11-30

    im having trouble with my nokia 6630 it wont send text messages it just keeps saying general:memory full. close some applications and try again. i have done this and it still didnt work so i completely deleted everything off my phone restored it to f

  • Nokia E7 sending Text problem Updated:11-30

    Hi, I recently purchased a nokia E7. When I first got it it was fine and would send messages to people however now after the 2nd day owning it, it is refusing to send messages to anyone. This is reguardless of network, though I am on the telstra netw

  • My nokia E63 wont send texts plz help!!!! urgent!!... Updated:11-30

    I can recieve texts but i cant send texts. ive already did a factory reset and i deleted messages to free up space but its still not working.If it's a new phone and you've never sent a text message from your phone then it is probably the message cent

  • Nokia N8-00 not sending texts Updated:11-30

    I have had my N8-00 for a month now. A few days ago i went to send a text message (had full signal) but it didn't send. Since then i haven't been able to send text messages from my phone as it goes straight to Outbox. I've tried putting my sim in ano

  • Nokia E63 Unable to send text messages, message se... Updated:11-30

    Hello, I currently have a NE63-3 phone and is currently loving it, however, two days ago, i started getting a "sending failed' error message everytime I attempt to send text messages and when I click on the details, it would say, "not enough mem

  • Nokia 3230 unable to send text messages. Updated:11-30

    Hi, Please help, as iam unable to send text messages. Service center no. updated, message profile changed to text. Getting errory message " message sending failed" and when i click on details it showing General : memory full close some applicati

  • Nokia X3-02 can't send text message to only one of... Updated:11-30

    i can't send text message to only one of my contacts... what happen? what should i do? help me pls... tnx...Hi, You can send the other contacts SMS but not only one contact, Right? Then the issue is with your contact, maybe the number is not right or

  • Problem sending texts Updated:10-11

    I'm having a problem sending texts to certain numbers. I have been able to send them before, but not any more. Delivery report tells me it's been delivered, but the recipient says nothing has arrived. It only seems to happen withcertain numbers.If th

  • Error Message - Unable to send text message! Updated:11-30

    Hi, hope someone can help me with this. I have started getting this error when i send a text from PC Suite via my 7610. The text sends properly and this error shows up. Setup: Windows XP Pro - Service Pack 2 PC Suite Version - 6.70.22 Bluetooth conne

  • Unable to send texts from Ovi Suite Updated:11-30

    Ovi Suite / Nokia N50 [all software marked as up to date] The suite has been working well since initial download but in the past couple of days refuses to send texts while connected to the phone. The msge is transferred to the phone and stay

  • N70 Unable to send Text msg - Please help Updated:11-30

    I have just got an N70 complete with pc suite 6.7. I have used it twice to send text msgs last week and today have come to use it and it says unable to send txt msg. I have read through all other threads and have found that even though it says this i

  • I cant send sms from nokia 6120c Updated:11-30

    Hi guys i have nokia 6120c  whenever i try to send sms to anyone its not sending in outbox the message is saved i also restore the settings but still same problem please tell me any solutiontry deleting mesages from the inbox outbox and saved folders

  • Cannot send text messages 6111 Updated:11-30

    I used to have a Nokia 6100 with a company paid SIM. I purhased a new Nokia 6111 4 weeks ago. I transferred my SIM and everything worked fine (in/outgoing calls and in/out text) till last weekend. I can receive texts, in/out calls also, but I am not

  • N93 unable to send text Updated:11-30

    Unable to send texts from my brand new out of the box N93 phone. I've contacted my carrier T-Mobile and they said it was a Nokia issue. When I try to send a text msg, it first act like it's going through then it registers "unable to send". PLEAS

  • Phone wont send text msg's why? Updated:11-30

    Just wondering if anybody knows why my Nokia 6110 wont send texts it will recieve texts and allows me to call, i have checked the msg centre number i have updated the newest version of software, i have restored my factory setting, i'm not sure what e

  • Sending text via USB link from PC Updated:11-30

    I have a Nokia 6300 and PC Suite version the PC Suite seems to work fine, it synchs to PC without problem, however when trying to send text from PC i get message saying it was sent successfully but the txt does not go neither does it appear

  • How to send texts via bluetooth linked PDA Updated:11-30

    I would like to be able to send text messages from my PDA via my bluetooth linked Nokia 6320i. Please can anyone tell me how to do this or recommend any software for my WM5.0 PDA to be able to do it? Thanks, Stuart23-Apr-2008 08:58 AM psychomania wro