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cant max the cpu fan

  • How can i get the max rpm from cpu fan?? Updated:10-11

    how can i get the max rpm from my cpu cooler regarding that i don't have a speed controller attached to the cpu fan ,,, ??  please make things clear for me thanksif you have not reduced it by using a speed controller either hardware or software or by

  • Cpu fan stuck at max speed Updated:11-30

    Out of nowhere, my computer (early 2006 20" Intel iMac) started making huge fan noises. The iStat pro widget shows that the CPU fan is blowing at 3600 rpm (apparently the max), and the other two fans are normal. CPU usage is minimal, and CPU temperat

  • Eclipse SLI CPU fan always on max Updated:11-30

    Hello i got a problem with my Eclipse SLI. It's look like the CPU smart fan function don't work and the CPU fan is on max all the time. My bios temp's goes from 32-40 C. I have used a lot of different bios versions. 1.4 - 1.7 - 1.9 - 1.a none of thos

  • Max CPU fan that can be installed Updated:11-30

    Newbie here......... Was wondering what the maximum power rating of the CPU Fan Header on the MSI Neo2 FIS2R is. Can I install a 90x90x25 fan rated at .32A on it.Well I have my little Rule of, Anything over 1/4 Amp. is better off on it's own PSU Mole

  • MSI Max 2 BFIR; Problems with CPU Fan speed in PC Alert! Updated:11-30

    servus... First of all, I have Bios version 1.3 from the .de support Page. I don´t know, why doesn´t have this version. But here´s my problem: PC Alert doesn´t show a CPU-fan speed! The northbidge fan shows the fan speed roundabout 5000. In B

  • How Max Speed Of Original P4 2.4Ghz CPU Fan? Updated:11-30

    The PC-Alert 4 Show me the P4 2.4Ghz Cpu speed is about 3200 to 3600 rpm....but another my PC P3 667mhz is show about 4730 to 4987 rpm....i think the P4 cpu fan speed impossible slower than the P3 cpu fan speed???? P4 2.4Ghz-B 533(original cpu fan n

  • Z77a-g43 cpu fan constantly runs at max speed Updated:11-30

    I have a Noctua dh14 (without a pwm connector). My old 870a motherboard had a setting which let me pick if the cpu fan should be controlled by voltage or pwm, but I can't seem to find it on my new z77a motherboard. Is there anything I can do about th

  • AMD X2 4200+ and CPU Fan Updated:10-11

    Its been a while since I've been on this forum, but I need advice on this one...  I am planning on buliding a new system with a Athlon X2 4200+ (still waiting to see if AMD will sell X2 4000+ or 3800+ ). I think I'll go for an MSI K8N Neo 4 platinum

  • I want to quiet down a P4 1.6A CPU fan and Sparkle PSU Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to quiet down my P4 1.6A CPU fan and PSU fan.... A) I have a MSI 845G-MAX-L motherboard with Winbond monitoring chip. I notice that the CPU fan RPM goes up when temperature goes up. Is this normal on all boards, or is this an extra nice fe

  • Rev b 20" - In for treatment - cpu fan + Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'll try and keep this up to date for you in case you have similar. Took iMac 20" rev b into Apple Store Birmingham this afternoon for them to investigate and resolve: Whirring cpu fan Slight buzzing on power supply Bubblng on har drive coating (

  • CPU Fan controller / Noisy CPU Fan Updated:11-30

    Hi All. I have the GD65 and the FX 8120 and the CPU fan is a bit noise( ~5750 RPM ). Is there a smart/PWM CPU fan controller in the bios ? The end goal is to only have the CPU fan get noisy when under load and not all the time. Thanks in advance.Quot

  • Max size CPU for 6156bx ? Updated:11-30

    Hi all,  I'm still playing about with the "old trusty" ms6156bx MoBo. The P3 650 cpu was working fine untill we had a lightning strike fairly close to home - fried the CPU. So had to resort back to the P2 400  ;( (MoBo & all else still worki

  • MSI-Z77A-GD55 CPU Fans Updated:11-30

    Hello all, new poster Installed my mobo today, no problems par from one. My CPU fans are running at max (2000ish RPM) which is rather loud as you could imagine. Is there any way to ramp them down but maintain a good temperature (obviously)? I have th

  • Is it possible to control CPU fan speed (lower) with K8T NEO2-FIS2R (MS-6702)? Updated:11-30

    I have: MSI K8T NEO2-F motherboard AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor Bios is latest I found, AMI BIOS 9.20 Operating system is Windows XP pro. Processor was boxed and with the normal amd fan. Processor fan is plugged in CFAN slot. My problem is that the

  • MSI Z97 Gaming 7 + Annoying long CPU-Fan Spin-Down since 1.4 Updated:11-30

    With BIOS 1.4 at time when i4790k arrived on market with their famous boxed coolers, MSI changed their BIOS to have a spin down-time for the CPU-fans of 5400 seconds or 9 minutes. It is totally disgusting to have such a annoying new feature without a

  • What temp for the CPU fan is dangerous Updated:11-30

    I have a HP Pavilion P6404y which occasionally the screen goes black.  It appears that my computer is still running as the on light is still on, but when I hold down on the start button to shut the computer off it shuts off and when I turn it back on

  • MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum Smart CPU Fan reports 0 rpm ? Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum (MS-7125) motherboard with an Athlon 64 3700+ CPU and an Arctic Cooling Silencer Ultra 64 HSF. In the BIOS setup, in the 'Monitor H/W' area you can set something called the 'Smart CPU Fan Target'. o  If I set this t

  • 975X Power Up CPU Fan issue Updated:11-30

    Hi, Just got me a shiny new Power Up and an Intel Core Duo 6400. System is up and running and stable, but the CPU fan is constantly spinning at full tilt. Dual Core Cell shows the CPU temp at 45C idle, which is at least 10 degrees over what I was exp

  • CPU Fan Speed always LOW? -- K8N NEO4 Platinum SLI Updated:11-30

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. My CPU fan speed is consistently around 850 RPM, both at idle and under full load. This is shown in the BIOS, with Corecenter, Everest, and Speedfan. I have Cool n Quiet disabled in the BIOS, CPU Fan Target in

  • Z77 mpower cpu fan header "control" no longer working Updated:11-30

    CPU fan header now only works with 3 pin fans, 4 pin fans turn off when placed on header, do not turn on. I had been running a hub off of that port to a switch 8 port fan hub controlling all case fans and a pump. cable to header  only had sensor and