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cant connect hp pavilion g6 to tv

  • Can't Connect HP Pavilion Wirelessly to HP 8600 Printer Updated:10-11

    Background: I have Verizon Internet service via a ACTIONTEC M1424WR Rev. I wireless server. I successfully connected a HP OfficeJet PRO 8600 all-in-one Printer N911a to the server with contact ID The printer works for several PCs that ar

  • Connecting HP Pavilion 23xi to a Macbook Pro late 2013 Updated:11-30

    I have just bought a HP Pavilion 23xi monitor as an addition for my Macbook Pro 13in Retina Display late 2013 model. I am wondering and needing to know the best way to successfully connect them both together. Please note I am using the pre-release ve

  • No more wireless connection - HP Pavilion 17-e083ed notebook-pc (ENERGY STAR) Updated:11-30

    I started my laptop this morning and I connected to my home wifi. It was a limited connection and after a while I didn't get any more internet. I restarted my laptop. After the restart I do not have any more options to be able to connection to any wi

  • How to connect hp pavilion dv2000 to digital TV with HDMI and S-video Updated:10-11

    I have this HP computer and digital tv panosonic viera 2007  plasma. and i have the cable with one end of VGA and one end of HDMI. I plugged them and try to find input from TV but it did not work. How could I connect them so I could use TV as a bigge

  • How to connect HP Pavilion to HD TV as monitor Updated:10-11

    Bought an HP Pavilion P6204Y approx Dec 2009. Would like to attach the PC to my Panasonic TV as it's monitor (just got rid of cable). PC only has VGA & S out. TV only has S and HDMI in. YouTube says to use DVI to HDMI. Can I add DVI to this PC or am

  • Can I connect my pavilion 1311el to my TV ?My TV has an Video and S-Video input. Updated:11-30

    I tried to connect by a cable adapter VGA to VIDEO and S-Video but it does not work. I can see just lines by my TV input S-Video. Bye          Claudiohave you changed the video input signal type on TV by pressing AV key on the remote control?? ||-Alt

  • I want to print from my deskjet 3050a connected to pavilion laptop by usb Updated:11-30

    I didn't get my printer email when setting up. I need it to print from my laptop using the wire usb connection.  The wireless button is flashing on the printer, but i want the eprint button on instead. Nothing happens when I press it. Where do I go f

  • Connect HP PAvilion to Sound System Updated:11-30

    HiI have a dv7t-7000 laptop. I'd like to hook it up to the same sound system I use for my TV & DVD player.  Does anyone have thoughts on the best way to do that?   My one HDMI port is already used to connect to my TV.   I don't have an audio card(??)

  • How to connect my desktop to my tv Updated:10-11

    Can anyone direct me to a tutorial on how to connect my Pavilion Slimline s3120n to my HD tv? The computer came with the  built -in TV tuner card and various cables. I would like to watch the free Netflix "watch it now" movies on my big tv scree

  • HDMI sound. Pavilion DV6. Windows 7. TV sound was working via HDMI. Now switched off? Updated:10-11

    I connected the pavilion dv6 to the tv with an HDMI cable. Sound and vision were working on the tv after setting the TV to HDMI. My Grandson discovered that their was no sound from the computer and, unknown to me, changed something to get sound from

  • HDMI Input To VGA adaptor for HP Pavilion? Updated:10-11

    I am interested in buying Pavilion, but my DELL monitor does not have HDMI port. Shall I buy HDMI Input To VGA adaptor, or is there any way I can connect HP Pavilion to my DELL monitor?Yes, HDMI to VGA Adapter would be enough.

  • No HDMI sound on HP Pavilion x360 Updated:11-30

    I am treying to connect my Pavilion x360 to a TV using an HDMI cable. I get the picture fine but no sound. There is no option to select HDMI output in the Beats Audio Control Panel or under the audio icon. What do I need to do to get Sound via HDMI?s

  • Compatible Graphics Card (Pavilion 500-250ea). Updated:11-30

    Quick question: I wish to connect my Pavilion  500-250ea to the HDMI connection on the monitor. Could somebody give me a list of low-cost compatible graphics card? I only want it so I can connect up via HDMI. No gaming or intensive graphics rendering

  • Linking HP Pavilion laptop and HP data projector Updated:11-30

    The HP Pavilion laptop plays a DVD complete with sound. However. when the laptop is linked to a HP data projector via HDMI, the screen size is reduced, and sound does not work when playing the DVD. Another HP Pavilion laptop does not have the same pr

  • Satellite A300 - S-video doesn't detect TV Updated:10-11

    Dear All Last week, I bought your new product: Toshiba Satellite A300 I liked its specifications specially the s-video output. When I reached my house, I connected it to my TV: Toshiba Bomba 29A3MJ

  • Touch smart 23 Updated:10-11

    I want to buy a Pavilion Touchsmart 23 and connect a Pavilion 23xi to use as a second monitor. How do I connect the two as there is no HDMI out on the Touchsmart? This question was solved. View Solution.When requesting assistance, please provide the

  • Connectig desktop pc to tv Updated:11-30

    connecting HP pavilion desktop pc model # p7-1534 to panasonic 55" plasma tv model # TC-50px24?  Is there an easier way to connect the to knowing i need a twenty foot vga to hdmi cord for audio and video for movies? Can it be done through wi-fi Here

  • Possible to connect an external monitor to HP Pavilion dv4t-4200 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC Updated:10-11

    I have a HP Pavilion dv4t-4200 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC model # A1M02AV and it has a VGA port, one that looks like a phone/broadband cable port, and one that looks like a USB port but indented on either side at the bottom. Can I even connect an

  • Hp pavilion ms235 how do I connect to a tv with a HDMI input? Updated:10-11

    how do I connect to a TV with a HDMI input? Can I use a USB graphics adapter?Here are the specs for your HP Pavilion All-In-One MS235 Desktop Computer. Based on the specs, your computer doesn't appear to have a video output of any kind. A USB-to-vide

  • How to connect my HP Pavilion g6 to my TV? Updated:10-11

    Hello, I would like to connect my HP Pavilion g6 to my TV? Do I need a cable HDMI (is that mean HDMI 1.4 or different  model) or some other cable? Thanks in advance This question was solved. View Solution.Hi, The following link shows its specs:    ht