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  • Alternate transaction for CO13  -  Cancel production order confirmation Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, We are using CO13 for Cancel production order confirmation. But we have dump in it due to some reasons. There is any alternate option CO13 transaction like CO11N is for CO11. RegardsDear Anil, No CO13 is only t-code for cancellation of co

  • Need help on Production order confirmation cancel issue Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need your help regarding Prduction Order issue. We have created Production Order and issued raw materials and we done paritial confirmation also. Now the order status is PNCF. After that we notice that it was wrong confirmation so we went CO13

  • How to undo  Cancel Production Order Conformation? Updated:11-30

    Hi: I have a problem and no idea how to solve it. I have Cancel a Production Orden Confirmation, but it was wrong and I need to und this. Is it possible to undo a Cancel Production Order confirmation? Any idea? Thank's in advance. Regards.Hi, You wou

  • Price difference on cancellation of production order confirmation Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are having a material which is maintained at price control "S". We have created a production order for the material. In due course of business, we did confirmation for say 100 pcs of the material. However, immediatly on confirmation, we r

  • Cancellation of Production Order confirmation (CO13) not generating TR/TO Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are facing a typical issue in the PP-WM interface. When we create an order and confirm it (partial confirmation), the Goods movement happens (261 mvt type) as desired and the TO is created and confirmed in the background. But, when we try to r

  • Cancel Production order Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, my company manufacturing based on ETO (Engineering to  Order). we have created Production order now in work shop the start to build.but suddenly my client request to change few changes in assembly parts. so my engineers created new Assembly


    Hi Gurus, The Issue I have at hand is related to a PRODUCTION ORDER CONFIRMATION INCORRECT. Ok here is what happened. A production order was put in for quantity of 3. But the confirmation against this order was posted for 100,XXX,XXX. This was scrapp

  • Changr HU quantity generated via PRoduction order confirmation Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus, I have created GRN of 112 quantity via production order confirmation. My plant andstorage location is Handeling unit managed so with GRN handeling unit gets generated. but packing had done for 1 quantity only. now how to change this quantit

  • Serial Number. Production Order Confirmation. GR. UD. Sales Delivery Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, Please help on this issue to get any user exits ..... As part of Serial number management, we have a certain issues on serial number confirmation, goods receipt from production order and quality inspection with UD. Master data: Finished pro

  • Change Work Center during production order confirmation Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I must to modeling this situation: I created an production order. In routing I used an work center A. After I confirmed a half of quantity, the work center A was damaged and I must to change it, with the work center B. The system allow this

  • URGENT: Prob with Production Order Confirmation Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I have a problem with Production Order Confirmation. When I am confirming a Prod Order and if the components present are more than '999', then error is being thrown and Material Document Number is not being created. I want to split the reco

  • Production order confirmation in co11. Updated:11-30

    In co11 ,   I want to post balance qty while doing the production order confirmation.  actually total qty issue is 10 but confirmed qty is 5 , here balance qty 5 shud be posted automatically while save the confirmation.solved . developed the custom p

  • Measuring point update by production order confirmation Updated:11-30

    Hi friends, I created a prt as equipment and assigned it to the routing. I created a production order and when i confirm the same i am getting following error as: Document MeasUnit has a different dimension to the characteristic unit Message no. IR07

  • Restricting Good Receipt Unless Production Order Confirmed Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I want to Restricting Good Receipt Unless Production Order Confirmed I am doing following thing but the error is occured. Use Tcode BS02 ( Customising USer status profile). 2. Select the order type which you want to configure (eg:PP000001

  • Is possible to create a TO automatically after production order confirmation? Updated:11-30

    Hi all I have just a question in order to know if we can configurate a procedure to a Production Order, so my question is possible to create a TO automatically after production order confirmation in a standard enviroment? Thanks in advance for all yo

  • Production order confirmation problems Updated:11-30

    My production facility has been having problems for years centered around the production order confirmation process.  My colleagues and I are considering submitting an OSS note to SAP, but figured that we should present our problems in these forums b

  • Ristrict Cancelling Process Order Confirmation (CORS) after FI MM period cl Updated:11-30

    Showing current date as posting date after Cancelling Process Order Confirm: Issue with FICO and PP :-, after settlement (ko88) and all period end closing, system still allowed doing Cancelling Process Order Confirmation (CORS) and Showing current da

  • Error during Production Order Confirmation Updated:11-30

    I get a real wierd error during production Order confirmation.  The error message is "Additional items are not allowed Message no. ZOAL010" Can anyone throw some light on this? Regards Rajit is not std SAP message. you can check the user exit fo

  • Total Production Order Confirmation..Urgent Updated:11-30

    Hi Can anyone tell me where to find the total production order confirmation by Second ( or minutes or hours ) for any month i.e. say for example March 2007   Please suggest......Its urgent RgdsHi Vichy, Try this,  COOIS, List =confirmation Profile =s

  • Error during Production Order Confirmation mfbf ( backflush) Updated:11-30

    in my company in sap when i using mfbf for production Order confirmation of tractor then during backflush using mfbf tcode order confirm but in my store dept no metiral cunsume  so please regards this problem with warm regards pritpal singhDear Pritp