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can lsmw extend material sales org

  • BAPI to extend material to multiple sales organisation Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I need to know a BAPI for extending a material to multiple sales org. at one go. My requirement is detailed below: Suppose an user is providing the details as below: Material: 90000038 Sales Org: 0011, 0022, 0033. I need a BAPI where I wi

  • Extend Material Master - Sales Org. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to copy the material from one sales org. distribution channel to another sales org. distribution channel. My doubt is I want to use BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA. But how to use this?? Because that material is not present in the target sales org.

  • Extending material master for different sales org/plant combination Updated:11-30

    hi , 1 ) a material can be sold from one plant by many sales organisations. so we map this scenario in enterprise structure by the config step "assign sales org--dist channel-- plant ". (let's say sales org A and B  selling from plant 1 and also

  • Extend material and customer to other sales areas Updated:11-30

    can u please let me know? How to extend material and customer to other sales areas? To extend material one plant to another plant what are the configuration you done in your project?<b>To Extend Customer master: T.code - XD01:</b> In XD01, ent

  • Help for extending material in sales view Updated:11-30

    hi there               I am extending material to sales view . path SAP R/3 Easy Access: Logistics> Sales and Distribution-> Master Data-> Products> Material-> trading Goods--> create Question: create sales view for trading goods Difficu

  • Material master extending to sales organization , distribution chanel .. Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have done the plant to plant Material master extending      my query is similar way how to approach the material master extending to sales organization , distribution chanel and storage location.   earlier in the plant to plant i have taken

  • Customer Service - Extended Warranty Sales Process Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I want to implement Extended warranty sales process in sap. Here, dealer will send extended warranty form to company. Company wants to capture warranty related information (such as Vehicle number, Chassis Number, Date) in sap and want to sell

  • Vendor return via delivery, material sales view needed? Updated:10-11

    Hi, We wish to retur material to vendor via Delivery process Return PO --> Delivery -->  Goods issue We ticketed 'Return to Vendor' checkbox, we created ship-to customer and saved Vendor now my question is Do we need create material master sales vie

  • Extending the sales view... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am creating a material using MM01 TC (for 5 views--Basic data1,2, purchasing, Accounting1,2) and extending the same material to diff plant and storage location using Zprogram(dialog programming) and also creating two more view additionaly (sale

  • How to extend material/customer Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts                      If I want to extend one material for different plant/sales org/storage location then how can i do this . Same for the customer , if i want to extend that customer for other sales areas then how can i do that ? Regar

  • Extend material master data from one plant to another plant Updated:11-30

    hi, how can i extend material master data from one plant to another plant. is there any sap standard transaction for this ie. bdc/t-code. thanks in advance....... rahulHi If you want to extend the material form one plant to another then below are the

  • LSMW for material master upload Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus i have one problem while uploading material master with LSMW. I have murged 2 company codes in one so while creating material master system is asking me tax classification data in sales view for 2 country sales org and distrubition channel.

  • Reg. Raw material sales from unresticted to out side vendor Updated:11-30

    Dear Friends 1. I want to sale 100kg of  raw material to outside vendor ,what is the MM part. 2. I want to return the old material to the vendor and get back new materials,what are the prerequisites. 3. We don't want release stretagy for one particul

  • Material - Sales Org - Distribution Chanel Updated:11-30

    Hi friends, I'm technical person. Can any one tell me how to assign Sales Org - Distribution Chanel  to a material.Exact problem is i want to create inforecord(VD51) there i have to assign material corresponding to customer but its not allowing me as

  • Help needed for changing MATERIAL SALES TEXT Updated:11-30

    We have a requirement where in i need to chang the existing material sales text. GOTO --> ITEM --> TEXT --> Material Sales text. iwould like to know if it would be possible to do it using a CATT program?? If yes any pointers if no what would be t

  • How to pass text to Material Sales text, item note, while creating a sales Updated:10-11

    hi ,    i tried my level best with the help of friends (SDN).    but i am unable to reach the target.    my requirement is to enter text into     1) material sales text     2) item note     3) packing note     4) delivery text     5) purchase order t

  • Problem in using FM READ_TEXT to read Material Sales Text. Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, I am developing a Customer Outstanding report in which I display all the invoices of a particular customer. I need  to read "Material Sales Text" which comes under "Item Text" tab in transaction FBL5N. I have used READ_TEXT in

  • ABAB programm to copy material sales text from one sales org to another? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, i'm searching for a ABAP programm to copy a material sales text from one sales org to another. Has anybody seen something like that before or has anybody an idea how to do this? Greetings & TIA [email protected] I've tried to execute both code n

  • Replication of Material Sales status (with user values) from ECC to CRM Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I 'm trying to find out how to replicate the  sales statuses of the material master data in ECC (in view "sales", field DChain spec. status, MKVE-VMSTA)  to the Material SAles statuses in CRM. The sales statuses in ECC have been maintain

  • Issue in LSMW for material master using standard input program RMDATIND!! Updated:10-11

    Hello guys, I have a issue in LSMW for material master. I have a custom field in MARA table. which I want to add in my LSMW. I added the field in BMMH1 structure. I'm passing the value to this field, But it is not populated in the table when I run it